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May 252017
Our Summertime Buttons Baby!

*Diaper c/o Buttons Diapers for reviewing purposes. Warm air, farmers markets, swimming pools, flowers, and diapers air drying on the clothes line. Is that your summer? Mine is less ideal this time around, what with the broken leg and no weight bearing rule. Taking care of the kids has been a big challenge. A colossal challenge. Like, the house is a disaster, the laundry is six feet high, and there ….

Aug 252016
Our Newest Bundle in Buttons Diapers

* diaper c/o Buttons Diapers. Well, we just had the one month pediatrician appointment for baby E, and all is well. He has gained back the weight he lost as well as an additional pound. Which means he is still a full pound lighter than Mory was AT BIRTH!! He is long and skinny, whereas she is short and chubby so they are growing into polar opposites just like the ….

Jan 292016
Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One Cloth Diaper + MioBoost  {and A Cloth Diaper Giveaway!}

Parents new to cloth diapering often go for an all-in-one diaper option since this style seems easier and simple. This can be the case depending on which style of all-in-one diaper we are discussing. Some AIO options have the absorbancy layers sewn inside with little ventilation making them difficult to launder and dry. Luckily, there are many AIO brands that get around this problem by designing an AIO with a ….

Jan 262016
Bambino Mio MioSoft AI2 Cloth Diaper & MioFresh Diaper Cleanser

*MioSoft diaper and Miofresh sample c/o Bambino Mio We haven’t talked about diapers in a while on Just Add Cloth, and all-in-twos are still a super popular option. Prefolds with covers are also the time honored traditional cloth diaper loved by parents who like simplicity. The MioSoft two piece diaper is both options with affordability and style in mind. The Bambino Mio two piece MioSoft diaper comes in your choice ….

Dec 092015
The Land of laundry: Method 4X Liquid Concentrate

 Sponsored by method As the year wraps up this month,  I’m thinking more and more about my goals for the next year. I am not a new year resolution type person.  If I want to fix a behavior, I start now. But that doesn’t mean I don’t use the new year to mark the passage of time and evaluate my goals. With our ever-growing family, my usual goals these days ….

Oct 292015
Beautiful Humbird Wool Cloth Diaper Covers!

Let’s talk diapers. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Cloth diapering all of my kids has been an interesting experience. Each baby is completely different. Each one has a system that works best for them. My son was a super eater and super soaker. I had to stuff enormous pocket diapers for him and change them every five minutes it seemed. Then Wyn came along and she barely ate ….

Aug 272015
Eco Nuts Liquid & Powder Laundry Soap

We are gutting our laundry room. Ripping out drywall, tearing up tile,  removing wallpaper and old junk. It is a slow process.  See, our laundry room is original to the house, and is in desperate need of renovation.  The wiring is not up to code and the room is dysfunctional. In addition to this, our washing machine is a late seventies model in an unattractive harvest gold color. Not that ….

Aug 252015
A Baby Wipe & Rash Cream Alternative: La Petite Creme

Gratuitous picture of Mory. Or maybe not, since she supplied the baby butt for testing. La Petite Cream c/o La Petite. As an active parent in the cloth diapering community, diaper rash, creams, and wipe solutions are topics that really dominate some of my conversations. (And it seems totally normal!) One thing new parents question when looking into cloth diapering, is baby wipes. some stick with disposable, some go with ….

Apr 062015
Detergent Wars Reboot: All Free Clear Liquid {and a seven month Mory!}

My chunker just turned sever months old! She has been doing plenty of pushups lately, but still shows no signs of crawling soon. I don’t blame her. Getting those chubby thighs moving would be an ambitious undertaking. She is our most mellow baby yet, so I don’t see her becoming mobile too quickly. I can’t say I am not relieved by that thought. I need to magically grow another arm ….