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May 252017
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*Diaper c/o Buttons Diapers for reviewing purposes.

Warm air, farmers markets, swimming pools, flowers, and diapers air drying on the clothes line. Is that your summer? Mine is less ideal this time around, what with the broken leg and no weight bearing rule.

Taking care of the kids has been a big challenge. A colossal challenge. Like, the house is a disaster, the laundry is six feet high, and there are four gallons of cheerios covering the living room floor kind of challenge. The baby is obviously the biggest part. I cannot pick him up, so feedings and diaper changes are a bit of a night mare. And, holy cow, that night mare has included so many diaper blow outs! Baby E is an explosive type and since he is hoovering up all the cheerios left behind by the two year old, diapering him has been interesting to say the least.

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Since laundry is problematic right now, and simplicity is absolutely necessary, we can only use the easiest, most reliable diapers in our stash at the moment. We love Buttons One Size diapers, and now they have the generously Super One Size Cloth Diaper Cover!

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Buttons All-In-Two diapers features:

  • One size fits most
  • Two row snap down rise
  • Strong snap closures
  • Dual Leg gussets
  • Dual front and back snaps for secure inserts
  • Soft and comfortable fleece topped insert
  • Optional night time insert that snaps under day insert

BONUS features for the Super One Size: PUL flaps in front and back for a more secure insert and blowout protection. Plus, a roomier fit for 12-40 lbs.

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As you can see, the Super one size is longer, wider, and has front and back flaps. It is perfect for bigger babies and holding in messes.

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Here is the Pebble color on an eight month old boy weighing in at about 18 pounds. On the middle setting, there is plenty of room for another insert while still providing a snug fit. The extra room with snug double gussets is a good combo for crawlers. For crawlers, I like to pull the diaper up higher in the front, especially for boys, and the extra length in this cover allows for it.

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Baby Ethan seems pleased with them! He is very active and the snaps are strong enough that he has not been able to rip this diaper off yet. Were any of your kids diaper removers? Ugh.

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All-in-twos like Buttons Diapers are convenient and trim enough to be a great travel cloth diaper. They fit well under clothing and don’t take up too much space in your diaper bag.  They are also an economical alternative to disposables. Buttons diapers covers are $11.00 for solid colors and $12.50 for prints. The Super one Size covers are $13.50 for solid colors and $14.50 for prints. The microfiber inserts are $10.50 for a three pack and the hemp/cotton inserts are $23.25 per three pack. A two-pack of the bamboo/cotton doublers is $12.50-$17depending on the size. All in all, Buttons All-in-twos are one of the more economical and effective all-in-two cloth diapers available.

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*review diaper c/o Buttons Diapers.

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