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Jul 222013
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buttons cloth diapers
*Diaper c/o Buttons Cloth Diapers.

Now that we are getting back into the swing of things after moving house, I have the kids back in their cloth diapers! Between the power outage and not having a washer or even a working downstairs bathroom, we were stuck in disposables far longer than I wanted.  I did channel my skills from the Flats & Handwashing Challenge and washed some diapers in a bucket a few times. While wringing out my fleece lined pocket diaper shells, I got to thinking about all-in-two diapers.

All-in-two cloth diapers consist of a waterproof cover, usually with no lining, and an insert that either snaps in or lies on top. There are several styles of all-in-twos on the market including snap-in-twos, ones with an optional pocket, and even some with disposable insert options. In my mind, a true all-in-two does not have any lining in the cover because the cover should be reusable.

My skinny legged 18 month old has needed a night time diaper revamp for quite some time now. She has regressed some when it comes to sleep and has become a bit of a super soaker from drinking so much milk.

We needed a few criteria met for a new diaper to work out for night time:

  • Extra absorbent
  • One size
  • Dual leg gussets
  • Snaps closures

Enter Buttons Cloth Diapers to the rescue.

all in two cloth diapers


Buttons Cloth Diapers are an all in two diaper system providing major protection against leaks and can be nice to your pocket book. Buttons Cloth Diapers is a family owned business located in Washington State, striving to offer affordable, Earth friendly diaper options.

Buttons All-In-Two diapers features:

  • One size fits most
  • Two row snap down rise
  • Strong snap closures
  • Dual Leg gussets
  • Dual front and back snaps for secure inserts
  • Soft and comfortable fleece topped insert
  • Optional night time insert that snaps under day insert

Depending on the size of your baby, you can choose the small insert or the large insert. Since my daughter Wyn is 20 pounds, I went with the large inserts. Since the insert sits directly against the skin, it has a layer of fleece to protect baby’s skin from over-drying microfiber. The day time microfiber insert has four layers and is pretty thick. It is plenty of absorbency for a few hours during the day. The night time doubler is SIX layers of microfiber and does not have the fleece lining, so it must be snapped beneath the day time insert.

ai2 cloth diapers


Having these TEN layers of absorbency, plus the double leg gussets has worked out great as an overnight option for us. Those leg gussets hold in everything! there is also a bit of elastic in the back and the front for a snug, but comfortable fit.

buttons cloth diaper toddler


As an unlined all-in-two, you can also reuse the covers a few times so long as they only came in contact with urine and not solid waste. Plenty of people just wipe down the inside of the cover with a wipe and snap in a new insert. Easy peasy! Another great thing about unlined covers, is they are easy to hand wash and also line dry very quickly. Even if you are more of a flats or prefolds fan, I highly suggest the Buttons Cloth Diapers covers. The only down side to them is they seem a little bit low rise, so they may not work as well on long waisted babies. The lower rise also works better on girls than on boys in general.

I might finally be an all-in-two convert. I would love a few more for long car rides and to keep in the stroller.

Buttons Cloth Diapers are a super affordable option right now. Currently their covers are only $11 each, and day time inserts are $3.50. Just $14.50 for a kit! A super thick night time doubler is $5, so an entire night time kit is $19.50. Since that is often the price of  a pocket diaper with two much thinner inserts, I consider it a pretty decent price.

*Review diaper c/o Buttons Cloth Diapers. I received this item in exchange for an honest review, I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  3 Responses to “Economical Diapering: Buttons All in Two Cloth Diapers”

  1. I like that the inserts snap to the covers.

  2. Wow these seem like awesome diapers! I love the double gusset and the fleece lined inserts. I am so going to check these out! Thanks!

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