Just Add Cloth
Sep 262017
Dining Room Makeover: Before & After

We finally have an actual dining room. like real grown ups. With a place to sit and everything. It only took until I was pushing 40 to achieve it! Haha. Some of us are late bloomers I guess. Since our house is cut up into a ton of really tiny rooms, it is kind of difficult to photograph. The dining room has a built-in hutch. I left the original oak, ….

Aug 112017
Make A fleece Tied Blanket

This is just about the easiest blanket project ever and yet I see so many people spending outrageous money on these blankets to give as baby shower gifts. Not only is it cheaper to make your won, but you can easily customize the blanket to match a theme or nursery with all the fleece options available online. A Fleece Tab Tied Blanket I used old fleece I had ordered many ….

Aug 032017
Make A Turn & Top Stitch Blanket

Are your kids blanket crazy? Mine are. Blankets, blankets, everywhere. You need them for super hero capes and building forts after all. I am admittedly, the worst sewer in existence. If someone who truly sews, watched me just setting up my mechanical Threadbanger, or even just threading the needle, they would likely cringe so hard their face would burst a blood vessel. I know this about myself. It isn’t that ….

Jul 212017
DIY Large Rustic Chalkboard

Chalkboards are STILL trendy right now. It isn’t surprising, considering they are really just the original whiteboards. I grew up with chalkboards in the kitchen and drinking Koo-laid out of mason jars, so it makes me laugh that we now consider these things to be lifestyle trends. I am so glad to know I was cool and trendy back in 1983! I decided we needed a big chalkbaord in our ….

Feb 022017
Painted Light Fixtures Before & After

In addition to the garage catch-all room makeover, I am working on a few revamps of small areas like the front door entryway and the hallway. These little projects really just require a coat of paint and a rug, plus maybe something arty on the wall. One thing that can really change a space is the light fixture. Unfortunately, new light fixtures are not in our budget right now. At ….

Jan 232017
DIY Hook Board Coat Rack

Once school was in full swing, it became apparent that the first step in our garage catch-all room makeover was creating the hook board coat rack. The entryway was a tornado of book bags, shoes, and coats. All while the actually coat closet in the room remained empty. Since getting my family to open the closet door and hang their things was never going to happen, I decided to take ….

Jul 072016
Baby Room Update: Dresser Makeover & Elephant Art

This is only a small update, but I thought I would share. I have a bunch of stuff coming in the mail to add to the nursery. I have a scheduled cesarean in 10 days if I don’t go into labor before then for a VBAC, Nothing like the last minute, huh? I took the black vintage dresser from the girl’s old room and re-purposed it in the nursery. This ….

Apr 042016
A Little Boy Bedroom Makeover - Space Inspiration

Space…..the final frontier…these are the ……. OK, enough. Lucky just turned six, and he has the honor of getting a brand new bedroom in our basement. Our renovation (phase one) will be finished in the next two weeks, so I picked out paint colors and I’m looking at furniture. He is a lucky boy to be sure since everything minus the bedroom door and closet doors will be brand spanking ….

Feb 092015
Make Your Own Diaper Balm (Or Moisturizer!)

Whether you use cloth diapers or disposables, you will likely find yourself staring at a diaper rash your baby’s bum at some point. most of the time, it is simple irritation from moisture and poop. this is when a simple remedy is also a sure win. Your baby just needs a protective barrier against wetness and the acidic waste. If you have perused the baby aisle at your local grocery ….