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Oct 312017
Life Lately Artwork Edition

It is snowing today. Five days before Halloween. Which is totally normal for up here, unfortunately. I am not a lover of cold. Today’s Life Lately is a bit different. Usually, I post a few kid and food pics and a short recap. This time I want to share something else I’ve been up to. I’ve been painting a lot lately. I needed to de-stress and get back to my ….

Oct 262017
My Experience and Recovery Timeline with PRK - Photorefractive Keratectomy

PRK What? PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is a laser eye surgery to fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It was basically the only vision correction surgery around before they figured out how to cut open a flap and perform regular lasik. I have worn glasses for many years. and even though specs have become rather trendy in recent years, I absolutely hated wearing them. I am a very active person. I like ….

Aug 302017
Carrying Babies

*Post contains affiliate links. Carrier c/o Ergobaby. One thing I feel sad about in regards to breaking my ankle this year was carrying and wearing my youngest son. He is a snugglepuss and I felt terrible that he was relegated to a playpen for much of my healing. I am now delighted to say, despite needing a lot more physical therapy and being quite stiff, I am now walk normal ….

Aug 282017
Lately - Fall Is Coming

Some time in the past 10 days the air changed. It is in the 60-70 degree range around here and the air has that dying leaves smell. We started harvesting squash and the succulents started pumping out their last hurrah. It is here. Fall. Autumn. Maybe it is no where to be seen in your neck of the woods, here in Minnesota it decided to start leaking out at us ….

Aug 242017
Busy Family Life & Back to School Relief

  How INSANE is back-to-school season? I was just buying the eight billion items on the school supply lists and it was a total zoo at the store. Not to mention, the list was insanely long. I just purchased more supplies for one year than I used for my entire public school career. Although, when I think about the number of projects my son brought home from kindergarten last year, ….

Jul 292017
Lately, Or That Time We Played All Month

      It was not all fun all month of course. At the beginning of July, I was only seven weeks post-op from my broken ankle. Then I was granted partial weight bearing and my tibia has been throbbing ever since. But, I must say the second half of July was none too shabby. The grown ups worked hard and then we made the kids play hard. Well, my ….

Jul 242017
A Small First Birthday Bash

We had a small party over the weekend for Baby E, or Eefer Deefer Bo Beefer as he is known around here. It was kind of funny because we usually have WAY too many people at the these birthday parties since Husband likes to invite all of his friends and their kids. Add in that our house is pretty small and it gets really crowded. Like 50 plus people stuffed ….

Jul 152017
Kid Art Supplies: From Messy Cabinet to Organized Art Cart

  Being laid up with a busted ankle means I don’t get to spend much time outside this summer, what the whole crutches-on-dangerous-terrain thing. So I’m tackling some of the really small projects I was saving for next Fall. A major point of irritation in my daily life is the craft and art supply cabinet. Our dining room has a built in cabinet/shelf hutch. There are three cabinets on the ….

May 252017
I Went to Roller Derby & All I Got Was This Lousy Busted Ankle

I Went to Roller Derby & All I Got Was This Lousy Busted Ankle Actually, I got so much more. Friends. Confidence. Goals. Determination.  Sense of purpose. Self-esteem. Sore muscles. Cross training. Kindness. Strength. Unique perspectives.  Humility. And the opportunity to know some really awesome people. Years ago, before the modern current incarnation of derby had been formed, I said I wanted to do roller derby. The derby I remembered ….