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Jul 152017
Kid Art Supplies: From Messy Cabinet to Organized Art Cart

  Being laid up with a busted ankle means I don’t get to spend much time outside this summer, what the whole crutches-on-dangerous-terrain thing. So I’m tackling some of the really small projects I was saving for next Fall. A major point of irritation in my daily life is the craft and art supply cabinet. Our dining room has a built in cabinet/shelf hutch. There are three cabinets on the ….

May 252017
I Went to Roller Derby & All I Got Was This Lousy Busted Ankle

I Went to Roller Derby & All I Got Was This Lousy Busted Ankle Actually, I got so much more. Friends. Confidence. Goals. Determination.  Sense of purpose. Self-esteem. Sore muscles. Cross training. Kindness. Strength. Unique perspectives.  Humility. And the opportunity to know some really awesome people. Years ago, before the modern current incarnation of derby had been formed, I said I wanted to do roller derby. The derby I remembered ….

Mar 142017
Birthdays Galore!

We just celebrated the oldest boy, Lucky’s, birthday! It occurred to me that I never shared any of Wyn’s birthday back in January. I don’t have any party-in-action pictures since that would be weird to post pics of people, but I do have our theme table photos. Wyn wanted her party to simply be PINK. She has already planned her party for next year. She wants purple. What can I ….

Jan 122017
Lately Around the House

I feel stuck in a perpetual state of business and the lazies at the same time. Who wants to get out and do anything when it is a bazillion degrees below zero? Instead we indulged in a little too much baking and I have an extra 10 pounds to prove it. Not so great for the postpartum weight loss, but the kids sure liked it. Baby E is starting that ….

Dec 232016
Five Months Old

  Baby E is five months old! He is long and skinny, so most clothing fits him a little weird. Christmas is this weekend and it is just so busy around here. I still have some gift certificates to order and gifts to wrap and maybe I should get around to cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe. Baby E is a disgruntled fussbucket most of the time, unless I am holding him, ….

Oct 112016
Lately  {Life In the Fast Lane}

Life is just go! go! go! over here. Although, I cannot complain. My husband and I make it a point to not commit to very many things, so as not to get too overbooked. Honestly, with four kids under six, jobs, gym time, and just a few hobbies, we barely have enough time to take care of the house, let alone have quality time together. Lately, we are all about ….

Aug 022016
We Had Our Baby!

Two weeks ago.  I had a repeat cesarean two weeks ago, but life has been crazy with lots of kids and recovery and leaky boobs, so I didn’t get to my computer until today. So here is an untouched picture from my cell phone. Because I also couldn’t be bothered to use my real camera. His name does not have a nickname. It is one of those that cannot really ….

Jul 192016
The Low Key Baby Boy Room

It is crunch time! At the moment this post goes live, I will be in the OR having a cesarean.  Unless of course I very suddenly went into labor right before and didn’t have time to quick come edit this. Haha. I really, really, wanted a beautiful nursery. And it is quite nice actually. I just need some different artwork on the walls. Something bigger and more dramatic maybe.  If ….

Mar 312016
At The Zoo

We have become one of those families who have a membership to everything. Yearly membership to the Science museum, Children’s Museum, the big zoo, art center, etc. It pays for itself in less than two visits and with winter being long and brutal up here, we go to these places nearly every weekend. The kids ask every Saturday to go to the zoo or a museum. I figure we should ….