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Jan 122017
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I feel stuck in a perpetual state of business and the lazies at the same time. Who wants to get out and do anything when it is a bazillion degrees below zero? Instead we indulged in a little too much baking and I have an extra 10 pounds to prove it. Not so great for the postpartum weight loss, but the kids sure liked it. Baby E is starting that squawky phase where I am not sure if he is upset or not since he hollers all day, but isn’t necessarily crying.


Mory looks so happy here. In reality, she has firmly entered what people call the terrible twos. Or at least I assume that is what is going on. Or maybe she is just growing into her personality.

Behind her you can see the skull my husband brought home from the beach. I know antlers have been a trend for years, but I bet most people don’t clean brain matter from their decor first.


Wyn might be a real sparkle princess cheerleader glitter queen. She claims she is and I am starting to believe her. There must be pink and glitter on everything. And her room is always a mess. I am interested to see how it works out when Mory starts sleeping in her big girl bed in Wyn’s room. They are complete opposites.


The personality clash might be epic. Mory is much more of a wallflower. She hovers on the outskirts of the group. She never wants to be the center, or even spend more than an hour out in public. She also gets very disgruntled over it. She’s my little emo girl! she might never forgive me for making her share a room with the glitter princess. Time will tell.

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