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May 082017
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outdoor space makeover 1

After all the work we have done on the inside of our house, it is time we did something about the outdoor spaces of our home. My husband is very much the urban farming person, but he leaves the aesthetics up to me. And, let’s just say, with all the babies and other projects, I have neglected my duties.

Our yard is a bit of a mess these days. Last autumn, the gas company came out and tore up a 1/3 of everyone’s front yards to replace pipes, so those spots are reseeding. Then we decided to remove a giant spruce in our yard, which tore up another big section and left debris. THEN, we decided the sinking sidewalk needed to be redone and naturally, we did it ourselves like any good DIYers. Along with the sidewalk, we dug trenches to put in drains for the gutters to draw water away from the house since we have no drain tile under our house. then entire front yard was destroyed during all of this, so we are reseeding the whole yard.

outdoor space makeover 2

Then the rotting patio fence coughed out its last breath, so we are rebuilding that as well. By ourselves, of course.

outdoor space makeover 3

While we were at it, it was time for better garden boxes, so my husband built some large ones out of cedar. I stained them and we now have a much better area for the peppers.

outdoor space makeover 4

I rearranged the flowering shrubs out front since they got a bit destroyed in the sidewalk removal. The hydrangeas and peonies are showing signs of life, finally.

outdoor space makeover 5

I am waiting for my zinnias to be ready for planting. Until then, I am planning out my succulent garden. I always wanted a succulent garden, but only a few types will work up here. I have seen people able to use perennial sedums and hens&chicks in certain landscaping settings, so I am giving it a whirl. I went off to Lowe’s and picked up some Monrovia varieties to test out this year.

outdoor space makeover 6

The Sunsparkler® Dazzleberry Sedum is offered by Monrovia and one of my favorites. It will turn a bright pink later this summer. The others will turn varying shades of white, blue, and red.

outdoor space makeover 7

Most of the sedums I picked out will go with several Hen&chick varieties to create a rock and succulent garden within the landscaping in front of our house. Below you can see I have started outlining the area in mid-sized rocks. Unfortunately, just as I was setting the plants out, it began snowing! Gotta love May in the frozen tundra!

outdoor space makeover 8

I admittedly love going out to nurseries and have about a thousand houseplants. We are also big gardeners. Too bad we don’t live further south where the growing season is longer.

And naturally, no nursery trip is complete without Mory in all her glory.

outdoor space makeover 9



Visit Monrovia to learn more about the varieties of perennials they offer and also learn about the Grow Beautifully program.

You can also sign up for their newsletter for more info and seasonal news. Monrovia plants are available at Lowe’s in the garden center.


*sponsored by Monrovia. All content and opinions are my own.

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