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Jan 302013
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cloth diaper dreaming

I imagine some of you (OK most of you) are too young to be very familiar with The Mamas & The Papas. Every time this time of year comes around and I am sick of the whistling wind and never ending snow, “California Dreamin” pops into my head. I was thinking about a cloth diaper wishlist recently while browsing around online and suddenly that song morphed into a dorky cloth focused medley in my head.

Do you gaze longingly at cloth diapers you don’t need? It is kind of easy to do when there are so many brands and so many colors and prints out there! There are a few diapers in our stash that I love so much, I would like a few more even though I don’t need them. And then there are several brands floating around the endless world of small business WAHMs that continuously intrigue me, but I can never justify something that really isn’t necessary, espesially since I am trying ot avoid spending any money so we can save up a deposit for a house. But, it doesn’t stop me from window shopping!

funky fluff cloth diaper birds print1. Funky Fluff in the new Birds print

I actually wrote a Funky Fluff Review previously and really like their bamboo all in two cloth diapers, so when they came out with new prints I had to check them out. I am in love with this Birds print! It has owls, chicadees, and even some birds eating ice cream and playing guitars. Does it get any more fun?  Funky Fluff bamboo diapers are one size with dual leg gussets for extra blowout protection and a soft bamboo lining. The bamboo inserts can either stuff into the diaper sleeve, or snap in, making this diaper very versatile as a pocket diaper or all in two. I already love my one funky Fluff diaper and would be stoked to add this cute print to the stash.

 earthlingz cloth diaper

2. earthLINGZ

The earthLINGZ One Size Super Hybrid All in Two is a bit different from most other cloth diapers in that it has fleece as the water resistant out layer instead of PUL. The inside has the EZ3 Soaker System which includes soakers with five layers of absorbent hemp fleece. The top of the soakers that sits against the skin is covered in stay dry fleece. With only polyester fleece for an outer layer, these will wick liquid out if you let them get overly saturated, but should be fine with regular diaper changes. The completely fleece shell makes this diaper  extremely breathable. I would love a diaper like this for playing around outside and especially if it is hot out or we are dealing with a diaper rash. The color combination of this green and blue is particularly striking.

smart bottoms all in one cloth diaper

3. smart Bottoms

The Smart Bottoms All In one is a cloth diaper I have seen talked about all over the blogosphere, but I have never tried one. It is a one sized diaper acting as an AIO with a tongue style insert attached inside.  You can fold the organic cotton insert wherever your baby needs more absorbency and it provides 10 layers! The inner lining is also cotton, so no worries about sensitivities to synthetics,plus your baby feels the wetness making potty training easier. The Perfectly Pink pattern is adorable and would match a couple of the spring dresses I have waiting in my daughter’s closet.

smart snugs cloth diapers

smart snugs goblin

4. Smart Snugs

I have one Smart Snugs cloth diaper (the blue and red above) in our diaper stash from when I did a Smart Snugs review late last year. Both my husband and I love the smart Snugs NatureSnug with its bamboo charcoal inner. Bamboo charcoal is a awesome fabric that is antimicrobial and stain resistant. The color is a deep grey and the texture is so soft. my Smart Snugs diaper is wide through the croth for great stuffing and the leg gussets are super gentle. I love the fluffy insert have five layers with two layers of bamboo. The bamboo insert with the booster lasts a long time even with a heavy wetter. I would love to get another Smart Snugs diaper and have my eye on the black and green Goblin above.


poppy fields fitted cloth diaper owls5. Poppy Fields

Poppy Fields sized fitteds are quality fitted cloth diaper designed and MADE in the USA. Each diaper has nine layers of luxury fabric for high absorbency and great function. The outer layer is durable printed cotton and the inner layers are absorbent cotton and cotton velour. The snap in soaker is organic cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece. I am a sucker for a designer fitted and the Poppy fields are no exception! They are simply beautiful and this Owl print is to die for! I would honestly not even use a cover since  would hate to hide such a pretty print.

 moraki cloth diapers smarty pants

6. Moraki cloth diapers

I am actually in the process of reviewing a Moraki All In Two diaper and love it so much I would love to have another one. The Smarty Pants print is adorable! The Moraki cloth diaper is a one size cloth diaper with the option of using it as a pocket diaper or an all in two. The pocket opening is actually in the center of the diaper and you then shake the inserts out when you put it in the wet bag or the washer. The inserts are sewn in a circle for quick drying and are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. Since the inserts are natural fibers, you can choose to skip stuffing them in the opening and instead lay them in the shell like an all in two diaper. plus, these diapers are made in the USA!

lalabye baby cloth diapers

7. Lalabye Baby

Lalabye Baby cloth diapers are one size diapers that can act as a pocket diaper or an all in two. The inserts are bamboo and can snap in to lay on top of the lining, or you can stuff them into the pocket. I already have one in my collection for a Lalabye Baby cloth diaper review from late last year, but I would love another, especially the beautiful deep purple one above. I always like the sleeve style diapers with dual openings, plus Lalabye Baby diapers have a PUL flap in the front that keeps any tummy wicking at bay.

chelory love child organic aio

8. Chelory

The Chelory Organic All In One in LoveChild is so cute and I love tongue style AIOs!  I love a hippie looking tie dye diaper and the organic AIO from Chelory has the perfect looking one! Also it has all natural fibers touching baby’s skin. The absorbent area has bamboo and Zorb. I have never tried a cloth diaper with Zorb, but I hear great things. The “tongue” soaker is also attached on the ends as a loop, so there is no flopping into the toilet when shaking solids out. The Chelory AIO looks like it has all of the features I like in an all in one diaper option and I would love to try it.

peachy baby cloth diapers

9. Peachy Baby

The Peachy Baby cloth diapers are one size all in twos made entirely in Canada. The linings inside the diapers are soft fleece and the inserts are oeko tex certified bamboo! You can buy just the covers, or you can get a set with two bamboo inserts to lay in the cover. I like the simplicity and also how the fleece lining inside would keep the insert from shifting. You could easily just trifold a prefold and lay it in the cover. Apparently, the Peachy Baby shells are pretty big on the largest size setting which would be great on a large toddler. Even though I am hoping to get potty training on my oldest going, having a flat in a large cover would be nice for naps and long car rides for extra protection.


What? Only nine? Ha! There are many more, but a lady only has so much time to wax on about diapers. I still have to do stuff like changing diapers and washing diapers!

What is on your cloth diaper wishlist?

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  13 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Dreamin’ On Such A Winter’s Day”

  1. maybe too young for mama’s and papa’s but not for forest gump, what a great sound track. 🙂

    My wishlist: The prefect nighttime trainer, whatever that is. I just want to find it and stop spending money.

    • Oh I hear ya! I have a Super Undies night time trainer and it is pretty absorbent, but hangs a little too low, so my boy sometimes pees right out the top of it if he is sleeping on his tummy.

  2. Oh, I love this post! I’m dreaming of a Moraki, a Chelory, a Ragababe (black with blue or green fade snaps), a Windpro fitted… the list goes on.
    And, I just got that Smart Bottoms for review and it is pretty awesome. I got the Little Boy Blue print and it’s adorable.

  3. Those are so cute! I love the tie-dyed ones.

  4. I LOVE your graphic! I have Ragababe and GoodMama on my list but totally forgot Chelroy…will go add it now 🙂

    • Thanks! Gotta love picmonkey! I have a couple goodmamas and they are super nice. I was able ot snag a few for half price years ago when they were being clearanced.

  5. I have a few of these on my list. We just won a Smart Snugs and Love it!

  6. Steph you totally have to get a chelory.. i love mine.. i really want to try the earthlingz though i love the breathable fleece.. nice list.

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