Just Add Cloth
Nov 272017
Homemade Play-Dough  ( Non-greasy & Without Cream of Tartar)

It was a rainy day, so we decided to make play-dough as our indoor activity. Play-dough is the ultimate compromise when the kids want to bake, but you hate baking. And it keeps them occupied way longer! some of the recipes out there call for three tablespoons of oil, which makes it SO greasy. we altered the water, vinegar, and oil ratios to make it less like molding peanut butter ….

Jul 242017
A Small First Birthday Bash

We had a small party over the weekend for Baby E, or Eefer Deefer Bo Beefer as he is known around here. It was kind of funny because we usually have WAY too many people at the these birthday parties since Husband likes to invite all of his friends and their kids. Add in that our house is pretty small and it gets really crowded. Like 50 plus people stuffed ….

Apr 132017
Amara Organic Baby Food with Nutrition & Convenience In Mind

*Review item c/o Amara In our family, we tend to be pretty laid back in our child raising. I read a couple baby books and promptly dismissed about 90 percent of what I read and went with common sense. However, I was also going on all the experience I had as the eldest daughter in a bigger family. It is easy to be so nonchalant when you have been diapering ….

Jan 122017
Lately Around the House

I feel stuck in a perpetual state of business and the lazies at the same time. Who wants to get out and do anything when it is a bazillion degrees below zero? Instead we indulged in a little too much baking and I have an extra 10 pounds to prove it. Not so great for the postpartum weight loss, but the kids sure liked it. Baby E is starting that ….

Nov 252016
May Your Babes Be Merry & Bright

May your beautiful babies have a beautiful holiday season! Some of our favorite kid stuff this Christmas. ( And some of it is a favorite EVERY year.) (contains affiliate links) In order from top left to bottom right: Bear Holiday Helper Christmas Ornament • Decorating the tree with kids and breakable ornaments? No way Jose. Merry Christmas Blocks • These wood blocks are super cute and you can never go ….

Nov 202016
Four Months

Four months old. How has it been adjusting to baby number four? Four kids six and under? Not bad actually. The baby is easy compared to having to run to two schools on opposite sides of town that have starting times within 10 minutes of each other. Baby E is very much like my second child Wyn. He is built like her, long and lean. He is also a bit ….

Oct 232016
When I Became A Morning Person

Rice crispie square optional. It is funny how certain life phases can completely change big parts of your personality. I used to be rather high strung and a bit uptight. I was also very uncomfortable voicing my feelings. I was most definitely a night owl. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, mostly good I must say. Learning to let things go and address things that need it are ….

Sep 292016
Managing Quality Time with My Middle Child

Sponsored by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. One thing that really became real for me once we had more than one child was how distinctive their personalities can be , even as young infants. My first son was an easygoing baby who really just wanted to eat and sleep all of the time. He could put down an astounding amount of milk and then sleep for far more hours than you would ….

Aug 082016
Nested Bean Zen Swaddle for Soothing & Better Sleep

*Swaddle provided by Nested Bean for reviewing purposes. We recently welcomed another baby into our household. A new baby always seems to equal more sitting around, yet far less rest. The first two questions I get whenever I have a new baby are “how old?” and “is he a good sleeper?” Good sleeper? Well, that is all relative. My approach to newborn sleep (and new mom sleep) has always been ….