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Oct 022012
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With Fall officially here, many gardeners across the Midwest are scrambling to finish off our tomatoes now that the ground is covered with frost each morning. I actually do not have a garden this year, but my in-laws have brought us a lot of fresh tomatoes from their first large garden. I only had about 30 tomatoes left, which is not enough to warrant the effort of canning so I brainstormed some easy ways to incorporate the rest of those tomatoes into our week, in addition to the zillion or so salads we were already eating.

Since we generally try to eat gluten-light (the lazy version of gluten Free), I usually do not make pastas or breads, but was thinking in that direction. I decided to hide tomatoes in my Gluten Free Pizza Crust one night for Saturday night family dinner and it was a big hit!

You can use any homemade pizza crust recipe you like. The gluten free pizza crust recipe I use is actually really nice for incorporating veggies right in the crust since the ‘dough’ is really a batter so veggies press down into it easily.

I just made my pizza crust dough/batter using the recipe linked above and pressed sliced Roma tomatoes into the batter before baking.


I popped the crust into the oven as usual for about 20 minutes on 375 degrees F. I ended up with a crispy crust resembling a savory biscotti texture.

We topped this crust with our usual marinara sauce, cheese, and veggies, and placed it back in the oven for another 15 minutes to heat everything through.

It turned out really great tasting and it was a nice variation from slicing the tomatoes on top of the pizza like we usually do. Sometimes you just need to shake dinner up a little!

This is a great way to use overly ripe veggies that are a little past their prime. I hate to waste food, especially produce, so I like finding easy ways to use them up in things we make every week anyway.

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  1. This looks soooo good. Pinned it for later. Thank you for sharing!

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