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Oct 312017
Life Lately Artwork Edition

It is snowing today. Five days before Halloween. Which is totally normal for up here, unfortunately. I am not a lover of cold. Today’s Life Lately is a bit different. Usually, I post a few kid and food pics and a short recap. This time I want to share something else I’ve been up to. I’ve been painting a lot lately. I needed to de-stress and get back to my ….

Sep 262017
Dining Room Makeover: Before & After

We finally have an actual dining room. like real grown ups. With a place to sit and everything. It only took until I was pushing 40 to achieve it! Haha. Some of us are late bloomers I guess. Since our house is cut up into a ton of really tiny rooms, it is kind of difficult to photograph. The dining room has a built-in hutch. I left the original oak, ….

Aug 152017
Our Main Bathroom Mini Makeover

So, seeing as how our house is a modestly sized mid-century rambler, there is one bath tub in the house. Our main floor has the main bathroom, plus a small awkward quarter bath right across the hall. I imagine the tiny quarter bath used to just be a linen closet at some point. Anyway, the main bath is the one we all use since it has the only tub. It ….

Aug 072017
Girl Room Decor Upgrade: Blinds, Pom Poms & Triangles

I think I can finally say I am finished with the girl room. By finished I mean it has about as much visual clutter as I can possible stand and my five year old daughter seems pleased. You can see the bulk of the change here: The Girl Room Before & After We just needed a few tweaks to complete the room. I order white wood blinds since the main ….

Aug 032017
Make A Turn & Top Stitch Blanket

Are your kids blanket crazy? Mine are. Blankets, blankets, everywhere. You need them for super hero capes and building forts after all. I am admittedly, the worst sewer in existence. If someone who truly sews, watched me just setting up my mechanical Threadbanger, or even just threading the needle, they would likely cringe so hard their face would burst a blood vessel. I know this about myself. It isn’t that ….

Feb 022017
Painted Light Fixtures Before & After

In addition to the garage catch-all room makeover, I am working on a few revamps of small areas like the front door entryway and the hallway. These little projects really just require a coat of paint and a rug, plus maybe something arty on the wall. One thing that can really change a space is the light fixture. Unfortunately, new light fixtures are not in our budget right now. At ….

Jan 232017
DIY Hook Board Coat Rack

Once school was in full swing, it became apparent that the first step in our garage catch-all room makeover was creating the hook board coat rack. The entryway was a tornado of book bags, shoes, and coats. All while the actually coat closet in the room remained empty. Since getting my family to open the closet door and hang their things was never going to happen, I decided to take ….

Jan 102017
Making Over A Small Mudroom Closet

Hello all. Hopefully you had lovely holidays and are not suffering from January weather too much. I, for one, am sick of subzero temps. One the one hand, the cold keeps me inside to actually work on some projects. One the other hand, the cold makes it difficult to work on said projects when the only place to use saws and sanders is in the unheated garage,. Brrrrrrr. We are ….

Nov 102016
The Garage Entry Catch-All Room Before & Inspiration

So we have this room. I don’t know what to call it. Some other mid-century houses like ours also have this room, but they are set up like a four season porch or a mudroom. I think ours used to be sort of like a porch and during a renovation in the 70’s, it was turned into a real room with heating and some walls were moved. This room is ….