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Spinach Margarita Smoothie

What? Gross? Hey, don’t knock it til you try it. This super low calorie smoothie is great for reducing bloating and water retention. And no, it does not contain booze. Unless you want it to contain booze. However,  for water retention relief, I recommend you drink this in the morning and I’m not one to suggest booze for breakfast. That just sounds like a bad idea. Spinach Margarita Smoothie 2 ….

Homemade Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub

Dry winter skin, or patchy summer skin is a pain. Sometimes literally. In summer, my feet get dry and cracked from sandal wear and in winter my skin screams from being so dry and itchy. I am big on exfoliating. I find my face is much less flaky with a good sugar scrub three times per week. However, some of those lovely scented scrubs on the market are stupid expensive ….

Jan 152015
Ipsy January 2015

Time for January’s Ipsy Glam Bag! Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription where each month you receive a Glam Bag with around five samples focusing on makeup and sometimes nails or skin care. The cost is only $110 per year with occasional savings options, and you can purchase full sized items from your bag on your Ipsy account for a discount. referral link! In this month’s bag: J. Cat Beauty ….

Beauty Box Five January 2015

Happy New Year! *Insert cliche remark about new year new you* Things are crazy here as I try to reorganize and revamp my office. Hopefully, I can share a picture some day. Working long days makes these little treats in the mail that much more fun. so… The January 2015 Beauty Box 5 is here! (Affiliate links) Beauty box 5 is a beauty subscription box with 4-6 sample size (and ….

Tomato Cauliflower Soup with Thai Basil

Our Thai basil has flourished and it has become an outstanding addition to some of our go-to meals around here. I have been on a cauliflower kick lately. It has been looking very decent at the grocery market, and up here in winter, I like to take advantage of the rarity of good produce. Cauliflower is fabulous roasted or raw in salads, but lately I have been enjoying it as ….

The Not-So-Finished Girls Room AKA Why I Sometimes Have No After-Pictures

You may recall my previous aspirations for the Girl Room I had in mind for my daughters. There were the before pictures. The inspiration. The wants and needs. The crafty in-progress bunting. And then…..nothing. Girls Room & Nursery: Before Pictures and Aspirations Fabric Flag Bunting for the Girls’ Room It is not that I didn’t sort of finish. I sort of did. I have a couple things to hang and ….

Jan 062015
A Day at the Museum

  The downside to camera phones is we take a zillion pictures of everything, but they all look awful. We spent a family day at the Science Museum over the weekend and the kids had a blast. Well, I think they did in between the tantrums and whining. These are the types of outings my husband and I do in order to believe we are doing right by our kids ….

Jan 022015
Here, Lately

Mory went through a huge growth spurt and her nine month sized clothes are fitting like a glove on her three month old body. Eeep! I managed to kill multiple cacti. They look mildly alive, but are hollow inside. I lost my green thumb around the same time I lost my pre-Kid waistline. The play yard saw way too much action because the toddlers just cannot get along. They play ….

The Happy Holiday Scramble

No, not a scrambled egg recipe. Does anyone need a recipe for that anyway? I’m scrambling to buy gifts for my kids since they are the easiest for whom to chose gifts. Yay for babies and toddlers. I’m scrambling to wrap them. As I wrap them in cheap paper from target, spread out on my worn out carpet from the 1960′s, I wonder if I will ever be one of ….