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Oct 312017
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LakeandRiverArts lately 10-2017

Originals Gallery

It is snowing today. Five days before Halloween. Which is totally normal for up here, unfortunately. I am not a lover of cold.
Today’s Life Lately is a bit different. Usually, I post a few kid and food pics and a short recap. This time I want to share something else I’ve been up to.
I’ve been painting a lot lately. I needed to de-stress and get back to my early days if that makes sense. I used to focus on art quite a bit 20+ years ago and decided to get back in the saddle.

LakeandRiverArts lately prints 10-2017

Prints gallery

I decided to throw some of my artwork up for sale! I have a few of the original works up on Lake & River, but for those who like prints and neat things with prints on them, check out the Art Prints page. If you click on the image, it shows you all the forms you can have the print made into.


All of these prints are also available in digital form on my Etsy shop Lake and River. The digital files are large and you could use them to make large prints or blankets and the like.


lakeandriverart lately etsy 10-2017

Etsy shop

all of my paintings for sale are abstracts at the moment. I do have less abstract watercolor pieces, but hve not put them up since I am out of practice. I am excited to share my art with you. Thanks for reading!

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