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Oct 232013
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organic caboose fitted cloth diaper

*Sample Diaper c/o Organic Caboose

If you are new to the cloth diapering world,  the on going list of terminology and acronyms can be overwhelming. Flats, prefolds, pockets, Snappis? AIO? AI2? PUL? For those needing a starter sheet, feel free to browse the Cloth Diaper FAQs and Diaper Laundry pages. Otherwise, let’s talk about fitteds.

Like any other type of diaper, fitteds have strengths and weaknesses depending on your personal preference.  I personally like fitteds for night time diapering, as well as for long stroller rides or car trips.

Fitted cloth diapers like Organic Caboose are a non-waterproof diaper like flats or fitteds, but with elastic around the legs like pocket diapers or all-in-ones. Fitted are shaped like pocket diapers or diaper covers, and they often have snap or aplix closures on the wing tabs. Occasionally, they have wings without closures with which you can use a Snappi or pins. All fitteds require a waterproof cover to contain liquid.

fitted cloth diapers

Benefits of Fitted Cloth Diapers

  • Double protection. -The elasticized legs on fitteds are usually quite effective. If you pair a quality fitted with a diaper cover with leg gussets, the combination is practically infallible.
  • Breathable. -Fitteds have no waterproof layer.  They are made completely from soft absorbing fabrics. If you want to take full advantage of breathablility you can use a wool cover instead of a PUL (polyeurethane laminate) based cover.
  • A fitted system can be efficient. -Fitteds rarely result in blowouts so you can often reuse your covers multiple times by simply letting them air dry or wiping them down with a baby wipe or wash cloth.  This can cut down on diaper laundry and your total number of covers needed.
  • Fitteds can be easier to wash. -Fitteds usually have an absorbent main part like a shell, plus a snap-in soaker of multiple layers. Snap in absorbency is is much easier to clean, allowing water and detergent to penetrate through layers than diapers sewn into one piece.
  • Fitteds with snap-in soakers dry more quickly. -Unsnap the inner absorption pad or leave it attached. Either way, having multiple layers allowed to separate and open offers faster drying time than a diaper with six layers all sewn into one inseparable pad.

Fitteds come in a variety  of fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and hemp.  Natural fiber diapers like Organic Caboose are soft on sensitive skin and gentle on delicate legs.

why use fitted cloth diapers

You can find fitteds in sized or one size options depending on your needs. One size diapers are popular since they can grow with your Baby. Organic Caboose one size fitteds have three rows of rise snaps for four different height settings, as well as 10 columns of closure snaps for a custom waist size allowing the diaper to fit from seven to thirty-five pounds. Organic caboose one size fitteds also have an umbilical cord snap to avoid aggravating this sensitive area in a very young baby.

cloth diapering with fitteds

In general fitteds are a popular diaper option, especially with wool covers. However, they can get quite expensive if you get caught up in specialty brands. Luckily, there are still reasonably priced fitteds out there for those of us looking to save money with reusable diapers. Organic Caboose One Size Fitteds are only $16.99-$23.99 each, which is very affordable considering they are 100% cotton and can fit from shortly after birth up to potty training. After dealing with two kids who took years to move beyond  that runny newborn stage, I am a definite fan of fitteds in certain situations. My husband is not as fond of them, but he does recognize their high points.

Learn more about Organic Caboose diapers and accessories at organiccaboose.com.


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