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Sep 262017
Dining Room Makeover: Before & After

We finally have an actual dining room. like real grown ups. With a place to sit and everything. It only took until I was pushing 40 to achieve it! Haha. Some of us are late bloomers I guess. Since our house is cut up into a ton of really tiny rooms, it is kind of difficult to photograph. The dining room has a built-in hutch. I left the original oak, ….

Aug 152017
Our Main Bathroom Mini Makeover

So, seeing as how our house is a modestly sized mid-century rambler, there is one bath tub in the house. Our main floor has the main bathroom, plus a small awkward quarter bath right across the hall. I imagine the tiny quarter bath used to just be a linen closet at some point. Anyway, the main bath is the one we all use since it has the only tub. It ….

Aug 072017
Girl Room Decor Upgrade: Blinds, Pom Poms & Triangles

I think I can finally say I am finished with the girl room. By finished I mean it has about as much visual clutter as I can possible stand and my five year old daughter seems pleased. You can see the bulk of the change here: The Girl Room Before & After We just needed a few tweaks to complete the room. I order white wood blinds since the main ….

Jul 262017
5 Non-Food Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil was vilified in the past, but has enjoyed a huge come-back in recent years. From espousing the benefits of medium chain fatty acids on body fat to making it a headliner in the Paleo movement, coconut fans have turned this saturated fat into a whole food superstar. A recent (and incomplete) advisory put out by the AHA has people confused as to whether this food is really all ….

Jul 212017
DIY Large Rustic Chalkboard

Chalkboards are STILL trendy right now. It isn’t surprising, considering they are really just the original whiteboards. I grew up with chalkboards in the kitchen and drinking Koo-laid out of mason jars, so it makes me laugh that we now consider these things to be lifestyle trends. I am so glad to know I was cool and trendy back in 1983! I decided we needed a big chalkbaord in our ….

Jul 152017
Kid Art Supplies: From Messy Cabinet to Organized Art Cart

  Being laid up with a busted ankle means I don’t get to spend much time outside this summer, what the whole crutches-on-dangerous-terrain thing. So I’m tackling some of the really small projects I was saving for next Fall. A major point of irritation in my daily life is the craft and art supply cabinet. Our dining room has a built in cabinet/shelf hutch. There are three cabinets on the ….

May 082017
Sprucing Up Our Outdoor Spaces

After all the work we have done on the inside of our house, it is time we did something about the outdoor spaces of our home. My husband is very much the urban farming person, but he leaves the aesthetics up to me. And, let’s just say, with all the babies and other projects, I have neglected my duties. Our yard is a bit of a mess these days. Last ….

Apr 052017
Garden Planning with Color in Minnesota

*Sponsored by Monrovia Time for garden planting!!  Eerrr, planning. OK, if you live somewhere NOT in a frozen tundra, then you are probably planting in March. In Minnesota, we have a rule of not putting anything in the ground until after Mother’s Day. Mid-May is generally safe from snow other than that weird last blizzard that always melts within hours. Because of our challenging climate, we have to get creative ….

Feb 022017
Painted Light Fixtures Before & After

In addition to the garage catch-all room makeover, I am working on a few revamps of small areas like the front door entryway and the hallway. These little projects really just require a coat of paint and a rug, plus maybe something arty on the wall. One thing that can really change a space is the light fixture. Unfortunately, new light fixtures are not in our budget right now. At ….