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Dec 072016
Workouts & Indulgence   {Plus A Kemps Giveaway!}

*sponsored by Kemps. Tired. Unmotivated. Lazy in the gym. Bored with workouts. These are the signs. The signs I’m being too stringent in my regimen and need to shake things up. Sometimes you need a refeed day, a cheat day, or an indulgence. I’m already tired of winter, so I’m erring on the side of indulgence these days. Often times, I hit the weights hard and then have a post ….

Nov 302016
Hello Holidays & A Naturally Friendly Smile

*Sponsored by Hello. The holidays are upon us and that means an uptick in festivities, activities, sugar filled proclivities, and an extra risk of cavities. Cavities? Think about it. Halloween turns into a sugar fest of epic proportions and then we lead into pumpkin pie, then those holiday cookie exchanges and peanut brittle. Then between the sweets, and parties, and homework, you are fighting to get the kids to brush ….

Nov 282016
Peanut Butter Candy Bar Cookies

These unassuming cookies make it count on the inside! This is the perfect cookie to make in advance for Christmas. They freeze well and they can help use up that leftover Halloween candy! This is how I keep myself from eating all of the candy. Of course, I then need to keep myself from eating the cookies, which is why I put them in the deep freeze with the holiday ….

Nov 202016
Four Months

Four months old. How has it been adjusting to baby number four? Four kids six and under? Not bad actually. The baby is easy compared to having to run to two schools on opposite sides of town that have starting times within 10 minutes of each other. Baby E is very much like my second child Wyn. He is built like her, long and lean. He is also a bit ….

Nov 102016
The Garage Entry Catch-All Room Before & Inspiration

So we have this room. I don’t know what to call it. Some other mid-century houses like ours also have this room, but they are set up like a four season porch or a mudroom. I think ours used to be sort of like a porch and during a renovation in the 70’s, it was turned into a real room with heating and some walls were moved. This room is ….

Oct 232016
When I Became A Morning Person

Rice crispie square optional. It is funny how certain life phases can completely change big parts of your personality. I used to be rather high strung and a bit uptight. I was also very uncomfortable voicing my feelings. I was most definitely a night owl. Motherhood has changed me in so many ways, mostly good I must say. Learning to let things go and address things that need it are ….

Oct 222016
Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

Now that I’m recovered from the surgery, it is time to get back into the power lifting groove. I am a big fan of the protein smoothie. I am always strapped for time when it comes to a real meal and I find I enter into over-trained territory very easily due to lack of eating. I will forever be a fan of whey. Since it is October and everyone is ….

Oct 172016
Ipsy & Beauty Box Five October 2016

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription where each month you receive a Glam Bag with around five samples focusing on makeup and sometimes nails or skin care. The cost is only $110 per year with occasional savings options, and you can purchase full sized items from your bag on your Ipsy account for a discount. referral link! In this month’s bag: TATCHA PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil – value ….

Oct 112016
Lately  {Life In the Fast Lane}

Life is just go! go! go! over here. Although, I cannot complain. My husband and I make it a point to not commit to very many things, so as not to get too overbooked. Honestly, with four kids under six, jobs, gym time, and just a few hobbies, we barely have enough time to take care of the house, let alone have quality time together. Lately, we are all about ….