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Oct 112016
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Life is just go! go! go! over here. Although, I cannot complain. My husband and I make it a point to not commit to very many things, so as not to get too overbooked. Honestly, with four kids under six, jobs, gym time, and just a few hobbies, we barely have enough time to take care of the house, let alone have quality time together. Lately, we are all about winterizing and preparing for the new season. We seem to have entered a new season in our family as well. So many growth spurts have really changed the dynamic around here.


Mory turned two in September. It is just as well, She had to stop being the baby at some point, but it still caught me by surprise. I just cut some little bangs on her to help fight booger fest 3000. Her wispy hair always had snot in it, despite me tying it up every day. Even if they don’t help, she certainly looks cute with bangs.


Lucky started Kindergarten! *Sniff*

It is a new era. However, I have to admit, the days are a little more peaceful when the instigator of kid scuffles is now in full day school.


*Gratuitous photo of Mory since she is a ham.*


Wyn transitioned to a big girl bike! She was getting so big for her balance bike. She has figured out the pedaling thing and now she needs to get going faster to get the training wheels off. We have offered a white wicker basket for the bike as incentive.


Baby E has decided he hates his car seat, hates the stroller, hates all cribs and hates being put down ever. Also, this is the only pacifier he will take. It is an old one of Mory’s that she never used. They rearranged the Target by our house and I cannot for the life of me find the pacifiers and neither can the employees when I ask them. If I ever lose this one I will definitely cry.


Mory has suddenly turned into a real two year old. She gets into everything. She swiped the tomatoes off the table and ate them like apples. Which wouldn’t be a problem except I was using them to make spaghetti sauce. The stinker.


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