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Feb 062013
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moraki all in two cloth diaper

Moraki = Baby, and a stylish one at that!

I know a lot of eco-conscious parents out there love cloth diapering and also prefer to avoid any questionable manufacturing. Well, if you are also looking for made in the USA, you are in luck because Moraki cloth diapers are making waves all over the cloth sphere these days. Moraki, Greek for Baby, is an American made cloth diaper line designed and manufactured right in San Diego County. Not only are they domestically made, but they are sewn mostly in family homes and even ship in eco-friendly packaging.

I added a Moraki cloth diaper to our stash recently, and it has become my go-to diaper for overnight. The secret lies in the front flap and awesome inserts, but first things first. Features!

moraki pocket diaper


The Moraki cloth diaper is a one size pocket style diaper with four rise settings and 10 columns of waist snaps. The waist does not have crossover tabs, so it might not fit a newborn right away, but it does still size down pretty small. Most people do not start using one size diapers until closer to 10 to 12 pounds. Since the inserts are made with natural fibers, you can also just lay them in the diaper coverΒ  to use as an all in two diaper.

moraki one size cloth diaper

This cloth diaper has a polyurethane laminate(PUL) outer shell for a water proof protection against leaks and a fleece inner lining forΒ  keeping baby feeling dry.

How does it differ from other pocket diapers?

Three things:

  • A front flap of PUL that prevents frontal wicking. This is great if you having a tummy sleeper and tend to have an issue with the fleece moving forward as they crawl and squirm. The PUL flap makes the front, top area at the snaps more water proof and basically makes it impossible to have leaks out the top of the diaper.
  • The pocket is an envelope type opening in the center instead of the sleeve or pocket opening in the front or back. This means you hold the diaper by the ends and shake out the insert instead of reaching into the shell and pulling out the inserts. At first, I was leery of this style of opening because I tend to over stuff my diapers for safety against a flood and I didn’t think they would shake out. I had visions of having to ram my fingers through piles of poop in order to fish out the inserts and swish the diaper in the toilet. (There is no such thing as ploppable in this house.) Luckily, that was not an issue, even when I put all three inserts in the shell for overnight.
  • The inserts. These inserts are awesome. I normally do not give much thought to fancy inserts since my kids tend to be super soakers and nothing ever seemed to be a trimmer option that worked, no matter how much everyone else raved about it. These inserts are four layers of 55 percent hemp and 45 percent organic cotton. They are sewn into a loop that can then just fold to fit the diaper size setting. I like the loop style since it dries quickly draped over the radiator, plus these babies hold a lot of liquid. I have been stuffing multiple flats and inserts into my kids’ overnight diapers since they were just eight weeks old. It ends up bulky and uncomfortable looking, but I hate leaks. Well, for the first time ever, Wyn wore a trim diaper to bed and has consistently woken up dry each morning in the Moraki. I use the small, medium, and overnight inserts all together for the entire night.

moraki one size pocket diaper

As you can see below, my 12 month old fits perfectly with lots of snaps to spare. She is currently almost 18 pounds but looks smaller. Even with all three inserts available, the diaper is fairy trim.

moraki cloth diaper infant

It fits snugly in the thighs, but does not leave marks. It also does not gap funny in the waist .

moraki cloth diaper fit

I like how sturdy the PUL feels on the Moraki cloth diapers. Not only are the diapers constructed in the USA, but Moraki also tries to source its materials here as much as possible.

This Tie Dye print called “Hippie” is super cute and each diaper in this print looks slightly different. And nothing goes better with a Grateful Dead Onesie than a tie dye cloth diaper!

moraki tie dye cloth diaper grateful dead baby

I also love the Smarty Pants print and featured it in my cloth diaper wishlist!

(deleted no longer relevant content)

Overall, I really liked Moraki and the quality is obvious before you even use them. I am really pleased to see another brand on the scene that is actually made in North America instead of outsourced.

winner: #158 Stormy C.

*Diaper shell and inserts c/o Moraki for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own and my experience may differ from other users.

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  252 Responses to “Moraki One Size Cloth Diapers!”

  1. I loooove Fluffles but I have a little boy so I’d chose Hippie.

  2. I love the center pocket opening that unstuffs itself!

  3. American for sure!

  4. I love the Hippie print and I also love, love, love natural inserts!!!

  5. I like that they are made in the U.S.A.

  6. Never tried your diapers but would love to try them!

  7. I’d want one in black since I don’t have any black diapers in my stash.

  8. I would get the ruffle diaper!

  9. I like that they are made in the USA and are really good at soaking things up without being bulky!

  10. Camo for sure! These are too cute!!

  11. hippie

  12. I like the versatility of this AI2 pocket diaper, I dont have any pockets yet and I think they might be easier to care for than AI1s.

  13. I love that they have a center flap opening!

  14. I love solid colors so I would get the aqua colored AIO.

  15. Oh I love that Hippie Print and the American – it would be tough to choose!

  16. I love that they’re made in the USA and that they’re a small business. The fit looks great too!

  17. I really like the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Hippie. Cute!

  18. I really like the fold to fit option. Fluffles is so darn cute! And their black diaper is pretty cool too.

  19. I like the Hippie print.

  20. I like the natural fiber inserts.

  21. I definitely love the colors and the fancy inserts! I also love the holiday elephant print!

  22. I’d choose Hippie. LOVE the bright colors.

  23. I like that it fits until 40 lbs. My daughter is 33 lbs. and some OS diapers are a little tight on her. πŸ™

  24. Hippie

  25. I would choose hippie. So cute!

  26. I like that they have snaps (no velcro!)

  27. Block is my favorite diaper.

  28. I like the 4 step rise.

  29. I would pick the blocks print. And I love how great they are for overnight!

  30. I would pick either black or holiday elephants.

  31. I like that they can be either an AI2 or a pocket diaper.

  32. Hippie for sure!

  33. I like their “wash and return” policy.

  34. I love that they have the front flap to prevent wicking

  35. I love that they are made in CA and that hippie print would be the one I would pick!

  36. I love the bright colors these diapers come in and that they are made in the USA!

  37. I think I would pick the red diaper πŸ™‚

  38. I love Hippie πŸ™‚

  39. One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Fluffles

  40. I’d have to say orange. We don’t have any orange diapers….

  41. and I love that they’re made in the US! I also love the tummy panel…I feel like it makes them more “daddy-proof”!

  42. I really like the versatility of the AI2 diaper. ty!

  43. Probably have to go with the hippi!

  44. I like the AI2 system

  45. I love the Hippy print. It’s perfect as a fun gender neutral diaper!

  46. I love the hippie print

  47. I like that they fit all the way up to 40 lbs.

  48. love the versatility.

  49. Tied between Sweet Heart and Fluffles!

  50. I love how trim they are even triple stuffed with all 3 inserts!

  51. One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Hippie with red snaps!! love it!!

  52. that they are American made!!!

  53. The yellow diaper is such a great color : ) I would love to win this one!

  54. I like that the are manufactured in the US of A!

  55. Smarty Pants would be so cute and hard to resist!

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  57. I just love the Hippy print, but I think Smarty Pants is awesome too!

  58. I just love that these diapers are made in the USA! Plus, they look very durable.

  59. I love the cute designs and that they can be used 2 diferent ways

  60. I want the Hippie print!

  61. I would choose the yellow diaper. It’s such a fun color and would be a unique addition to our just growing stash.

  62. Choosing one feature is hard…I love the longevity of an OS, especially one made in the USA!

  63. I like how these are envelope style pockets!

  64. Love the hippie print! And black!

  65. I want the hippie diaper!

  66. one size diapers and the hippie print

  67. I’d get a Hippie print – love that tie dye!

  68. I like that they are so well-reviewed – I’ve never seen a review of a Moraki diaper that didn’t gush about the quality!

  69. I would pick Smarty Pants print.

  70. I like their prints and that they have pretty trim inserts.

  71. hippie

  72. they are affordable.

  73. I like that they’re handmade and also in the USA! I love that Blocks print.

  74. I think I’d choose the Holiday Elephant print

  75. I like the sound of their inserts! I hope to try out hemp some time!

  76. I like the Hippie cloth diaper!

  77. I love that they are American made!

  78. I like their Christmas elephant print.

  79. I like that they can be pockets or AI2s.

  80. I love the Camo print.

  81. The Hippie print is my favorite!

  82. I like that it is an AI2 diaper. That is my preferred diaper style.

  83. i would get the sweetheart diaper

  84. i love that they are made in america

  85. I would choose the Hippie prin

  86. I love that they are made in the USA by local moms!

  87. I like the hippie print

  88. I like that they are amercian made

  89. I’d pick the blocks or smarty pants pattern

  90. I like the prints and that they are manufactured here in the US!

  91. I’d choose the American print!

  92. I like that they are made by work at home moms!

  93. I love that they have a hemp/cotton insert!

  94. I love the American print diaper!

  95. I would definitely have to go with Fluffles!! I’ve always wanted a ruffled diaper! Thanks for posting this review–I have a 19# 12mo old, and I love this way this fits on your LO!

  96. I like the way the pocket overlaps in the center…I’m sure it makes it easier to get the insert all the way in, rather than having to try to shove your hand all the way up to the front!

  97. I like that they are trim and have great reviews.

  98. I really like the hippie print!

  99. I like the all in 2 hippie

  100. I love the tie dye! So cute! I want it!

  101. I would choose the fluffles diaper

  102. I like that you can shake out the inserts instead of touching them

  103. i love the sweetheart diaper

  104. i like that they are American made

  105. I love the hippie print!

  106. I love Hippie!

  107. I’ve seen pics of her sewing while baby wearing. That is awesome!

  108. I would definitely pick the Hippie print! Way too cute!!

  109. I like the front pul to prevent tummy leaks. Brilliant idea!

  110. I love that it can be used as an AI2 system!

  111. I would choose Hippi

  112. I have never tried them but I’d love to be a winner and be able to!!!

  113. I would love to win the holiday elephants or the smarty pants!!!

  114. My favorites are the holiday elephants and the American print!

  115. I love that they can be used as an AI2 or as a pocket.

  116. I am in love with the tye dye, way too cute!

  117. I love that it has so many options and that its made in the US!

  118. I would pick Hippie!!

  119. I love that the pocket opening is in the center so you can just shake the insert out!

  120. I like the American print

  121. I like that they are American made

  122. i like the blocks print! fun!

  123. I would choose the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper in Hippie

  124. I love the hippie print

  125. I love that it doesn’t gap funny at the waist.

  126. I love the AI2 Hippie print.

  127. I like the insert fiber content, trimness and agitate-out insert features.

  128. I love the new valentine’s diapers with heart snaps! I also love the smarty pants print!

  129. I love the adorable prints – great variety!

  130. I’d pick the holiday elephant print!

  131. I think that you can shake out the inserts. Hubby would love that too, lol.

  132. hippie! made in the US!

  133. I love the Hippie and the cammo print. I also like the sweetheart special diaper they curretly offer.

  134. Ease of Use
    How easy is the diaper to put on, take off, stuff etc?
    Bang for the Buck
    Do you feel the diaper is worth the retail price?
    When I first got this my baby was 2 months old and just under 8 pounds. She was skinny with scrawny little legs. This diaper fit her well, with no leaking at all. She is now 8 months old and 21 pounds. She has very chunky thighs and some diapers leave her chafed and red on her thighs because she is very active. This diaper is soft and never leaves red marks or chafing. It also fit my 2 year old niece when my sister tried it over the holidays. She is considering switching to cloth with her newborn.
    I have had no leaks at all the whole time that I have been using this diaper. The insert is very trim and absorbent. This is my go-to night time and nap-time diaper. The insert is very soft and absorbent and the fold to fit feature allows me to customize the fit and absorbency where I need it and yet it dries super fast. The lining easily releases poop into the toilet and cleans very easily using a sprayer or the dunk and swish method. The envelope-style pocket stuffs easily and the insert comes out in the wash.
    I love, love, love this diaper. The style is trim and cute. The designs are adorable. I would recommend to anyone, and have already recommended it to family and friends.

  135. I love the smarty pants diaper!!

  136. I would choose the Sweetheart with Red Snaps! So cute!

  137. I love that they can be used either as a pocket or AI2! Flexibility is great!

  138. Either blocks or camo.

  139. The inserts can be agitated out.

  140. The hippie is my favorite!! πŸ™‚

  141. Tie-dye AI2 for SURE!!

  142. I like that they are made in the USA.

  143. I love the girly prints!

  144. I would love the limited edition sweetheart!

  145. Handmade in US by mommas!

  146. hippie for sure

  147. love that they are usa made

  148. I’ve never used a pocket that stuffs like this before. Would love to try it

  149. I would pick Hippie print

  150. hippie print! Definitely!

  151. I love the sweetheart dipes they have on sale right now!! CUTE!

  152. I would love to try the AI2 Hippy pocket diaper, it just looks so adorable! πŸ™‚

  153. I honestly haven’t used Moraki diapers before, I am just making my way into the cloth diapering world, but am trying to build my stash, so this would be an awesome opportunity!

  154. I love the American print! Stars are my favorite πŸ™‚

  155. I love their prints! So cute

  156. I like the stars…America πŸ™‚

  157. I love that they are made in America!!

  158. I would love it in green.

  159. I really like that the diaper has this opening in the middle for easily shaking out the insert. Genius!

  160. I.like the tie dye one!

  161. I would choose blocks

  162. There are so many wonderful things about this diaper and company! I really like how there was so much thought that went into the design, from the materials used to the people making the diapers. It has great features from the inside out.

  163. Hippie AI2/pocket

  164. I love that these have a front PUL, I have a tummy sleeper

  165. Would love to try one your diapers! Deff love your american diaper!

  166. Love the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Camo!

  167. I love how many cute prints they have! I also like the opening in the middle of the diaper… love my other diapers with that feature!

  168. Limited edition sweethearts & holiday elephants are my favorite πŸ™‚

  169. I love how some have the heart buttons <3

  170. i like the *Limited Edition* SweetHeart

  171. i love that they are made in california!!

  172. i would love either the limited edition hearts or tie dye!!

  173. i think the inserts look awesome

  174. […] *Moraki Cloth Diaper from Just Add Cloth (ends 2/20) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC […]

  175. I would choose pink ladies!

  176. Love the natural fabric inserts.

  177. I love the American print!

  178. I love all the different designs. I also love that they are made in the U.S. and that they are designed to hold up even for tummy sleepers!

  179. I love the holiday elephants.

  180. I like that they are made in family homes.

  181. Love the red with ruffles!

  182. That they are made in the USA!

  183. I would choose their “Pink Ladies” print – so cute!

  184. I like that this fits a baby from 7 to 40 pounds!

  185. I like the fun colors!

  186. Fave pattern: Holiday Elephants

  187. Really liked the lavender one!!

  188. I really like the way you can easily shake off the inserts from the diaper! Brilliant!

  189. I love the Pink Ladies print.

  190. I like that they are made in the US.

  191. I like Smarty Pants.

  192. i love the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Blocks

  193. i like the opening in the middle. i think that awesome plus made in america

  194. Being an outdoor-sie family, I love the Camo print. I think my little girl and maybe her future brother would rock that diaper!

  195. I love the prints!

  196. Love Hippie πŸ™‚

  197. Hippie print

  198. Love that they are made in the USA!

  199. I love the smarty pants orange diaper print

  200. I really like the Moraki diaper prints.

  201. I like the fluffles

  202. I LOVE Hippie!!

  203. I love that they are all made by WAHM in the USA!

  204. I love the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Camo

  205. I really love the designs!

  206. LOVING the red!

  207. I love that they are OS because it’s more cost effective than having to buy multiple sizes over time!

  208. Definitely would pick the hippie print!

  209. I love everything about this company, and I already bought a couple diapers, my 2yo took one for a spin last night and it was great! Never prepped and still no leaks!

  210. I like the pink ladies print.

  211. I like that they are made in the USA

  212. HIPPIE!

  213. These are lovely! the pattern is amazing.

  214. I love that they are made in the USA. I would choose the Hippie!

  215. The FLUFFLES!!!!! Oh man, that diaper is ADORABLE!!!

  216. Hippie print is my fav :o)

  217. They are made in the USA! Always a plus for me!

  218. Awesome that they are made in the USA! I also liked that they had adorable limited edition diapers.

  219. I would go with the hippie print, its just too cute.

  220. I would love the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Hippie

  221. I like that they are made in the usa!

  222. Love the blocks design!

  223. I’m intrigued by the envelope opening for the inserts – haven’t seen that yet (I’m new to cloth diapering), would love to give it a try!

  224. I love the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Hippie.

  225. I have never tried one but would love to πŸ™‚

  226. fun prints!

  227. I love the Hippie print!

  228. I like that they are USA made and use a natural fiber soaker

  229. I jut LOVE the One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Fluffles

  230. I like most their fun and different patterns! Not to bad of price either.

  231. I like the Fruity Booty diaper!

  232. I love the focus on the USA suppliers and manufacturer.

  233. I love Smarty Pants!

  234. I love that they are made in the USA!

  235. Honestly, I love that hippie print. I love tie-dye. πŸ™‚

  236. I like that it has 4 rows of snaps and fits up to 40+ pounds instead of 35 like some. πŸ™‚

  237. i have one and love the absorbancy without the bulk

  238. I like the green!!

  239. Made in the USA!

  240. I would pick the yellow diaper

  241. I love the American print. So cute!

  242. I like the envelope type opening in the center. Who likes touching wet diapers? lol

  243. OMG- this is my dream stalking diaper (I’m sure I’m not alone!) Of course I would pick hippie!!!

  244. I love that they have 4 snap down setting rather than the usual three (or none!)

  245. I like the Hippie print

  246. One Size AI2/Pocket Diaper ~ Camo

  247. I love all the different prints!

  248. i would choose the ‘smarty pants’ print!! love it! thanks so much! πŸ™‚

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