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Sponsoring Information
Justaddcloth.com is a family friendly site about parenting, DIY projects, natural beauty, fun food and recipes, greener living, and family life. The majority of our readers are married women between ages 25 and 40 living in the U.S.

Just add Cloth has a growing social media following with 20k plus followers from combined social media accounts.


We can work with you and your business in three ways:

  • Sidebar and footer advertising
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways


Purchasing sidebar ads is straightforward. Simply email rowan@justaddcloth.com with your ad choice plus appropriate image and link, and if it is deemed a good fit for our site, you will be approved quickly and your ad can be up the same day. Ad fees are invoiced via Paypal. We only accept family friendly ads that are a good fit for our readers.

Ad spaces for display on justaddcloth.com are available in 300×150 px, and one large top spot of 300×300 px.   Large ad space purchases include a free giveaway if desired. Discounts apply to multi-month purchases. Ad spots may be purchased below.

Review & Giveaways

You can also contact me for reviews and/or giveaways to help promote your product or business. We usually work with small businesses, but larger entities are considered.

Review products must be family friendly in nature. Justaddcloth.com often focuses on environmentally conscious products with a “green” slant. This includes cloth diapers, eco-friendly clothing and related accessories, reusable cloth products, green cleaning supplies, organic products, natural bath & body, eco-friendly beauty products, and items made from recycled materials. Other children’s or household products will also be considered. Based on our keyword search stats, toys, clothing, household goods, decorating, skincare, and baby goods are popular items our audience is interested in.

Review & Giveaway promotions require a full size review item valued at $25 or more. Lesser valued products are considered on a case by case basis. If you wish for me to host and run a giveaway for you without a review, the fee is $60, or free with a large ad purchase in the sidebar. Paid giveaways without reviews may not be approved if it is not deemed a good fit for our readers.

DUE to high demand and time constraints, there is currently a fee for reviews and /or giveaways. You may purchase your review or giveaway slot below.

In your email request for justaddcloth.com to host your review or giveaway, please include a small bio of your company/brand along with basic information on the item you wish to sponsor, price range, and links to your business/store.

If your product review/giveaway is part of an event, your sponsorship will include an official review on a separate post from the giveaway. Giveaways may involve a simple comment entry or a more involved entry method via rafflecopter or other application depending on what will best suit the event of business. All entries must comply with google, Facebook, and other media guidelines.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts showcase a product or topic with specific guidelines dictated by the company and do not include mentions of any competing brands. A sponsored post may include a story with a mention of an agreed product or idea. It may also include a review, unboxing, and/or giveaway as well. Sponsored posts require more creativity and organic flow than basic reviews, so they require more time.

Examples of sponsored posts:

Baby Wearing All Around

Relaxing Simplicity & Burt’s Bees Baby Essentials

Just Add Cloth does not accept guest posts or pre-written sponsored posts at this time.



300 x 150 px Medium sidebar ad



300 x 300 px large sidebar ad



Sponsored post -$200


Product Review or unboxing – $50  (This is in addition to the review product.)


Giveaway  – $60



If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to send an email to justaddcloth@gmail.com.


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  1. I hope this email finds you well.

    I was hoping to speak to you about some of our advertising opportunities here at Dedicated Media. We are a customer acquisition partner with offices nationwide and reach into all of the major US agencies and direct advertisers. We work with most of our top brands direct like The Honest Company, LivingSocial, General Mills, and Amazon Local. I would absolutely love to test out the lucrativeness of our offers on your site.

    Please let me know if you have some time to set up a quick call. I would love to further explore this possible partnership.

    David Kaminsky | Sr. Affiliate Manager
    Dedicated Media
    e: david.kaminsky@dedicatedmedia.com
    o: 212.686.9300 ext 118
    Aim: dedicateddaveK
    Skype: david.kaminsky.1985

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