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Nov 302016
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The holidays are upon us and that means an uptick in festivities, activities, sugar filled proclivities, and an extra risk of cavities. Cavities? Think about it. Halloween turns into a sugar fest of epic proportions and then we lead into pumpkin pie, then those holiday cookie exchanges and peanut brittle. Then between the sweets, and parties, and homework, you are fighting to get the kids to brush so that you don’t have nightmares of their teeth all rotting out by the second grade. It really isn’t a topic you want to think about, but it happens, and as parents, it is kind of our job to navigate and inspire the oral care shtick.

When I was a kid, heck STILL, my mom gave us a bag on Christmas morning filled with individually wrapped toiletries. Shampoo, toothpaste, and sanitary napkins were the normal gifts to receive in a low income family. We needed those things, and couldn’t always afford them, so it was a great gift. These days, we have an improved lifestyle, but the tradition of toiletries as gifts has stuck. On Christmas morning, I will unwrap toothpaste from my mom. And my kids will unwrap toothpaste from me.

The difference is I have way more options and the ability to give my kids a better, more natural tooth brushing experience.


Hello toothpaste is more earth friendly, more naturally friendly for us, more friendly for animals, and of course, more fun.

Hello Products offers adult toothpaste in supermint, mojito mint, natual sweet mint, and extra whitening pure mint mint flavors. Kid specific toothpastes include Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry, and watermelon. Not only do the Hello pastes taste great, they are free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, triclosan and polyethylene microbeads. The natural sweet mint and watermelon flavours are SLS free if you dislike all foam, and fluoride free as well. (Plus the watermelon can be used with kids of all ages so it is a good starter paste for toddlers.)


Hello toothpastes avoid artificial sweeteners by using stevia. Stevia contains no aspartame or sucralose, and is plant derived.

The minty adult flavors leave teeth feeling clean and fresh. I particularly like the natural sweet mint since the SLS-free formula produces little to no foam. (I really hate foam!) I will sneak the kid’s toothpaste on occasion if I want to brush and have no mint interrupting the flavor of anything shortly after brushing.


My kids are a little obsessed with things being all matchy-matchy, so they like having toothpaste in different colored tubes. They insist the bubblegum paste in the pink tube go in the pink bathroom (yes, we have a retro pink bathroom), and the blue raspberry blue tube go in the blue/grey bathroom.


Hello pastes are not tested on animals, they are ADA accepted, vegan friendly, and made in the USA. The boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and tubes are BPA free. If you are looking for a more naturally friendly toothpaste, Hello might be the answer.

Learn more about Hello Products and Oral Care

Check out Hello Oral Care for kids ages 2+in fun flavors with no dyes, no preservatives, and no artificial sweeteners. The SLS free watermelon flavour is safe for all ages!



*Sponsored by Hello Products.

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