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Dec 292012
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dual gusset cloth diapers

The next group in our Cloth Diaper Updates of 2012 are the dual gusseted sleeve diapers!  By dual gusseted sleeve diapers, I mean the cloth diapers with a double leg gusset row inside and an opening on each end. These diapers also come with microfiber inserts so the insert must go inside the sleeve and does not count as a regular snap-in-two.

Minus the most recent sleeve cloth diapers of 2012, the cloth diapers updated in this section are: Glow Bug cloth Diapers, GoGreen Pocket Diapers, and Baby Babu.

  • Glow Bug cloth Diapers

We first started using Glow Bugs cloth diapers about a year ago when our daughter was just days old. In my original Glow Bugs cloth diaper review, I was impressed with how small these size down. They really do fit a newborn quite well. Some people have said they run a little small for a toddler and are tough to fit all the way to the 35 pound limit. My toddler is getting close at 31 pounds, but he is on the lean side so the Glow Bugs still work out OK. I honestly like them a little better now, than when I was using them on a small infant. On the smallest rise setting, the front flap shifts a lot and it ends up looking very awkward. I readdressed Glow Bug Cloth Diapers in a more recent review and they currently work even better on my daughter now that she is 16 pounds. The SlimDry lining on the inside does tend to hold on to stains, but I don’t really care about diaper stains. I personally would prefer a suede cloth inner, but the SlimDry works better for babies who are sensitive to synthetics.

  • GoGreen pocket Diapers

GoGreen Pocket diapers were another sleeve diaper we tried last January when our daughter was born. The GoGreen diapers run bigger than the Glow Bug or Baby Babu, so they are a little more bulky on a newborn, but can fit longer on a toddler. Here is the original GoGreen Pocket diapers review. I still like this diaper and it regularly rotates through our stash. The insert snap is more durable than other sleeve diapers and the insert always stays attached, which is nice. This diaper still looks brand new. I tend to favor the GoGreen for a backup diaper in the stroller, since it is easy and fits well on both kids. The only thing I would change is making the insert a bit thicker. My toddler can flood it pretty quickly, so I add a cheap prefold inside.

  • Baby Babu Cloth Diapers

Baby Babu is a newer brand of dual gusset cloth diapers that entered the market last Spring. We have a minky version with suede cloth as the inner lining. You can read the original Baby Babu cloth diaper review. I actually still like this cloth diaper. It has held up well and still looks great. It doesn’t stain and the snaps are in good condition. We still use it almost daily. I add an extra insert since the Baby Babu insert is pretty thin. My only criticism is I seem to have shrunk the diaper! It happened a few months after we first received it. One day it was fine, and the next day it came out of the dryer about 70 percent smaller! I had done a rare high heat dry cycle because I needed the diapers right away and apparently the Baby Babu was not preshrunk enough. It does not come close to fitting our toddler anymore despite him being slender and under the top weight cutoff. Even on the 16 pound infant, it is on the larger settings.  I still like the diaper, but I would suggest they do a quality control check on their fabrics.


Overall, I kind of like sleeve diapers. I love that I can put them right into the washer without removing the inserts. The inserts have ALWAYS come out on their own. This couple second time saver can actually be handy when the kids are milling around my feet having tantrums. My husband is not a fan though. He finds them a little complicated and prefers a more straight forward pocket diaper. He does like the dual gussets for the poop wall though. I would like to mention that my absolute favorite sleeve diaper is Smartipants, but they do not have the dual gussets so I didn’t add them to this group of cloth diapers. Plus, smartipants were updated last time.

Tomorrow the snap-In-Two post will hopefully be up!

Do you use dual gusset cloth diapers? What are your favorites?



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