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Dec 172012
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lalababy cloth diapers

Welcome to the cloth diapering crowd Lalabye Baby! Lalabye Baby is a family owned and operated online cloth diaper shop based in Florida and they recently launched their Lalabye Baby brand of one sized pocket diapers. Lalabye Baby strives to provide affordable cloth diapers with bamboo inserts for a more eco-friendly way to diaper your baby. It is a fantastic thing, each and every time a cloth diaper store opens or another brand hits the market because it brings cloth diapers that much closer to the main stream!

If there is one thing green minded parents love, it is a feature rich cloth diaper and the Lalabye Baby diapers are no disappointment.  These pocket diapers have every feature I love in a diaper. Lalabye Baby cloth diapers are one size with a snap down rise, snap closures, and hip snaps for wing droop prevention.  They have four rise levels compared to the average three levels, which allows these diapers to size down to a tiny proportion. The closures also include crossover tabs for tiny waists. These diapers will definitely fit a newborn right away.

The inner lining is micro-suede and the outer layer is waterproof polyurethane laminate (PUL). The Lalabye Baby cloth diapers come with silky, soft bamboo inserts that can go inside the pocket for a stay dry diaper, or they can snap together to the diaper shell and act as an all-in-two diaper.


lala baby cloth diaper

Bamboo inserts are great since bamboo can lay against the skin and it is naturally anti-microbial. It does not retain odors like microfiber and is highly absorbent. The LalayBye Baby inserts have four thin layers of bamboo. Each diaper comes with two inserts, one newborn and one standard size. They can snap together and to the diaper. If you stuff the inserts into the pocket for use as a pocket diaper, you can still snap the inserts to the front snap and they will stay attached in the wash! I always love it when a cloth diaper has this option since it means time saved hunting and pecking for the right insert. With two kids in cloth diapers, matching all the pieces together can be quite tedious. If you choose to snap the inserts to the shell and leave them laying on top of the lining, it works just like an all-in-two. This is a great option for babies who tend to be sensitive to synthetic fibers and would benefit from having the bamboo against their skin. Also, if you have one child who is sensitive to synthetics, but another who is sensitive to wetness, you can still use the same diapers!

Another desirable feature of the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper is the dual pocket openings. I happen to like dual openings for pocket diapers because it means you do not need to pull out the inserts before tossing them in the wash. You can put the whole thing, untouched, into your wet bag. When it is time to wash, the inserts will actually agitate out on their own due to the way the water flows with two pocket slots. The back pocket slot is elasticized, which I like since it creates a double wall for containing messes. While I have had the rare blowout in a pocket with only elastic on the outer layer, I have never had one with a diaper with the double elastic.

The front of the Lalabye Baby diaper has a flap that is folded over and sewn down to create a little pocket for protection against wicking. This feature makes the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper stand apart from other pocket diapers I have used. Many diapers have the flap, but the Lalabye Baby diaper’s flap is made with PUL, making it truly waterproof. This is a great feature for tummy sleepers!

lalababy cloth diaper features

Below is my 16 pound infant in a red LalaBye Baby cloth diaper. It is snapped a little loose in this picture and could easily have gone down to the smaller setting. The leg casings are snug enough to hold in any mess, but do not leave any red marks. I use both inserts and they held enough liquid for nap time or about three hours.

lala baby cloth diaper on baby

I absolutely love the PUL front flap. It is great for crawlers since it not only prevents frontal wicking, but it also doesn’t shift like the other front flaps made from other materials sometimes do.  I have no doubt these diapers really do fit from birth to potty training, but function well for various stages of mobility too.

lalababy cloth diaper on infant

I like the great quality of the Lalabye Baby cloth diaper and would recommend it for anyone looking for a one size diaper they wanted to use right away in the newborn phase. This diaper has all of the features I like, without any superfluous features that really are not necessary. They retail for just $14.95, so they are pretty good value too.

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*Review diaper c/o Lalabye Baby. I did not receive other compensation and all opinions are my own.

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  90 Responses to “Lalabye Baby Bamboo Cloth Diapers”

  1. Three Blind Mice is super cute!

  2. I can’t pick a favorite. I really like the Jack and Jill diaper (white with black snaps) or the Three Blind Mice (grey). Also, I love their color names!

  3. I like the All Around the Mullberry Bush color.

  4. Three blind mice!!!

  5. hey diddle diddle!

  6. All around the mulberry bush!!

  7. Three Blind Mice (Gray)

  8. Three blind mice

  9. All Around the Mulberry Bush

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. And I love any girly colors – pink is my favorite!

  12. Either Hush little baby or Peter pumpkin eater….I love them both!!!

  13. I really like how they have the front flap and you can snap the inserts in. That way you can use it like a pocket or an AI2. My fave is the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

  14. I’m going with little speckled frog or three blind mice! Cute colors, and even cuter names!

  15. I love any girly colors/prints! Pink is always good!

  16. I love the Three Blind Mice

  17. All Around the Mullberry Bush!

  18. Pat-a-Cake.

  19. Three Blind Mice!

  20. A Tisket A Tasket is so pretty! And so gender neutral too!

  21. ring around the rosey

  22. I love three blind mice

  23. I really like the “Three Blind Mice” gray color 🙂

  24. I like hey diddle diddle.

  25. All around the mulberry bush

  26. I love the light green!

  27. Ring around the Rosey is my favorite.

  28. All Around The Mulberry Bush!! <3

  29. Little Speckled Frog (Green) is so so cute!

  30. little teapot is great!

  31. Old McDonald

  32. My favorite color is lavendar’s blue!

  33. All around the mullberry bush

  34. I love the Jack and Jill color- cute and simple!

  35. Deep purple color

  36. All around the mulberry bush!

  37. Three blind mice is cute! 🙂

  38. purple

  39. 3 blind mice!

  40. My favorite color is Hey Diddle Diddle (blue)

  41. I like the three blind mice.

  42. I really like the Peter Pumpkin Eater and the Little Speckled Frog!

  43. All around the mulberry bush

  44. Hey diddle diddle.

  45. Three Blind Mice (Gray)

  46. Itsy Bitsy Spider

  47. I like Three Blind Mice

  48. All around the mulberry bush is so cute

  49. I like three blind mice and pat-a-cake!

  50. I like Old McDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider!

  51. Three Blind Mice

  52. I like the Pat-a-cake and the red with rainbow stripes in the post above.

  53. I like hey diddle diddle

  54. I like the Little Teapot!

  55. A tisket a tasket

  56. I like Ring Around The Rosey (Hot Pink).

  57. Little teapot is so freaking cute!! I love the cute names and pretty put options.

  58. Jack and jill

  59. i like the hey diddle diddle

  60. I like Hey Diddle Diddle

  61. Itsy Bitsy Spider

  62. Three Blind Mice!

  63. Hmm…well, my husband and I were team green, so we stocked up on gender neutral colors. Now that my little one is here (girl!!), I’d love a pink or purple one! 🙂

  64. Well, after seeing everybody else’s comments with the specific names, I’ll say that I can’t decide between little miss muffit, lavender’s blue, and all around the mulberry bush! 🙂

  65. Itsy bitsy spider (black)

  66. Peter Pumpkin Eater (Tangerine)

  67. I like the gray diaper

  68. Love the itsy bitsy spider!!!

  69. I love Jack and Jill!

  70. Itsy bitsy spider black

  71. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Black)

  72. All Around the Mulberry Bush

  73. Ring Around The Rosey!

  74. I love the All Around The Mulberry Bush. Its so cute 🙂


  75. Little Teapot!!!!!!!

  76. i love twinkle twinkle little star!

  77. Not normally a pink fan but I LOVE Ring Around the Rosey!

  78. I like A Tisket A Tasket.

  79. Love the Three Blind Mice!

  80. i like three blind mice

  81. I love the Old Mac Donald!

  82. love the speckled little frog!

  83. Ring Around The Rosey!

  84. Three Blind Mice is pretty cute! Thanks for a great review and giveaway

  85. I like A Tisket, A Tasket

  86. Hush little baby 🙂

  87. I’d love one of these for my 4 month old little girl! Love the different colored snaps. Great idea.

  88. Itsy Bitsy spider

  89. I’m confused by this review. Lalabye Baby diapers don’t have PUL. They have TPU.

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