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Jul 172013
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It has been a while since we had a fluffy giveaway around here. Our power is back on and the internet is up and running finally, so let’s get back on that pony with some cute fluffy bums!

We’re Summer Fluffing and having a blast… with this Giveaway Hop, hosted by the So Easy Being Green and According to Jenny. If you’re looking to win some great cloth diaper prizes, you’re at the right spot.  Each blogger in this Event has a Fluff Prize Package worth at least $25!

buttons cloth diapers

Our sponsor on Just Add Cloth is Buttons Cloth Diapers! Buttons Cloth Diapers is a mom owned and operated cloth diaper business offering the best in all-in-two diapers. Each diaper kit has a one size cover and snap in insert consisting of a thick microfiber pad with a fleece top layer for maximum comfort and absorbency.

buttons cloth diapers

Buttons Cloth Diapers is giving away a prize pack consisting of one diaper shell, a regular fleece topped insert/soaker, and an additional night time insert for attaching beneath the regular insert. Winner will have a choice of cover color and insert size. An awesome prize with a value of $29.

To enter, simply fill out the form below. U.S. residents, 18 or older. Void where prohibited.  Giveaway ends June 30. Make sure to keep reading below the form for more fun prizes. Good luck!

Winner: -#606 Kelly Urban

*According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Summer Fluffing participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

**Prize ships direct from sponsor. By entering you are agreeing to the terms. Please review the Giveaway Info & Guidelines for more information.

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  170 Responses to “Summer Fluffing: Buttons Diapers Giveaway (Closed)”

  1. I LOVE all in two with the fact that you can reuse shells and don’t have to stuff pockets!!!

  2. We have a couple of AI2s, I love being able to change just the insert and cut down on laundry!

  3. I enjoy all in two’s especially while traveling because I can use disposable inserts with them!

  4. I have a couple Ai2s and I like that I only have to change the inserts but the problem is I don’t have very many inserts sooooo I end up having to change him into a new diaper anyway…

  5. I love AI2s, they are great for sending to Grandma’s house

  6. I use AI2. I like that you can keep using the covers and just change the inserts. Having the inserts and covers separate also makes for more customizability and easier cleaning.

  7. I love all in two diapers. I have a couple best bottoms and they are by far my favorite in my stash. I love the versatility of using them with their inserts, which are great, or as a cover if I run out of inserts.

  8. I love AI2. They are great for traveling as they take up less space.

  9. I love AI2’s, they make up over half of our stash. I love the sized insert, the snap ins that don’t bunch, the cute overs, and the no stuffing pockets aspect! I like the Buttons diapers with the double gussets.

  10. I haven’t tried them yet.

  11. i like that the cover can be used many times before washing!

  12. I do not use them yet! but I will 🙂 I am prego with my first baby and I am going to be doing the CD with her! I love the fact that it will save money and the earth!

  13. We use mostly prefolds and covers, but have a few all in twos and love the convenience. It is a little easier for people who don’t want to fold the prefold. I would love to try one of these!

  14. These are super cute. I hope to try AI2’s soon.

  15. I’m starting to build a stash and am trying to get mostly all in twos to save on costs and laundry since the shell can be reused a few times before washing.

  16. I don’t have any AI2’s yet…our baby isn’t here yet but we’re building our stash and would love to have something different 🙂

  17. I have not had a chance to use ANY cloth diapers yet. We are expecting #1 in October and are working on building our stash. Right now we have pockets and fitteds/prefolds/covers. 🙂

  18. I’ve never used an all in 2

  19. I use them as shower gifts since my kids are grown and gone. I love to go to a client’s house to help with breastfeeding and find the baby’s cute little bottom covered in AI2s!

  20. I haven’t tried any cloth diapers yet as I am currently pregnant with my first. But I’m looking forward to it!

  21. I haven’t used 2 in 1’s yet and am anxious to try them. I am using prefolds now and they are getting awkward for my 2yr old!

  22. yep i love them. i dont always have time to stuff pockets. they’re plug and play!

  23. We don’t have a baby yet. I am still learning about all in twos.

  24. I have only used all-in-ones as of right now but want to try out the all-in-twos. My husband says I’ve bought too many though already. Hmmmm…

  25. I do use AI2 diapers. I love that they are so versatile. You can use them with the inserts they come with or you can use them over a prefold, sometimes I even use them with no inserts as a swim diaper 🙂

  26. i love that they are simple, and don’t have the pocket made from synthetic yuckiness

  27. I have mostly pocket diaper and prefolds. Ai2s sound easier though:

  28. I have two, and they are my favorite!!!!!

  29. I use AI2s almost exclusively. I love that I can reuse the shell.

  30. I haven’t used them but will be when baby is here at end of Jan early Feb.

  31. I have a few AI2s including buttons, I haven’t used them yet because I’m hooked on my velcro pockets!

  32. I haven’t tried an AI2 yet, but would like to!

  33. I don’t currently use AI2s but would love to have some in my stash!

  34. I haven´t try, but would love to!

  35. i like that the cover can be used many times before washing

  36. We love all in two diapers! The convenience of an all in one with less drying time.

  37. I love cloth diapers hoping to pass the love on to my sister n law!

  38. I have a few AI2s but not many. I mostly have pockets.

  39. I only have 1 AI2 and I like that you can use the shell multiple times before washing so you have less laundry!

  40. AI2’s are my favorite! I’ve tried flips, best bottoms, and smart bottoms so far 🙂

  41. Hope I win!

  42. AI2s are my fave style of diaper – so convenient, pretty trim option, and affordable!

  43. I have never used Buttons. We have always used Fuzzi Bunz and prefolds with Whisper Soft covers and have loved them. HOwever, after thinking we were done with having children, I sold the lot and now we are expecting in September so i’m off to purchase more diapers. Looking at giving these a try. They sounds interesting, just anxious to find out if they are as leak resistant as what we have used in the past. Thanks for the review.

  44. My baby is due in October so I haven’t used any cloth diapers yet! But I really like the AI2 idea because if the cover can be reused during some changes, then it seems like it would be take up less space for travel.

  45. I like that they are re-usable

  46. I have never tried them but would like to!

  47. I have a few and I really like them!

  48. We have mostly pocket diapers but would love to try a two in one diaper.

  49. Yes, we use All-in-Two system because I like that we don’t have to wash the PUL covers with EVERY change, so in theory, the PUL covers will last longer. Also, the absorbency is completely custom!

  50. Yes i use ai2 diapers. I like that you can reuse the cover

  51. […] Buttons Diaper from Just Add Cloth (ends 7/31) RC […]

  52. I have used AI2’s (Grovia) and like them for the most part- but for now prefolds and covers are my go-to. Iwould like to give another brand of AI2’s a try!

  53. I have a couple of AI2’s that I like – it’s nice not to have to stuff pockets.

  54. We have grovias and buttons and love them both for easy diaper changes when we’re out

  55. I like AI2 diapers because the inserts can be changed out and you can reuse the cover

  56. I’ve never tried all in two’s but am expecting and plan to try different types of cloth. Thanks for the giveaway

  57. I don’t have any, but I’m excited to try them!

  58. I have used all-in-two diapers in the past and like that they were simple to use and to put together.

  59. We don’t use any diapers yet since we don’t have a little one…yet. Trying to stock up to save money for when our little one does come! But I love the convenience of an AI2

  60. I’ve never used them, but would like to win for my sister. I like that they’re adjustable!

  61. I plan to use them once baby is here. I like the ease of them and the fact that they dry faster than aio’s.

  62. I have used them before. I like that you can change the insert without changing the whole diaper sometimes.

  63. I have some GroVias but they’ve been a little on the disappointing side. I love the ease of use of AI2s but my baby’s EBF poos were so runny until just recently when she started solids regularly at 9 months. I think I want to try a brand other than GroVia.

  64. I haven’t tried all in two’s, but always looking to try an new style.

  65. LOVE AI2s. Do the inserts snap in on these diapers.

  66. AI2s are my husband’s favorite! I like their versatility.

  67. I have one (with two inserts) and love it, I’d like a few more shells and inserts. They are so easy, fit well, dry quickly, and the shells can be used multiple times before washing!

  68. I love AI2s, but I typically just use them as covers for my prefolds or flats 🙂 I can’t wait to try the Buttons system!

  69. i love them! they are so much nicer than pockets bc i dont have to stuff them.

  70. I love AI2 diapers above all others these days. I love not having to stuff pockets and unstuff dirty ones and AIOs take too long to dry.

  71. I use Flips — I like the ease of use without having to wash the whole system (reusing the covers if only a pee diaper).

  72. Yes, I have one, and I really like it! It is a bamboo Lil Helper brand one. One of my favorite diapers!

  73. I use a similar cloth diaper system, and would love to add to my stash!

  74. Yes, I like being able to reuse the cover!

  75. I like to use ai2 diapers at home… less washing

  76. I like AI2s because they are easy to preload for care givers, but you can reuse the cover a few times so it’s nice for packing in the diaper bag/for trips.

  77. I love an ai2. They are super versatile, easy to use and great money saver!

  78. I really like AI2 diapers because stuffing pockets can get really annoying at times!

  79. I like being able to reuse the covers, but I’m not talented enough to use prefolds and covers. So AI2s are up my alley!

  80. I love that you don’t have to fuss with getting the insert out but they tend to move more than Id like.

  81. I have never tried AI2s, but I would love to! Right now I use thirsties prefolds and covers.

  82. I’m about to start CDing so have never used AI2s before.

  83. I have never used them but would love to win to use on my grand daughter. They are beautiful!

  84. Just started using and have a couple. The stuffing part is the worst. I now really like the pre-folds and covers

  85. I love AI2s – they are so convenient and easy to use!

  86. I have a couple of AI2s – baby is on her way, so not sure what our favorite style will be!

  87. i havent tried an Ai2 yet but i love how they are supposed to dry quicker than AIOs and it isnt as much work as stuffing pockets 🙂

  88. I really want to try buttons diapers as I love me some all in twos!!

  89. I like AI2 diapers. They are pretty simple to use and can be very easy on the budget.

  90. We are still collecting diapers for our stash and our baby will be born in April so we haven’t had a chance to try anything out yet. These look really nice though!

  91. I have not tried these yet just have fuzzi bunz and bumgenius but have been wanting to try them to see if I like them

  92. Yes! AI2 systems are my FAVE! They are prefect for traveling and are very simple to use.

  93. I love AI2’s and only have a couple. I’d love to try one of these!

  94. I am pregnant with our first and looking into cloth diapering! I have read up a lot about Buttons diapers and would love to have one to try, and maybe then get for our whole stash!

  95. I have some pregnant girlfriends who I’d like to win this for.. or for myself if I have another baby soon! I have always wanted to try your diapers but never had the chance to.. I was really sick when I had my 1st baby so I didn’t have a chance to buy your diapers.. This is just exciting, for any mommy or mommy to be to try and win! 🙂

  96. I received two Buttons dipes as gifts. I can’t wait to prep and use them!

  97. I have been using BumGenius cloth diapers with my daughter since she was 2 months old (she is now 4 months) and we DO NOT care for them. I am extremely interested in trying out your brand! Help!

  98. I use the Flip system. My favorite thing about AI2 is their affordability. However, I do a lot of standing diaper changes on my toddler who is always trying to run away, so my least favorite thing is trying to get Flip insert to lay flat / not get all bunched up as I do these moving diaper changes.

  99. I’m planning to try cloth diapers this time and would love to win these!

  100. I have never used cloth diapers, seeing as this is my first bio baby, but I would like to use this particular type 🙂

  101. I’ve never used an AIl in two. We are just starting our CD journey.

  102. I use All-In-Twos because they are the only diaper that doesn’t leak!

  103. I would love to try cloth diapers for my baby. Button Diapers looks like a good place to start. Would love to win!

  104. I’ve never used AI2s before… But I sure do love to try new diapers 🙂

  105. We just bought our first cloth diaper this past weekend! Hoping that the transition is smooth. So no, I have not yet tried the all in two. But looking to try anything to make our lives a bit easier while making things better for our baby and earth!

    • The transition is pretty easy if you start out with easy diapers. Be careful though. Buying cloth diapers can be addictive! ;0

  106. […] diaper 24 Jul Buttons Cloth Diaper Giveaway Enter to win a prize pack from Buttons Cloth Diapers consisting of one diaper shell, a regular fleece […]

  107. Yes, we love AI2 diapers. My favorite feature is that it is so easy to adjust the absorbancy and fit, compared to AIOs.

  108. I haven’t used them yet, but i’d love to try them 🙂

  109. Yes! I love mine! We have some Softbums and Grovia. I like that they are all easy for my husband to use.

  110. I have never used all in two. all in one and pockets is all i have in my stash. Gonna give these a try

  111. Never used all in twos. Excited to try them!

  112. We use pre-folds during the day, but use all-in-ones at night.

  113. I love the idea of all in 2’s

  114. I’ve never used AI2s! Would love to try them.

  115. I use All In Twos! I love that they’re more compact for going out of the house – carrying three changes of inserts is way less space than carrying three AIOs or three pockets.

  116. I have not tried ai2’s yet but would love to!

  117. I love the easy of changing the inserts, gmom loves them too since she hates carrying a diaper bag and doesn’t want lots of “stuff”.

  118. I don’t use them, yet. I’m just getting into cloth and only have swim diapers from Charlie Bananna. I would like to try AI2s because they seem easy to wash and use.

  119. […] *Buttons Diaper from Just Add Cloth (ends 7/31) RC […]

  120. I haven’t tried AI2 yet, but I have friends who have and seem to like it, so I’d like to give it a shot.

  121. I do use them on occasion, I love that the covers are reusable and don’t have to be washed after each use.

  122. I like that they dry faster than AIOs!

  123. I haven’t used an AI2, just flats and covers, because I could never find a system that I liked, but since I’ve had my dd a lot has changed in cding!

  124. Never used AI@, but I want to try them!

  125. I have used just about every style of cloth diaper. AI2s are great because they’re easy to wash and quicker to dry.

  126. I have never tried one, but would like to!@

  127. I haven’t tried an AI2 but I think they look easy to use!

  128. I have not used all in two diapers or any cloth diapers for that matter. I am due with my first in February and will definitely be cloth diapering for environmental and cost reasons. Plus cloth is just way cuter!

  129. I like using AI2s because it is easier to just change out the insert, especially when we’re on the go.

  130. I am always interested in adding a new style to our cloth arsenal …

  131. i haven’t ever used an AI2 diaper, but I would love to try one out!! I am trying to branch out from my pockets!

  132. I have two! I love that you can change the insert and reuse the cover.

  133. I use all in twos and I like how you can often reuse the shell

  134. always wanted to try these diapers!

  135. I have only used one AI2 and actually liked it! It had a pocket for added absorbency and a snap in bamboo soaker.

  136. I’ve never used an all in 2 before, so I don’t know what I like about them.

  137. I use me and like that they are more trim and have reusable covers.

  138. I don’t use them. I cloth diapered my son in the old days and now I’m trying to get things ready to cloth diaper a grandchild.

  139. We are trying to conceive now, I don’t know what I will be using, trying lots of things, new to cloth diapering.

  140. Ai2s are great because there’s less to pack in your diaper bag than pockets.

  141. I have a couple ai2s. One I like, teh other I don’t–on that one, teh PUL touches my baby’s skin and irritates her.

  142. I am new to cloth diapering and have not had an opportunity to try them yet. Our little one will be here in October.

  143. I haven’t used CD yet, but I like the AI2 idea since you can customize it to your needs.

  144. I’ve never used the AI2. I’m just starting out! Love the idea!

  145. I love AI2s! They are affordable, easy to use, create less laundry, and great for travel

  146. I love AI2s because I can get more use out of a cover.

  147. I do use all-in-two diapers and they were actually my first diapers in my stash. I love that you can reuse covers and change out inserts.

  148. I’ve not used and AI2 before and I’d love to win one to try it out.

  149. What an interesting design. Brilliant

  150. I have not tried AI2s yet, but I plan on it! I love the simplicity of them, to change a diaper just snap the insert off, snap on another one, and you’re ready to go. It is easier than pinning a prefold but still saves money because you are not having to change the cover after every change, like you would a pocket diaper.

  151. I have never tried an AI2 diaper.

  152. I haven’t used aI2 diapers. I have only now started collecting a stash of cloth diapers and only have pocket diapers. However, now that I discovered ai2 diapers, I would love to get some. They seem so economical!

  153. I’ve never tried one, but I would love to if given the opportunity!

  154. I haven’t tried an AI2 diaper yet. But I want to!

  155. I love AI2s because they’re SO convenient to travel with. 2 covers and a handful of inserts, and you’re good for a full day!

  156. I do, and I love that you don’t have to carry so many covers or change them as often!

  157. This is our first lil one so we haven’t used any yet. I believe I will enjoy AI2 diapers!

  158. as of now we dont use ai2’s just because we are starting our stash for our little one due in november i do plan on getting a few for our stash though,

  159. We currently use pocket diapers

  160. I have one diaper that can be used as an AI2 and I like that I have the option to take the insert offs and dry them separately or keep them all together. But with this one it looks like you could reuse the shell? That would be nice.

  161. have one on the way and would love to try cloth!

  162. I’m learning to love them 🙂 I usually like fitteds or prefolds

  163. I do use Ai2 diapers. I like that you can reuse the covers, thereby lightening the load on your diaper bag.

  164. Not really… I’ve used our AppleCheeks diapers has AI2s sometimes when we’re out of pockets! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  165. We use pockets, but I really want to try ai2.

  166. I’ve never tried cloth diapers and I would love too!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  167. I am a FTM mom just starting to explore my options for cloth diapering, so I would love a chance to try these.

  168. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’d like to.

  169. i have not tried all in twos. mainly i do all in ones and have tried some fitteds for overnight. I can see how all in twos would be quicker to dry!

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