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Dec 282012
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thirsties cloth diapers

The first group featured in this year’s cloth diaper updates is Thirsties! Thirsties is a popular brand well known for functional leg gussets and their newish Duo products. I never tried the size one Duo diapers onmy son since they came out a bit later, but I did try the size twos on him. I loved the Duo Fitteds and Duo Wraps so much, I was super excited when Thirsties came out with a new Duo All In One. Since we had four Thirsties products in continuous use in our diaper stash, Thirties gets it’s own updates post.

So how have our Thirsties products continued working for us?


  • Thirsties Duo All In One

For my initial thoughts, read the the Thirsties Duo All In One size one review and Thirsties Duo All In One size two review.

The Duo AIOs have continued to work OK for both of our kids. Our kids are on the skinny side and I feel the Duo AIOs run smaller than they claim. I had to move to the second size sooner than the 18 pounds the size one should last. Also, I have a hard time believing the size two could really fit an average 40 pound toddler. My toddler has a long, thin waist at 30 pounds and he wears it on the largest setting. I do find I need to put an insert or thin prefold inside the tunnel to the diaper will leak or wick between the legs. Otherwise, I still like these all in ones and they remain my favorite AIO option thus far.


  • Thirsties Duo Fitted

I have always liked the Thirsties Duo Fitteds and expressed my thoughts in a previous review on a few I had purchased. The Duo Fitteds are just like the Duo AIOs, but require a cover. I still love these fitteds and they remain my favorite fitteds. I love that I can add extra fabric to the tunnel and they are still in great shape after two years of use. Minus some discoloring from my adventures with Vaska detergent, they still look good. The Duo Fitteds seem more true to size than the AIOs and have fit just as claimed in the sizing chart.


  • Thirsties Duo Wrap

I have never actually written a review of Thirsties Duo Wraps, but I have mentioned them previously as a favorite in our stash. I find the size one Duo Wraps to run a little smaller than they claim, and the size two to be a little bigger. Aside from the sizing gap between the size one and two, these are still a great cover. I ripped one of my covers near a rise snap by tugging to hard, but it still works fine. They are stained on the leg gussets, but are still our go-to diaper covers for over our fitteds and prefolds. I have never had any blowouts or poop leakage with a duo Fitted paired with a Duo Wrap.


  • Thirsties Original All In Ones

When my daughter was born, a friend of mine sent me some Thirsties All In Ones in the extra small size that once belonged to another friend.  They had been passed along amongst our group and had diapered several babies. I had tried the size small of this diaper with my son in previous years and my experience was about the same. I like the convenience of the Velcro, but find these all in ones do not hold much liquid. Much like the Duo AIOs, the old style AIOs needs a little something added to the pocket to be more absorbent. The sewn in microfiber is very narrow in the crotch and tends to leak without a thin insert added. I found I have to use them more as a pocket diaper than an all-in-one. I much prefer just using another small pocket diaper or prefolds with Duo Wraps than the original Thirsties All In Ones.

Next in the Cloth Diaper Updates will be dual gussetted sleeve diapers!


Have you used Thirsties diapers for a long time? How did they hold up? Did they remain favorites?

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