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Oct 022017
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Sprout change Cloth Training Pants 1

Sprout Change is a diaper line from The Willow Store, an eco brand that makes sustainable family products like wool dryer balls, cloth diapers, wipes, nursing pads, menstrual pads, and more. All of their products are always made in the U.S.A.


The Sprout Change training pants are one size with an interior sizing system made with adjustable elastic. The outer layer is water proof polyurethane laminate and the inner lining is offered in either stay dry fleece or natural fibers. The trainers are narrow at the sides for easy sliding on and off for toddlers, but also contain side snaps for easy removal during accidents.

Sprout change Cloth Training Pants 2

The Sprout Change trainer fits 20-50 pounds and is easy to adjust. There is a small snap on the outside of the shell. Undo it, and reach inside to pull out the elastic. The elastic has button holes and a button located behind to secure it at the chosen size. While there are other brands with elastic sizing, Sprout Change has it accessible on the outside, which means you can adjust it while the child is wearing it!
Sprout change Cloth Training Pants 3

These trainers can be used as a lightly absorbing all-in-one or a trainer. The soft materials and trim fit make them comfortable under clothing and easy to pull up or down. choosing a natural fiber might encourage the child to train more quickly since they can feel the dampness. while these trainers will catch small leaks while rushing to the potty, thy are not going to hold and full load like an actual diaper.

Sprout change Cloth Training Pants 4
Sprout Change trainers are $18.95 – $19.95 and available at The Willow Store.

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