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Aug 112017
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This is just about the easiest blanket project ever and yet I see so many people spending outrageous money on these blankets to give as baby shower gifts. Not only is it cheaper to make your won, but you can easily customize the blanket to match a theme or nursery with all the fleece options available online.

A Fleece Tab Tied Blanket

I used old fleece I had ordered many years ago at fabric.com.

Decide on the size of blanket your want, and add about four inches to the length and width. Cut two lengths of fabric in that size, one for the front and one for the back.

diy fleece tied blanket 1

Line up your front and back so that you can cut both at the same time. Starting on a corner, cut two inch strips about an inch wide going down the length of your fabric.

diy fleece tied blanket 2

Knot together the front and back strips in an over-under-around-and-through fashion like you are doing the start of tying a shoelace.

diy fleece tied blanket 3

When you get to the end corner, it will likely be awkward since the strip cutting won’t end in a perfect strip on a corner. Just snip the tail of the L shaped strip and tie it like the others.

diy fleece tied blanket 4

Continue all the way around the blanket. Be sure not to tie the knots too tight or it will warp the shape of the blanket.

diy fleece tied blanket 5

This style of fleece blanket is super warm from the double layer of fleece and you get to have a slight handmade feel even though it was easy and very little work. My first two kids received fleece tab tie blankets as gifts as babies, so I wanted to make a couple for the younger kids so that all the children had one.

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