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Aug 132017
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Knickernappies one size cloth diapers 1

Knickernappies is a lesser known brand, but their dedication to quality and U.S.A. based manufacturing made them stand out. Knickernappies creates cloth diapers, cloth menstrual pads, cloth nursing pads, and diaper pail liners, although the availability is inconsistent. They also carry amber teething jewelry. Knickernappies distributes a secondary brand called Wolbybug which is not made in the U.S.A, but is very affordable.

This review is based on the one size pocket diaper that is currently NOT available as of 2017, but you may find them among used diaper lots or as old stock in smaller shops.

The Knickernappies one size pocket diaper is different from most pocket diapers in that it has side snaps instead of front snaps.

Knickernappies one size cloth diapers 2

This diaper has four rise settings and five column settings making it a true one-size. In our family’s personal experience, this diaper fits 12-40 pounds. The outer layer is polyurethane laminate and the inner lining is non-pill fleece. Each comes with two microfiber inserts, although a natural fiber version was available.


Knickernappies one size cloth diapers 5

Above is the Knickernappies one size on a 19 pound one year old. Below is the same diaper on a 29 pound three year old. The three year old still has plenty of room to continue using this diaper as a night time training pant.

Knickernappies one size cloth diapers 4

Because of the way the Knickernappies diaper snaps on the sides, it can easily be pulled up and down like training pants if it is snapped loose enough. This makes them quite versatile since you can even use them into potty training.
Knickernappies one size cloth diapers 3

Whether or not a side snapping cloth diaper like Knickernappies will work for your baby is up in the air. We found it worked well for boys and tummy sleepers since there would be less chance of front wicking. If your baby sleeps on his or her side, it might not be the best option since the sides could leak in that position.

As for quality, we had our Knickernappies going in the diaper rotation for five years strong before wear and tear took over.

For other Knickernappies products visit the Knickernappies site. Maybe some day they will open back up the sew shop and bring back their diapers!

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