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Mar 142017
Birthdays Galore!

We just celebrated the oldest boy, Lucky’s, birthday! It occurred to me that I never shared any of Wyn’s birthday back in January. I don’t have any party-in-action pictures since that would be weird to post pics of people, but I do have our theme table photos. Wyn wanted her party to simply be PINK. She has already planned her party for next year. She wants purple. What can I ….

Dec 232016
Five Months Old

  Baby E is five months old! He is long and skinny, so most clothing fits him a little weird. Christmas is this weekend and it is just so busy around here. I still have some gift certificates to order and gifts to wrap and maybe I should get around to cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe. Baby E is a disgruntled fussbucket most of the time, unless I am holding him, ….

Nov 202016
Four Months

Four months old. How has it been adjusting to baby number four? Four kids six and under? Not bad actually. The baby is easy compared to having to run to two schools on opposite sides of town that have starting times within 10 minutes of each other. Baby E is very much like my second child Wyn. He is built like her, long and lean. He is also a bit ….

Oct 232016
When I Became A Morning Person

Rice crispie square optional. It is funny how certain life phases can completely change big parts of your personality. I used to be rather high strung and a bit uptight. I was also very uncomfortable voicing my feelings. I was most definitely a night owl. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, mostly good I must say. Learning to let things go and address things that need it are ….

Sep 262016
Snacks On the Go With a Busy Family Schedule

Sponsored by Gerber Lil’ BeaniesTM Life is just go go go right now for our family. With the start of school, our morning, noon, and night routines have gotten pretty crazy. The elementary school our son goes to for kindergarten is very close to our house, so we walk. However, our preschool is across town and starts 15 minutes before the first bell at the other school. This means, I ….

Aug 132016
Relaxing Simplicity & Burt's Bees Baby Essentials

Having a new baby is a funny thing. People often go back and forth about how draining and stressful the newborn phase can be. I have to agree that the sleep deprivation, lack of time, lack of energy and the emotional exhaustion are very real. The other day it occurred to me I had not eaten in three days. Meals are usually too much effort! The reality of caring for ….

Aug 022016
We Had Our Baby!

Two weeks ago.  I had a repeat cesarean two weeks ago, but life has been crazy with lots of kids and recovery and leaky boobs, so I didn’t get to my computer until today. So here is an untouched picture from my cell phone. Because I also couldn’t be bothered to use my real camera. His name does not have a nickname. It is one of those that cannot really ….

Mar 312016
At The Zoo

We have become one of those families who have a membership to everything. Yearly membership to the Science museum, Children’s Museum, the big zoo, art center, etc. It pays for itself in less than two visits and with winter being long and brutal up here, we go to these places nearly every weekend. The kids ask every Saturday to go to the zoo or a museum. I figure we should ….

Mar 152016
21 Weeks and A Boy!

Last week we went into the 21 week scan. All is well and it seems we are having a boy! I must say I am a bit surprised. I do feel more like I did when I was pregnant with our only other son, but I guess I just assumed our one boy would spend his childhood surrounded by sisters. Poor Mory will have to continue being roommates with Wyn, ….