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Nov 162017
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Cranberry Tequila Sunset 1

All right, I kinda sorta promised a cocktail recipe on my cranberry sauce post. I think. Remember back in college when we all tried a drink for the first time and usually ordered horrible fruity stuff to cover the taste a cheap rail liquor? Well, this will be like that because it is a tequila sunrise, except it will be awesome because it is made with GOOD tequila and NO grenadine. Plus, I changed the name to sunset. #clever

The cranberry sauce used in this cocktail is this recipe: Cranberries Stewed with Orange Essence.

So, go forth and use up your holiday cranberry sauce.

Cranberry Tequila Sunset 2

Cranberry Tequila Sunset

1.5 oz tequila
2 tablespoons stewed cranberry sauce
1.5 oz pineapple juice
A  plash of angostura bitters
Garnished with cranberry

Cranberry Tequila Sunset 3

Place the tequila (PATRON forever) and cranberry sauce in the glass and muddle together. pour the pineapple juice over the top. Give a couple shakes of bitters on top. Garnish.

For a garnish, I skewered some fresh cranberries on a cocktail straw. It looks pretty and the tartness of the fresh cranberries certainly suts through the sugar of the drink.

The orange essence in the cranberry sauce really complements the bitters.

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