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Jul 242017
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first birthday babye e 1

first birthday babye e 2

first birthday babye e 3

first birthday babye e 4

We had a small party over the weekend for Baby E, or Eefer Deefer Bo Beefer as he is known around here. It was kind of funny because we usually have WAY too many people at the these birthday parties since Husband likes to invite all of his friends and their kids. Add in that our house is pretty small and it gets really crowded. Like 50 plus people stuffed into a galley kitchen and dining room crowded. However, summer parties are not too bad since we have the deck and patio.

Anyway, I usually drive myself crazy trying to bake a perfect cake with pinterest worthy decorating on it and crap, even though I am horrible at that kind of stuff. Then I ruin the cake and have to start all over and basically freak out as the clock is running out. This time I was like “screw it, I am still recovering from a broken leg and I am tired, and no one appreciates or gives a hoot about the cake and decorations anyway”. So we ordered a sheet-cake from Costco. And then barely anyone was able to come to the party. So we have an obscene amount of cake and ice cream sitting in our kitchen right now. Naturally, I can barely make it through the kitchen without sneaking a bite so I am thinking husband needs to take the rest to work before we turn into cake monsters.

I also had to toss in a picture of Mory wearing her Coors Light can koozie because it is her signature look. She wears that koozie as a wrist guard everywhere and even sleeps with it at night. We keep saying we need to find her a koozie with a better beer logo so that people don’t think we drink Coors Light.  *beer snobs*

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