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Just Add Cloth is a family blog about DIY projects, home decor, parenting chat, how-to ideas, and listening to a sleep deprived woman ramble. This is the family lifestyle blog connected to The Lake & River Co, where I publish designs and original artworks. At JAC we talk about motherhood, balance and keeping it together. This blog has been online since 2007 and covers a lot of topics. It has survived several children, multiple business changes, and possible a few near-nervous-breakdowns.

I used to be the sole owner and operator of Irresistibly Green, and eco-friendly store that offered cloth diapers, breast pads, menstrual pads, dyer balls, wet bags, and the like. I shut down the store in 2015 and turned my focus toward what I loved and did best: making things.

You can see my prints and original artwork and designs at Lake & River studio.

This site originally started with many posts about our infertility journey and grew once we started our family and I opened the business. We are now a growing family of six living in Minneapolis. How much life can change in just 10 years!!

If you ended up here looking for info on Cloth diapering, you can find it on the Cloth Diapering FAQs page and by looking through the Cloth Diapers Posts. Some of them are pretty old and may be reviews of things no longer available.


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