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Mar 142017
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We just celebrated the oldest boy, Lucky’s, birthday! It occurred to me that I never shared any of Wyn’s birthday back in January. I don’t have any party-in-action pictures since that would be weird to post pics of people, but I do have our theme table photos.

Wyn wanted her party to simply be PINK. She has already planned her party for next year. She wants purple. What can I say, she is easy.

pink birthday 1

Since Wyn’s birthday is a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, it is easy to fulfill her wishes for pink. I just raid the cheap decorations bins at Target.

pink birthday 2

I even saved the paper flowers to use again. Pink flowers, pink balloons, pink lemonade, and pink velvet cake. Happy fifth to Wyn!

pink birthday 3

Lucky told me he wanted a blue theme. REALLY? Then he said he also wanted monsters. OK.

Then he told his dad he wanted dinosaurs. There was some miscommunication and we had some blue stuff and some dinosaurs.

blue dino birthday 1

We also didn’t check the dimensions of this birthday sign and see it was as wide as our tiny house. Haha. Everyone had to duck under it, but hey, it fit.

blue dino birthday 2

I had this great idea for a cake with a T-Rex bursting out of the center, but against my better judgement, I followed instructions instead of my gut. It was a crumbly disaster. I didn’t have time to start over with baking another cake, so I made cupcakes instead. The T-rex was understanding. Lucky was mad at me for a bit until I let him eat a bunch of the ruined cake. Nothing like making a kid pipe down with a pile of corn syrup and trans fat you normally don’t let him eat.

blue dino birthday 3


Of course, the best photo is the blurry one with goofballs.

blue dino birthday 4


As you can see, we do not get pinterest worthy around here with our parties. Although, my husband did put together some pretty killer party favor buckets. I don’t know what all was in there, but rest assured it was plastic crap the other parents definitely don’t want to bring home. I was probably supposed to hand out mason jars filled with kale chips, but then I would have nothing to drink margaritas¬† from.

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