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Jan 302013
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eco sprouts cloth diaper detergent review

Hard water. Really, really hard water.

My kitchen faucet has little white balls of mineral deposits all over it from water droplets flying when we wash dishes. I scrape them off and they are back the next day. Our water is so hard that if I drop a single bead of water into a glass and let it dry, it actually forms a little ball instead of a white stain. My hair is actually course and crunchy from washing in this water, when it has never had that texture in other apartments. This has made diaper washing interesting to say the least. Some detergents simply do not work at all and some have been pleasantly surprising. Our latest detergent adventure has been with Eco Sprout.

Eco Sprout is a dad created and family owned brand of cloth diaper detergent formulated specifically for cloth diapers. You can use your Eco Sprout detergent on all laundry, but it was designed to be just the right combo of natural ingredients to be diaper safe and kick ammonia to the curb.

Eco Sprout Ingredients: Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, natural water softeners, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, natural & biodegradable surfactants. Natural fragrance in scented versions. This detergent is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is 100% biodegradable.

Eco Sprout comes in four sizes including bags of 96/192 loads, 48/96 loads, 24/48 loads, and 4/8 loads. The largest bag of 96/192 loads is only $24.95, so Eco Sprout is actually a little cheaper than a lot of other boutique brands.

Since I have such hard water, Eco Sprout recommends four full tablespoons of their detergent in my top loader and sometimes even a cap of water softener. I appreciate them addressing this issue when plenty of other detergents claim to work fine in all water types with no adjustments. This means that the 24/48 load bag I used will last about 16 washes with very hard water. Most of you can get the full 24 or 48 loads depending on your machine and water.

I used my normal wash routine of a warm pre-rinse, hot wash (stop machine and allow a 30 minutes soak in hot water), warm rinse, extra warm rinse. I do the soak during the wash since my machine only offers a short wash that doesn’t work very well. I did need to use the full four tablespoons of detergent, which does make the bag not last very long. However, I do like how Eco Sprout worked. It doesn’t really suds up, but I could see it pull out some old detergent that wasn’t rinsing properly before.
eco sprout cloth diaper detergent

Admittedly, I added a 1/4 cup of oxygen bleach powder about every third wash or so to soften my water and help with mineral buildup. That is not any fault of Eco Sprout though. Eco Sprout detergent has gotten my diapers clean every time minus one particularly gross load that I ran twice. I had the limited edition holiday scent which was like a mug of spiced cider. I would love to try the lavender scent! You can currently get Eco Sprout on Lavender Chamomile, Green Tea, Sandalwood Vanilla, In the Buff (unscented), Fresh linen, and the occasional seasonal scent. Most of the time, the scent rinses out completely, and what little left was gone out of the dryer.

I love that Eco Sprout is a little lower in price than its contemporaries since I need to use so much. Overall, I would actually recommend this detergent over most of the other boutique detergents based on performance, price point, company mission, and availability. Eco Sprout is gaining in popularity and is available at several small online stores, but you can also order it straight from their website.

Update: Once we moved to an area with softer water, this detergent worked much better for us!

*Winner: #217 Mary D.*
*Detergent c/o Eco Sprout. This review was my honest opinion and was not otherwise compensated.

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  124 Responses to “Eco Sprout Natural Laundry Detergent”

  1. lavender chamomile

  2. I look for natural ingredients & cloth diaper safe

  3. I would choose fresh linen.

  4. I look for a detergent that cleanses thoroughly and that has a nice scent.

  5. I look for a detergent that cleans thoroughly and is natural.

  6. In the buff!

  7. I look.for natural ingredients, and gentleness. I usually prefer unscented as.well so that option is a must!

  8. I’d probably pick the Lavender Chamomile

  9. I usually look for a diaper detergent that cleans well and leaves a nice fresh smell.

  10. Fresh linen. I look for an all natural product and one that helps remove stains

  11. Lavender Chamomile sounds yummy!

  12. I look for something affordable, easy to use and that it gets the job done.

  13. Sandalwood vanilla!

  14. I look for something that cleans thoroughly. : )

  15. I think I’d choose In the Buff, since it will be for my sister’s newborn!

  16. In the buff.

  17. I would choose in the buff!

  18. I look for a detergent that cleans my diapers and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

  19. I look for natural ingredients that actually keep the diapers clean!

  20. I am all about unscented for as much stuff as I can. I like something that washes out well in my front loader. I would also love to find some affordable enough to use the same stuff on all my laundry. I am want something that keeps stains at bay… don’t really care about diaper stains, more toddler shirt stains πŸ™‚

  21. While some of the scents do sound exciting, we are a family with very sensitive skin so I’d choose In the Buff.

  22. When buying a cloth diaper detergent, I look for the usual – no brightners, no fragrence, etc. We’ve used 3 different types before, 2 of which were standard every day laundry detergent you can buy at a grocery store (both were recommended by others who use cloth) and the 3rd was a cloth diaper detergent. All 3 seemed to work great, and the cloth diaper detergent we got was really reasonably priced! Plus, because its in a powder form, it takes up less room and the large bottles of detergent I buy for my other laundry.

  23. I want to try Sandalwood Vanilla. I think it’s the only one I haven’t tried yet! Love EcoSprout!

  24. I look for natural detergents that are CD safe and work well in hard water!!

  25. I look for a detergent that will be easy and convenient to use while caring gently for my cloth diapers to help extend their life.

  26. Lavender Chamomile

  27. In the Buff please!

  28. A natural detergent that works hard & will not irritate baby.

  29. fresh linen

  30. I love using detergents that are free from harsh chemicals

  31. I would choose in the buff

  32. I would choose Fresh Linen scent!

  33. I look for a cloth diaper detergent that WORKS and actually gets rid of urine/feces and their smell.

  34. I want it to be natural and safe for baby!

  35. I’d choose sandalwood vanilla

  36. I want something that will clean and smells good.

  37. I like in the buff

  38. I look for a detergent that gets my diapers clean with little work

  39. In the Buff. Unscented

  40. I look for non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  41. lavender chamomile

  42. I look for non toxic and safe for baby

  43. I would choose Fresh Linen πŸ™‚

  44. I am looking for a detergent that is effective, affordable and good to use on all our laundry so we can keep it simple πŸ™‚

  45. sandalwood vanilla sounds nice!

  46. I like clean scents, Fresh linen is what I would chose.

  47. When it comes to cloth diaper detergent I look for the least amount of unnecessary additives possible. I don’t like strong scents either.

  48. In the buff πŸ™‚

  49. I look for unscented, and proven safe for my diapers

  50. I’d love to try Sandalwood vanilla.

  51. I look forward to how well the detergent cleans.

  52. I like the fresh linen scent, though I also really liked the ocean scent. I look for a detergent that can cut ammonia.

  53. I’d love to try the Peppermint Candy!

  54. I look for something that will work in hard water and that smells good! Of course it has to get them clean and it’s a plus if it can be used on all other laundry too!

  55. I would choose Sandalwood Vanilla.

  56. I look for a natural detergent with simple ingredients that won’t void my warranties.

  57. I would choose the Linen scent!

  58. So far, I haven’t had to do much looking when it comes to my detergent; I researched a lot while I was pregnant, and selected something that didn’t contain any of the “no-nos” for CDs, was available at my local walmart/grocery store, and is reasonably priced. So far, so good, but my DD had some irritation around her legs and I’m not 100% convinced that it’s not from our hard water and/or detergent buildup (though she hasn’t had any other reaction in the 11 mos. we’ve been CDing). Anyway, another mystery for another day. I like being able to just run to the store when I run out of detergent, because it’s my luck that I realize that I’m out after I’ve already dropped dirty dipes in the machine lol!

  59. I would choose In the Buff.

  60. I look for detergents that are natural and rinse clean.

  61. i would totally choose vanilla

  62. i check to make sure it cleans my diapers with only one wash.. also that it rinses great and most importantly that its not to harsh on my babies skin.

  63. I’d choose the Fresh Linen scent.
    Thanks for the chance.

  64. lavender

  65. I look for something that works, doesn’t cause my diapers to repel or smell, keeps my diapers looking and smelling nice. It has to be within my budget too. It would be nice to be able to buy it locally.

  66. i would choose lavendar

  67. i look for earth friendly

  68. I would like the Fresh Linen!

  69. I would want the detergent to clean my diapers thoroughly and rinse well too.

  70. I would choose Sandalwood Vanilla!

  71. Cloth diaper safe and a nice non-overpowering scent!

  72. Green tea!

  73. Something that cleans efficiently but is also good for the environment!

  74. I’d probably choose green tea.

  75. A good clean with no residues.

  76. […] diaper 03 Feb Eco Sprout Natural Laundry Detergent Giveaway! Eco Sprout is giving away a 24oz bag of detergent ($7.95 value) in winner’s choice of scent to one Just Add […]

  77. fresh linen scent!

  78. Fresh Linen sounds good.

  79. I look for something that doesn’t damage the fabric of the diapers or make it weaker.

  80. fresh linen scent

  81. one that does not contain additives

  82. i would pick fresh linen unless i could get my hands on the peppermint candy cane πŸ™‚

  83. that it does not contain enzymes

  84. I’d choose In the Buff (Unscented)!

  85. What do I look for in a cloth diaper detergent? Something safe/non toxic for my family. Also, I like having the option of unscented. And something that will get the job done, yet is still gentle enough on cloth diapers!

  86. I would choose unscented.

  87. I look for earth friendly and sensitive skin friendly.

  88. Unscented

  89. Easy to clean and no leak accidents.

  90. Lavender Chamomile πŸ™‚

  91. For detergent, I look for something that doesn’t leave behind residue, doesn’t have optical brighteners, or perfumes.


  93. Green Tea

  94. I look for additive free detergent as my family has sensitive skin. No “wonder” Tide for us!

  95. I would choose Lavender Chamomile!

  96. I look for something that easily rinses clean.

  97. Always looking to try new green products. Great giveaway. πŸ™‚

  98. I would choose unscented.
    I look for a detergent that works and is affordable!

  99. I look for earth friendly (i like that this says biodegradable) and would love to try the Buff.

  100. I would choose sandalwood vanilla scent, and in detergents, I look for something that is cheap-ish, and washes completely out so I don’t need to strip my diapers often.

  101. I would probably choose Lavender Chamomile. I love the smell of Lavender!

  102. I’ve used Warm Vanilla Sugar but want to try the Lavender Chamomile.

  103. I look for HE FL friendly detergent that will clean my diapers thoroughly and knock out ammonia.

  104. lavender chamomile for sure!

  105. In my detergent I just look for one that will get the stink out as I like to call it.

  106. warm vanilla sugar

  107. mmmm…warm vanilla sugar!

  108. I look for something that is cloth diaper safe first of all….then something that gets the smell out:)

  109. I love EcoSprout. I love their scents but my daughter has sensitive skin so we get In The Buff.

  110. I look for a detergent that is scent free but will also get my diapers clean and is safe for my baby. I also make sure that the price is reasonable and will be safe on my diapers.

  111. I like the scent+dye free

  112. I like a detergent that is safe for diapers and leaves no build-up

  113. spiced apple cide

  114. I want a detergent that makes my diapers smell clean without chemicals being left behind!

  115. I want to make extra certain that my detergent is safe for my CDs

  116. I would want the In The Buff scent

  117. in the buff!!

  118. have not started CDing yet waiting on my little man to get here any day now πŸ™‚

  119. I would love Lavender Chamomile, and I always look for something that is cloth diaper safe and highly recommended.

  120. Fresh linen πŸ™‚

  121. Lavender chamomile would be nice!

  122. I look for something that takes out the odors well and is definately safe for us and the environment!

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