Just Add Cloth
Aug 282017
Lately - Fall Is Coming

Some time in the past 10 days the air changed. It is in the 60-70 degree range around here and the air has that dying leaves smell. We started harvesting squash and the succulents started pumping out their last hurrah. It is here. Fall. Autumn. Maybe it is no where to be seen in your neck of the woods, here in Minnesota it decided to start leaking out at us ….

Dec 072016
Workouts & Indulgence   {Plus A Kemps Giveaway!}

*sponsored by Kemps. Tired. Unmotivated. Lazy in the gym. Bored with workouts. These are the signs. The signs I’m being too stringent in my regimen and need to shake things up. Sometimes you need a refeed day, a cheat day, or an indulgence. I’m already tired of winter, so I’m erring on the side of indulgence these days. Often times, I hit the weights hard and then have a post ….

Apr 062016
Get Ready for Another Celebration Season with Basic Invites {Giveaway!}

  With a new spring, new weather, new fashion, and new cycle of life comes a new season of celebration! Soon enough, the invitations to weddings, parties, and fun events will come streaming in. there is nothing like this time of year to spark the ambition for part planning. and what it one of the biggest part of those plans? The Invitations! Your event invites set the tone for your ….

Jan 132016
Fair Trade Hand Woven Scarves: Supporting Education & More

*Review items & giveaway c/o Education and More Are you a uniform person? Capsule wardrobe person? Or is your closet busting at the seams with every clothing whim imaginable? It doesn’t matter. No matter your wardrobe style, one functional accessory that everybody can appreciate is a fine woven scarf. Lightweight scarves worn in all weather have been in style for a number of years and are not likely going anywhere. ….

Oct 292015
Beautiful Humbird Wool Cloth Diaper Covers!

Let’s talk diapers. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Cloth diapering all of my kids has been an interesting experience. Each baby is completely different. Each one has a system that works best for them. My son was a super eater and super soaker. I had to stuff enormous pocket diapers for him and change them every five minutes it seemed. Then Wyn came along and she barely ate ….

Oct 152015
Lazy Afternoons, Baby Books, & An Incredibundles Giveaway

Is there anything better than spending a chilly, rainy day cuddled up with your babies? I try to take advantage of every nice day and get everyone outside and active, but when that cold, icky day happens, I kind of enjoy it. I get more work done and get more snuggles in. School was out for conferences, so we just camped out in bed with a pile of books. *book ….

Aug 032015
No-Bake Maple Almond Cups with Dark Chocolate Ganache & A Hint of Coconut {Gluten Free}

*recipe created by Just Add cloth and sponsored by Nestle Toll House. Sizzling outside and you don’t feel like heating up the house by turning on the oven? No problem, you can still make some fun treats for the family and guests. No-bake treats are a fun way to experiment. Without the chemistry involved with baking, you can be more creative with ingredients and use more substitutions. With no-bake desserts, ….

May 062015
Lately: Babies of All Kinds

Baby Babies Mory turned eight months old this week.  She’s like 20 pounds and shares a lot of clothes with Wyn. Granted Wyn is extremely skinny for her age and height, so it isn’t all that odd. Plant Babies One of my cacti sprouted arms again, so I am going to try and root them. I feel like I am finally getting enough out of the baby fog to start ….

Mar 132015
Recycled Book Bead Jewelry

Are you a book lover? We are in our family, sometimes to our detriment when we don’t have the space for them. I worked in a library for several years, and it always saddened me when it was time to cull the stacks and remove the books with poor circulation statistics. Something about that DISCARD stamp on the binding made me feel like I was giving up on them. I ….