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Jan 122017
Lately Around the House

I feel stuck in a perpetual state of business and the lazies at the same time. Who wants to get out and do anything when it is a bazillion degrees below zero? Instead we indulged in a little too much baking and I have an extra 10 pounds to prove it. Not so great for the postpartum weight loss, but the kids sure liked it. Baby E is starting that ….

Nov 202016
Four Months

Four months old. How has it been adjusting to baby number four? Four kids six and under? Not bad actually. The baby is easy compared to having to run to two schools on opposite sides of town that have starting times within 10 minutes of each other. Baby E is very much like my second child Wyn. He is built like her, long and lean. He is also a bit ….

Oct 232016
When I Became A Morning Person

Rice crispie square optional. It is funny how certain life phases can completely change big parts of your personality. I used to be rather high strung and a bit uptight. I was also very uncomfortable voicing my feelings. I was most definitely a night owl. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, mostly good I must say. Learning to let things go and address things that need it are ….

Sep 292016
Managing Quality Time with My Middle Child

Sponsored by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. One thing that really became real for me once we had more than one child was how distinctive their personalities can be , even as young infants. My first son was an easygoing baby who really just wanted to eat and sleep all of the time. He could put down an astounding amount of milk and then sleep for far more hours than you would ….

Mar 152016
21 Weeks and A Boy!

Last week we went into the 21 week scan. All is well and it seems we are having a boy! I must say I am a bit surprised. I do feel more like I did when I was pregnant with our only other son, but I guess I just assumed our one boy would spend his childhood surrounded by sisters. Poor Mory will have to continue being roommates with Wyn, ….

Jul 262015
Motherhood: Surviving Those Harrowing Early Months

Bringing home baby is an exciting time, but it can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and downright terrifying. No amount of books or gadgets really prepares you for those trying early months. I had completely different experiences with each of my babies, but a few things always remain the same. There is a lot of advice out there, much of it merely opinions, but some things are true no matter how ….

Jan 302015
A Four Month Old, A Three Year Old, & A Much Needed Haircut

Mory is four months old this month. Wyn turned three years old this month. My little ladies are growing much too quickly. At her four month appointment, Mory weighed in at 15 pounds, which is less than I thought she would weigh. Even though her weight is around the 70th percentile, she is short, so she seems chunkier. Wyn is dying to go to school, so I will be filling ….

Jan 082015
The Not-So-Finished Girls Room AKA Why I Sometimes Have No After-Pictures

You may recall my previous aspirations for the Girl Room I had in mind for my daughters. There were the before pictures. The inspiration. The wants and needs. The crafty in-progress bunting. And then…..nothing. Girls Room & Nursery: Before Pictures and Aspirations Fabric Flag Bunting for the Girls’ Room It is not that I didn’t sort of finish. I sort of did. I have a couple things to hang and ….

Dec 152014
Lately: Creating Holiday Traditions

Lately: Creating Holiday Traditions (Sponsored by Nestle Toll House) Lately, I have been contemplating holiday traditions. Some of my fondest memories of the holiday season took place in my grandmother’s kitchen. We spent hours each day in that kitchen all year round, but Christmas time was especially fun since it was the only time we really got creative. That creativity came in the form of decorating cookie cutouts. The tin ….