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Dec 212012
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cloth diaper reviews

It is time again for the annual Cloth Diapers Revisited overview! Each year I try to round up all of the diapers I tried and post an update on whether each diaper is still a shining star in our stash or if it no longer works for us and has fallen by the wayside. Read the 2010 cloth diaper updates post for some raw opinions! Why revisit all of the review diapers? Well, many reviews are written after using a diaper for only a few weeks, which is not always long enough for significant problems to crop up. Or maybe it isn’t long enough for a particular diaper to really shine! This was my first year doing sponsored reviews, so I have a much larger variety of brands to update compared to previous years. The Cloth Diapers Revisited post is going to be a mini series this year, since putting them all in one post would be long winded and overwhelming.

The 2012 Cloth Diaper Updates will be a four parter:

(List will be updated with hyperlinks as they are published.)

The updates for this year will not include a couple of the most recent cloth diapers since they will not have had enough time to become well seasoned yet. Brands included in this year’s round up are Thirsties, Oh Katy, Glow Bug, Funky Fluff, Tender Tushies, Jiggs of Maine, Incredibum, Baby Babu, Imagine, Tiny Tush, Buns Up Baby, GoGreen, Lotus Bumz, SunBaby, itti bitti,  and perhaps one or two more. I am not including newborn diapers in the updates since they are used such a short time.

The Cloth Diapers Revisited Updates will begin next week after the holiday.

Do you find review updates helpful? How often would you like to see them?

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  2 Responses to “Introducing the Cloth Diaper Updates 2012 Edition!”

  1. I would choose the frog one in a heartbeat!!

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