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Jan 022013
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all in two cloth diapers

The last two parts of the Cloth Diaper Updates of 2012 are a little late this week. Kids, holidays, you know how it goes! Anyway, this group is an all-in-two diaper set called Snap In Twos! A Snap-In-Two is an all in two diaper system where the inserts are safe to lay against the skin and can just snap to the inner shell of the cloth diaper. All of the Snap-In-Twos on the market right now are all about the bamboo soaker. Bamboo is super absorbent and even anti-microbial, so it makes a great cloth diaper fabric. I had the opportunity to try out three different bamboo snap-In-two brands in the past year and I definitely have my favorites.

The Snap In Twos from 2012 are Itti Bitti D’Lish, Incredibum, and Funky Fluff! I received The Incredibum and Funky Fluff diapers as review diapers earlier this year. The Bitti D’Lish was actually a prize I won in a giveaway last year. Yes, people really do win those giveaways!

  • Itti bitti D’Lish

Read the original Itti Bitti D’Lish review. I have heard people complain about the Itti Bitti diapers running really small. I have to agree and disagree I guess. They have very little elastic to them, so they fit like a glove with very little stretch. While this diaper technically fit my toddler up to the 25 pound limit, it was a tight fit. I actually put the size medium on my daughter when she was smaller than the bottom limit of 15 pounds and it fit fine. I actually stopped using it before she even reached 15 pounds though because of the bikini style cut. The narrow cut of the Bitti D’Lish does NOT work for a young infant with the typical explosive poop that comes with a liquid diet of breast milk or formula. With a lack of stretch and so little fabric across the butt, the poop had no where to go other than out the legs. I would highly recommend holding off on using a Bitti D’lish until your infant is older and has solid poops. For young infants I would try a Bitti Tutto instead since it has the “poo fence”. You can also add more absorbency more easily to the Bitti Tutto than the D’Lish.  I felt the D’Lish was OK on a toddler, but definitely not on an infant. In order to make it work, I would have to change the baby every 15 minutes. Who has time for that?

  • Incredibum

Check out the first Incredibum cloth diaper Review. The Incredibum all in two has two overlapping snap-in inserts that can snap on each end of the diaper. This set up allows for several different absorbency configurations, which is nice when you want to put the absorbency in different areas for boys and girls. I do find the crossover buttons being on both tabs to be kind of unattractive, but it does not alter the function. I do think the rise snaps cause some awkward bunching in the front, which is is not aesthetically pleasing, but does not alter the function at all.  So, Incredibum is not the prettiest cloth diaper in our stash, but it works just fine after eight months of use. The two inserts/soakers can hold enough for general use, but for nap time or car rides, I add a thin, cheap prefold under the inserts. I do like how easily I can adjust the sizing for each kid. Some diapers either have superfluous snaps or tough to fix snaps, but the Incredibum sizes quickly. It is a good diaper for our stroller since it is convenient for both of the kids.

  • Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff is probably my favorite snap-in-two! Read the Funky Fluff Bamboo cloth diaper review. Funky Fluff cloth diapers are like other snap-in-twos, but they have the double gussets on the legs creating a great containment wall. They also have the dual ended snaps for overlapping inserts like Incredibum. The bamboo lining on the inner shell and bamboo inserts are super silky, which cam make them slide a round a little, so you want to get it snapped nice and snug. That is pretty much my only critique though. The Funky Fluff has only been in our stash for four months at this point, so I cannot attest to its longevity yet, but it is in great shape, and does not look like it will fall apart. The Funky Fluff is definitely my favorite all in two diaper.

The last cloth diaper update will be basic pocket diapers, which make up the bulk of our current cloth diaper stash.

Do you like Snap in Two cloth diapers? Any complaints?



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