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Jun 072013
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cloth training pants
*Review item c/o Baby Beduga*

Here in the JAC household, our potty training adventures continue, albeit, with a tad bit of frustration. You may recall our cloth diaper issues with our toddler from last year. Well, I am happy to report that unless the occasional overnight diaper comes flying off, our three year old has stopped refusing all diapers, trainers, or undies. He even uses the potty chair every day, although sporadically. The speech delay has caused some communication issues, so trainers are definitely a must-have for us.

Trainers are often expensive, at least as much as cloth diapers, which can be frustrating when you use them for a much shorter time. That is why some of you going through the potty training woes might like to try Baby Beduga! The same business that brought us their  inexpensive pocket diapers, has done it again with some cloth training pants. (Check out my Baby Beduga cloth diaper review.)

At just $9.00 a piece, (current price as of 6/2013) these trainers won’t make you shed tears over the state of your checking account. Plus, as one size, they can be used on different sized children or can grow with the long term potty training cadet.

baby beduga trainers


The Baby Beduga Trainers have all the features you love in a trainer, plus more:

  • One Size: 3 levels rise snaps, 4 sets of side hip snaps, fits 15-50 pounds
  • Side snapping for a more underwear look and usage
  • Elastic in the the front and back for pulling up and down with ease
  • Double gussets for accidents
  • Extra PUL in the front to fight leaks
  • Low rise to fit properly under pants
  • Single microfiber insert providing just enough absorbency for small accidents

First off, I like that it is one size. I have a lot of trouble guessing what size my kids wear since they tend to be really solid and the weight charts don’t really work for us. Plus, I think my daughter might start training before my son is fully trained, so it is nice that we can use the same set on both of them. I also like that it has side snaps since if a poop accident happens, this style is much preferred for cleaner removal. I really hate those accidents when we are stuck pulling the trainer down and poo smears down the legs. Ugh.

My problems with side snapping diapers in the past were wicking and leaking out the top front, so the fact that these have front elastic and extra PUL is a big improvement over some other side snapping options

beduga cloth diaper trainers

I would wager that double gussets in a trainer are usually not necessary. However, I do know they slow down a flood leaking out the side if you are rushing through the park with toddler in tow, racing for the bathrooms and it was NOT just in the nick of time. (You know you’ve been there!)

Basically the Baby Beduga trainers are a side snapping diaper with a couple extra features to make them really easy to pull up and down. The plus side to this is you know it will protect against accidents. The one down side I can see is if your child has decided he is a big boy, he might protest against wearing something very diaper-ish looking. I do know rise snaps are a giveaway to the kid and that is likely why some people opt for sized trainers. My three year old really likes this trainer though. He isn’t very good about telling me he needs to go, so we need the protection of a diaper, but he loves being able top pull it on like underwear.

*This review item was provided by Baby Beduga in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not otherwise compensated.


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