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Dec 232013
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Molly's Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder


With the popularity of cloth diapering rising more and more, there comes a huge boost in information and opinions about it as well.  One area that creates much debate in the cloth diapering world is washing your diapers.  With so many opinions about detergents and their ingredients, which do you use? Well, not all detergents work for all households due to water mineral content, filtering, washing machine model, load size, and even the family’s other laundry. Cloth diapers can be an investment when you build a high quality stash, so it is important to choose a detergent and washing routine that not only gets your diapers clean, but also maintains your diapers without unnecessary wear and tear.
A great detergent formulated specifically for this task is Molly’s Suds.

Molly’s Suds began due to one family’s loss of their daughter and their quest to remove harmful toxins from their home to prevent further tragedy. It is a story I can really relate to since my long term infertility journey was a catalyst to my own path of natural living. We have so many toxins in our modern world, many of which can be avoided.
Laundry detergent is a big one. Not only is the detergent spewing vapor into your home’s air during a wash cycle, but often a little bit can be left behind on your fabrics.  That fabric sits against your skin, your body’s largest organ. You can see why it is important to remove harsh chemicals from detergent, especially a cloth diaper detergent. Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder is free of toxins and ingredients than can be harmful to your baby and your diapers. Molly’s Suds contains no SLS/SLES (sodium laurel sulfate), phosphates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, parabens, 1,4 dioxane, EDTA, Diethanolamines, synthetic surfactants, PEG, or NPE’s.
Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder only contains: Sodium Carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and unrefined sea salt.


Molly's Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder

For your diaper laundry simply run a warm rinse, then a hot wash with two scoops of Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder,  followed by two warm rinses. Obviously, you can use three scoops if you have extremely hard water, or you are doing a very large load.

My personal diaper laundry routine is a full cycle on cold without detergent as a pre-rinse. Followed by a hot wash on the heavy setting with two tablespoons of laundry powder. I only use the standard rinse option on my machine which is a single cold rinse. No extra rinses. We have hard water and use a regular top loading machine.
Molly’s Suds rinses clean without leaving residue since it does not contain anything that tends to linger. Now I will say that if you have a truly horrendous diaper that is very smelly, you might want to let it soak in Molly’s to fully remove the stink. Every now and then we get a diaper where nothing short of a laundry miracle is getting the funk out in a single wash. Since Molly’s Suds does not contain bleach or enzymes, it is fine for soaking your diapers. You can even soak your PUL for a couple hours without problems.

Since each of the ingredients in Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder (minus the sea salt) is a surface tension reducer, Molly’s is great for removing stains. A soak overnight will lift out most stubborn stains. Give it a try on your bibs and baby clothes! I like that this detergent is minimal and does not aggravate my son’s eczema and sensitive skin. A lack of optical brighteners is pretty important for us, since they irritate our eczema, so having another laundry alternative is great.

You can purchase Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder and other Molly’s Suds products on their website.

*Laundry Powder c/o Molly’s Suds. I received the above item in exchange for an honest review.

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  2. Their website is so informative. Not just about the product but how to do laundry in general.

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