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Aug 072017
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girl room upgrade 1
I think I can finally say I am finished with the girl room. By finished I mean it has about as much visual clutter as I can possible stand and my five year old daughter seems pleased.

You can see the bulk of the change here: The Girl Room Before & After

We just needed a few tweaks to complete the room. I order white wood blinds since the main window faces East and I would prefer the kids sleep past 5:30 AM.


Then we set about jazzing up the main wall. We had some wire heart shelves from Target and nothing else. The shelves seemed like they were just floating off into space.


Wyn proclaimed she wanted me to paint black stripes on the walls. Honestly, that seemed like a lot of work for something she would no doubt want changed in just a couple years, so I convinced her a decal was the way to go. I ordered black vinyl triangles from amazon and covered about 2/3 of the room with alternating rows.

girl room upgrade 2


We raided the Valentine’s Day bin at Target for large wooden hearts and a string of pompoms back in January and finally hung them up to make the heart shelves seem more anchored.

girl room upgrade 3

Of course, I had the shelves styled rather cute in anticipation of an after photo, but when you have five year old and two year old girls living in this room, it means nothing stays “styled” so instead this is what you get.

Also, if I zoomed out more you would see the school art projects over the bed to go with the pink bind of junk and the swiffer duster on the dresser. Haha. What can I say? I am a lazy photo stager.

girl room upgrade 1

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