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Aug 282017
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Some time in the past 10 days the air changed. It is in the 60-70 degree range around here and the air has that dying leaves smell.
We started harvesting squash and the succulents started pumping out their last hurrah. It is here. Fall. Autumn.
Maybe it is no where to be seen in your neck of the woods, here in Minnesota it decided to start leaking out at us in August. The mornings are already dipping into the 40s! It is almost time for sweaters and pumpkin flavoured everything.

bettydanger justaddclothHDR

We need to start hauling some of our plants indoors.

With school starting soon, life has become a whirlwind. We are ready. Ready for the next phase. Ready for the season change. Ready for structure and pumpkins. Ready to fall into Fall.

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And with the older kids going back to studies, I’m ready to tackle new endeavors with my two year old. We are introducing potty training and will soon have only one babe in cloth diapers. You see, we all have some transitions to go through. Even the toddlers.

Sprout change Cloth Training Pants 4

I have some words to post about some cloth trainers soon, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s focus on the here and now.

And right now, I’ve got some cloth to offer. Just because I’ve got it and people falling for cloth want it.

Today’s giveaway is part of the Falling for Cloth hop.

Just Add Cloth is offering up a cloth postpartum kit for mom and a few things for baby. We have a package that includes two extra long Willow Pads hemp/cotton menstrual pads with SIX packages of extra inserts. Highly absorbent!! Plus, 12 sets (24 total) of Knickernappies cloth breast pads. For baby, this prize includes 4 snappis (2 size one and 2 size two), a newborn fleece diaper cover, and a medium sized drybees fleece diaper cover. The drybees cover can also act as a pocket diaper. This prize is valued at over $118!

fall into cloth - justaddcloth

Actual prize ^^^^^

Open to residents of the U.S., 18 or older. If you are having a baby soon or know someone who is, this is a nice selection for the cloth loving new mom.

Winner: Erica P.


*Obligatory disclosure: The other bloggers are not responsible for prizes not fulfilled by sponsors. This prize here though, is shipping straight from me. Please don’t harass me if it takes a couple days. 😉

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  41 Responses to “Lately – Fall Is Coming”

  1. we love cloth because we love chemical free bottoms!!

  2. I love cloth because we save money AND the environment. Plus, look how cute they are!

  3. I love how much money we save using cloth diapers and that it’s great for the environment. I’m pregnant with LO#2 atm, and I am switching to cloth pads once he’s born. I calculated it up, I’m going to save like $1200 by switching to cloth for myself! Plus, I’m allergic to some maxi pads (just like LO#1 is allergic to disposable diapers!), so by switching to cloth I won’t need to worry about that discomfort

  4. I love cloth for so many reasons! They’re comfy on my son’s skin, so many cute outfit options, and i’m not filling dumpsters with disposables!

  5. I love cloth because it is better for the environment, safer for my baby, & just cute!

  6. I enjoy cloth diapering because I think it is better for my baby and I’m not sending piles of dirty diapers to the dump every week.

  7. Brand new to cloth and excited to try… my mom used cloth on me back in the day. So much has changed !

  8. I love cloth diapers because they save a lot of money! I also love the cute prints you can find. They also save our landfills.

  9. Should this one end 9/8 like the others? Adding to the roundup. Thanks!

  10. I love cloth diapers because they are alot heather for my son. Cloth works sooo much better for nighttime as well!

  11. I love cloth because it feels so accomplishing to take a clean load of diapers out of the dryer! Haha! Call me wierd…

  12. What’s not to love?! Cloth has saved us so much money, great for baby’s skin and environment, and they are adorable!

  13. Because it is eco-friendly!

  14. I love cloth because it saves us money and I love all the cute fluff!

  15. I like cloth because its more higher end then disposables.

  16. Cloth is reusable and so cute! Starting to build a stash for little one we hope to add to our family one day.

  17. I Love cloth diapers because they are better for the environment and my baby! I also love that I save a TON of money and don’t have to keep running to the store for diapers–just detergent!

  18. I love cloth bc it saves so much money!

  19. I love cloth diapering because it saves money and is better for my baby and the planet.

  20. Cloth is reusable and helps protect the environment. It helps you save money.

  21. I love reusable mama cloth because it’s soft on your “parts” with no chemicals and for me, my cramps aren’t anywhere near as bad as they were when I was using regular pads and tampons!

  22. I love cloth because it saves so much money and is so cute on baby.

  23. I love cloth because it’s healthier than disposables.

  24. I love cloth mostly because of the cute designs, but the money saving is also a nice effect:)

  25. I love cloth diapers because they are chemical free, great for the environment, and we save money.

  26. […] New Mom & Baby Package from Just Add Cloth (ends 9/8) GT […]

  27. I love cloth because it keeps tons of trash out of the environment! I’ve been using cloth pads for over 2 years and can’t wait to start using cloth diapers on our first little one!

  28. I love cloth because it’s the best option for our bodies, helps us save money, and is pretty cute!

  29. There are so many reasons why I love cloth diapers, pads, etc. Mostly it’s frugal, but it’s also better for our planet. I like to gift cloth diapers for baby showers – it just makes such a nice gift.

  30. I’m in love with cloth because it is so easy and the prints are fun and cute. It is also cost effective and I love that you can adjust to get the best fit for your kid.

  31. I’m on my third pregnancy, but first rainbow baby. I was planning to cloth diaper for my first, who was stillborn at 30 weeks in January. I’m still so eager to cloth diaper and can’t wait to have the opportunity with this little one! I’m excited about the money-saving, earth-saving, and toxin-free amazing reasons to cloth diaper!

  32. […] *New Mom & Baby Package from Just Add Cloth (ends 9/8) GT […]

  33. I love cloth because it’s better for the environment and the diaper prints are super cute!

  34. Love the organic &chemical free substance. Save money, save planet. GO GREEN! !!

  35. I love cloth because it is environmentally friendly, keeps my babies safe from chemicals, saves us money, is cute and easy to use and is soft and gentle enough to keep my babies comfortable and rash free

  36. I love cloth diapers because I don’t have to worry about running out of diapers. When we’ve had to use disposables my husband is always oh man what’s that smell when ever she peed it was so gross. And I’m not contributing to diapers in the landfill. And I don’t have to worry about diapers for baby #2.

  37. I love cloth because the elimination communication method doesn’t fit my lifestyle, haha.

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