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Jul 202014
Let's Go, Let's Go!

  L-E-T-S-G-O! First thing first. that cute headband on Wyn is from Rhyla. I won a giveaway on instagram for a gift code to their shop. They have a lot of cute headbands and hair clips for infants and toddlers. which worked out great for Operation: Be A Better Girl Mom. Wyn LOVES accessories. She turns everything into a headband already, so this was a cool win. See, people really ….

Roasted Cauliflower & Pea Pods with Garlic

I will admit, I am not that great at side dishes. I tend to be a salad person. Or maybe tossing some diced potatoes in tin foil on the grill. I love, love, love vegetables, at least most of them, so I am trying to branch out and make sure to cook up some side dishes in other ways. Summer is a little hot for turning on the oven, but ….

Ipsy Glam Bag July 2014

Mid July is usually a gross time of year around here, but this Summer has been so mild, I don’t mind it at all, even at a gazillion months pregnant. I am looking forward to having this baby and regaining the ability to apply makeup again. See, my belly is now too big to lean over the bathroom counter and see my face up close in a mirror. So no ….

Beauty Box Five July 2014

*This post contains affiliate links. The July 2014 Beauty Box 5 is here! Beauty box 5 is a beauty subscription box with 4-6 sample size (and sometimes full sized) beauty products like makeup and toiletries. It is $12 a month by the month, $10 a month with a 3-month subscription, or $8.25 a month with an annual subscription. Sometimes the value of the box can be six times what I ….

Make Your Own Diatomaceous Earth Face Scrub

Diatomaceous Earth It really is just silica powder, but people claim all kinds of health benefits to using this fine powder for all kinds of things. First off, if you are ingesting it or making beauty products, make sure to use FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. Food grade DE is NOT the same as the DE used in your pool filter. Food Grade Diatomaceous earth is used in gardens, food additives, ….

Super Simple Rhubarb Sauce

  Some delicious things are not very pretty. I mean really, most pictures of sauces and baked goods are nothing special without a bunch of staging and garnishes. Maybe someday I will get some cute props and dishes. But, until then,  you can view this ugly rhubarb sauce. Rhubarb sauce is actually pretty awesome. It is lovely on vanilla ice cream, short cakes, and as a flavour addition to pies ….

Avocado Berry Smoothie with Lemon & Spinach

Leafy greens, healthy fats, and a sweet sour balance of berries and lemon? Trust me, it is good. The only way to make it better would be a scoop of protein powder or some Greek yogurt, but hey, this is a vegan smoothie so we won’t go there. This not a very sweet smoothie, so if you like sweet, maybe add some sugar or other fruit. No skin off my ….

Girls Room & Nursery: Before Pictures and Aspirations

A little girl room and nursery. My girls will be 2.5 years apart and room sharing for their entire time in our home, so I figured I would make it a little paradise for them. I will admit, I am not the best girl mom. I am pretty bad at that froufrou stuff. I have barely any hair accessories for my daughter. I almost never shop for clothes for her. ….

A Blueberry Lemon Spinach Smoothie with Fresh Mint

A Blueberry Lemon Spinach Smoothie with Fresh Mint 1.5 heaping cups fresh spinach 3/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries 1/2 large fresh lemon 2 sprigs fresh mint 1 cup crushed ice 3/4 cup water or milk of choice Optional 1 tablespoon sugar or honey for sweetness Add your ingredients to blender or whip with immersion blender and enjoy! The mint can be very strong, so if you prefer a subtle ….