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May 082017
Sprucing Up Our Outdoor Spaces

After all the work we have done on the inside of our house, it is time we did something about the outdoor spaces of our home. My husband is very much the urban farming person, but he leaves the aesthetics up to me. And, let’s just say, with all the babies and other projects, I have neglected my duties. Our yard is a bit of a mess these days. Last ….

Apr 052017
Garden Planning with Color in Minnesota

*Sponsored by Monrovia Time for garden planting!!  Eerrr, planning. OK, if you live somewhere NOT in a frozen tundra, then you are probably planting in March. In Minnesota, we have a rule of not putting anything in the ground until after Mother’s Day. Mid-May is generally safe from snow other than that weird last blizzard that always melts within hours. Because of our challenging climate, we have to get creative ….

Feb 022017
Painted Light Fixtures Before & After

In addition to the garage catch-all room makeover, I am working on a few revamps of small areas like the front door entryway and the hallway. These little projects really just require a coat of paint and a rug, plus maybe something arty on the wall. One thing that can really change a space is the light fixture. Unfortunately, new light fixtures are not in our budget right now. At ….

Jan 232017
DIY Hook Board Coat Rack

Once school was in full swing, it became apparent that the first step in our garage catch-all room makeover was creating the hook board coat rack. The entryway was a tornado of book bags, shoes, and coats. All while the actually coat closet in the room remained empty. Since getting my family to open the closet door and hang their things was never going to happen, I decided to take ….

Jan 102017
Making Over A Small Mudroom Closet

Hello all. Hopefully you had lovely holidays and are not suffering from January weather too much. I, for one, am sick of subzero temps. One the one hand, the cold keeps me inside to actually work on some projects. One the other hand, the cold makes it difficult to work on said projects when the only place to use saws and sanders is in the unheated garage,. Brrrrrrr. We are ….

Nov 102016
The Garage Entry Catch-All Room Before & Inspiration

So we have this room. I don’t know what to call it. Some other mid-century houses like ours also have this room, but they are set up like a four season porch or a mudroom. I think ours used to be sort of like a porch and during a renovation in the 70’s, it was turned into a real room with heating and some walls were moved. This room is ….

Jul 192016
The Low Key Baby Boy Room

It is crunch time! At the moment this post goes live, I will be in the OR having a cesarean.  Unless of course I very suddenly went into labor right before and didn’t have time to quick come edit this. Haha. I really, really, wanted a beautiful nursery. And it is quite nice actually. I just need some different artwork on the walls. Something bigger and more dramatic maybe.  If ….

Jul 072016
Baby Room Update: Dresser Makeover & Elephant Art

This is only a small update, but I thought I would share. I have a bunch of stuff coming in the mail to add to the nursery. I have a scheduled cesarean in 10 days if I don’t go into labor before then for a VBAC, Nothing like the last minute, huh? I took the black vintage dresser from the girl’s old room and re-purposed it in the nursery. This ….

Jun 272016
A Mini Makeover for Our Family Room & Basement Bathroom

I wish I could show you just how awful our basement stairwell, family room, and hallway were. The pictures are too dark to do it justice. Wood paneling, nursing home inspired wallpaper, and so many shades of green that were very in during the late ’80s. After weeks of removing wallpaper, sanding walls, skim-coating with joint compound, more sanding, priming, and painting, I solved the wallpaper problem. It was almost ….