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Aug 182017
5 Fresh Summer Smoothies

Summer mean fresh, seasonal fruit that is just not the same at other times of the year. Save the winter squash for ………winter. While the heavier smoothies are great in colder months, we love something light and fresh when it is hot outside, or when you just wish it was hot outside! Some of these could be a meal replacement, while some could just be a base for a great ….

Aug 152017
Our Main Bathroom Mini Makeover

So, seeing as how our house is a modestly sized mid-century rambler, there is one bath tub in the house. Our main floor has the main bathroom, plus a small awkward quarter bath right across the hall. I imagine the tiny quarter bath used to just be a linen closet at some point. Anyway, the main bath is the one we all use since it has the only tub. It ….

Aug 132017
Knickernappies One Size Cloth Diapers

Knickernappies is a lesser known brand, but their dedication to quality and U.S.A. based manufacturing made them stand out. Knickernappies creates cloth diapers, cloth menstrual pads, cloth nursing pads, and diaper pail liners, although the availability is inconsistent. They also carry amber teething jewelry. Knickernappies distributes a secondary brand called Wolbybug which is not made in the U.S.A, but is very affordable. This review is based on the one size ….

Aug 112017
Make A fleece Tied Blanket

This is just about the easiest blanket project ever and yet I see so many people spending outrageous money on these blankets to give as baby shower gifts. Not only is it cheaper to make your won, but you can easily customize the blanket to match a theme or nursery with all the fleece options available online. A Fleece Tab Tied Blanket I used old fleece I had ordered many ….

Aug 072017
Girl Room Decor Upgrade: Blinds, Pom Poms & Triangles

I think I can finally say I am finished with the girl room. By finished I mean it has about as much visual clutter as I can possible stand and my five year old daughter seems pleased. You can see the bulk of the change here: The Girl Room Before & After We just needed a few tweaks to complete the room. I order white wood blinds since the main ….

Aug 032017
Make A Turn & Top Stitch Blanket

Are your kids blanket crazy? Mine are. Blankets, blankets, everywhere. You need them for super hero capes and building forts after all. I am admittedly, the worst sewer in existence. If someone who truly sews, watched me just setting up my mechanical Threadbanger, or even just threading the needle, they would likely cringe so hard their face would burst a blood vessel. I know this about myself. It isn’t that ….

Jul 292017
Lately, Or That Time We Played All Month

      It was not all fun all month of course. At the beginning of July, I was only seven weeks post-op from my broken ankle. Then I was granted partial weight bearing and my tibia has been throbbing ever since. But, I must say the second half of July was none too shabby. The grown ups worked hard and then we made the kids play hard. Well, my ….

Jul 262017
5 Non-Food Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil was vilified in the past, but has enjoyed a huge come-back in recent years. From espousing the benefits of medium chain fatty acids on body fat to making it a headliner in the Paleo movement, coconut fans have turned this saturated fat into a whole food superstar. A recent (and incomplete) advisory put out by the AHA has people confused as to whether this food is really all ….

Jul 252017
Cherry Chive Vinaigrette Salad Dressing (On Chicken & Spinach Wraps)

*Cherries c/o Northwest Cherry Growers/ Washington State Fruit Commission. Our cherrypalooza is winding down, although, only because we need room in our fridge for some other things soon. We had a huge bowl of fresh bing cherries out for Baby E’s birthday celebration and the all the neighborhood kids were more into the cherries than they were the cake! Once you reach the bruised fruit in the bottom of your ….