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I Got Sunshine.......and Jellybeans

So, we finally had some lovely weather this past Easter weekend, which was quite nice. After having lunch at my sister’s house, we brought the kids home and filled up their little wading pool for some fun in the sun. Wyn squeezed into her too small swimsuit. Lucky decided to forgo clothing altogether, so no pics of him in action. I made the mistake of letting them gorge on sugar ….

Happy Earth Day and A Giveaway!

Earth Day. That day of the year people stop and reflect on whether or not they should finally jump on that green living bandwagon or put it off again. Eco-friendly living is only a trend after all right? Maybe for some people, but in my circle it has been going strong for as long as I can remember. I will admit, it is not always easy being green. Sometimes life ….

Goodbye Pretty Illusion

We have just over two more weeks in this house before Two Men and a Truck hauls our things to my sister’s garage for a bit. We got a few quotes from companies that will store your stuff, but the price was outrageous considering we don’t even own much. This house wasn’t all bad. Most people saw the elements that hooked us from the start. The dramatic house flip that ….

Ipsy Glambag April 2014

The April Glam Bag is here! And I could use a little pick me up. I do not look like the beautiful, serene pregnant woman of one’s fantasies. More like a spotty, bloated fish with lank hair. Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription where each month you receive a Glam Bag with around five samples focusing on makeup and sometimes nails or skin care. The cost is only $110 per ….

Apr 112014
More Than Half

Life is interesting when there are a million distractions. I only wish I was this busy with my previous pregnancies. I am 21 weeks pregnant and we just had our big ultrasound. All is well so far and we even found out how room arrangements will eventually play out with the kids. That is, if they had rooms. You see, we just lost another house. Not for any real reason. ….

Beauty Box Five April 2014

*This post contains affiliate links. The April 2014 Beauty Box 5 is here! Beauty box 5 is a beauty subscription box with 4-6 sample size (and sometimes full sized) beauty products like makeup and toiletries. It is $12 a month by the month, $10 a month with a 3-month subscription, or $8.25 a month with an annual subscription. Sometimes the value of the box can be six times what I ….

Packing, Packing, Packing

Moving is nothing new to our household. We have spent the past 15 years living as nomads for the most part, and moved a ton as kids as well. In my mid thirties, and I’ve never had to opportunity to decorate a room yet. While this makes creating a home difficult, it makes another move more simple. We just do not have much stuff. Mostly art, trunks, plants, and outdoor ….

A New Home, A New Spring, & A Better Life

*C/o Better Life Moving house is no walk in the park. There are the necessary tasks of cleaning, staging, showings, negotiations, more cleaning, and finally, packing. Then you get to do much if it again when you find another house to buy. Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when it involves making a house show ready. And then if you find another house, cleaning to your specifications to ….

A Happy Birthday & Household Craziness

My little boy is four years old this month. We had a simple little celebration with just grandparents and my sister over for some stew and cake. Gifts were small, or at least planned that way. He liked his Memory card game well enough until my mother busted out with this big plastic pirate ship from some Captain Hook cartoon. Nothing was going to trump that, ha ha. It has ….

Staging Our House to Sell with Silliness

I thought of including photos of ridiculous staging stations and vignettes, but I really have not accommodated our staging consultant enough to have anything worthy of documenting. See, I hate staging. I get it. It is important. You want people to get a good impression of your house and convince them it is a good buy. I understand having it as clean and uncluttered as possible. I am completely in ….