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Oct 232012
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Those of you who read my Potty Woes post know I am facing some challenges with my 2.5 year old when it comes to cloth diapers, trainers, and potty training. He often refuses his diapers, but isn’t interested in the potty chair yet either. Regular underwear do not offer enough protection to my poor furniture, so I have been interested in some undies that are more like training pants. The trainers at Bubby Bums Children’s Boutique are a great compromise. Bubby Bums sells several products including cloth diapers, hair accessories, and children’s clothing, but their specialty is training pants! Bubby bums is a small, mom owned business in North Texas. All of their trainers are 100% cotton and made in the USA!

I have been using both the briefs and boxers on my toddler for a few weeks and these trainers are not only cute, but a great alternative to bulky trainers or flimsy underwear.

Here are the training pants briefs in the Robots print.

These briefs have no elastic on the leg openings, making them comfortable and easy to slide up and down.

The Bubby Bums training pants have extra layers of cotton sewn in the wet zone (crotch) for absorbing leakage for those little ones who don’t quite make it to the potty chair. Since these trainers are 100% cotton, they are breathable and let your toddler feel dampness to encourage them to stay dry. The briefs are covering without being bulky and are great as big-boy undies with some added protection. The briefs are available in both boy and girl prints and retail for only $4.95!

Bubby Bums also has a really cute style of trainers they call Beefed Up Boxers.

The Beefed Up Boxers are like boxer briefs with the same cotton layers within the wet zone. This pair is the Wild ones print. Aren’t they adorable?

What I love about the boxer style is they come in boy and girl options and since they do not have seams and leg holes near the bum, they are really comfortable for your toddler during long stretches in the car seat or stroller. The Beefed Up Boxers come in a large variety of colors or prints! They come in sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T and retail for just $6.75.

Bubby Bums training pants are a great day time trainer. They offer just enough absorbancy for a small accident while still resembling big kid underwear. These two particular styles are not waterproof, so I would not use them for overnight or naps until your child is mostly potty trained. Bubby Bums does have some waterproof styles as well, if you would like more protection. My toddler is on the thin size so the 3T was a little big on him, so if you are debating between two sizes I would go with the smaller size. These are high quality cotton and do not shrink up in the dryer. In addition to being comfortable, they are easy for your toddler to remove them without help. Whenever my son wets his trainers, he takes them off and puts them in the laundry all by himself!

If you like natural fibers and prefer products made in the USA, these are nice trainers to have. Plus, the prices simply cannot be beat! You can purchase most Bubby Bums trainers for $4.95 -$7.50! That is a far cry from the $20 trainers other manufacturers offer! Bubby Bums currently ships within the United States and is working on expanding. Canadian customers may contact them for a shipping quote.

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  88 Responses to “Bubby Bums Cloth Training Pants”

  1. I would definitely Get the training pants briefs for my 3 year old son! They are so cute!!!

  2. The pirate boxers! My son would love them!

  3. I would be super interested in buying some partially waterproofed and regular trainers.

  4. I woul get some of the training underwear for my daughter.

  5. I would get some BUBS!

  6. I would get the trainers in cars, robots and pirates.

  7. The fish training pants! My daughter loves anything with fish!

  8. Definitely the beefed up boxers!

  9. I would buy the Beefed Up Boxers (B.U.Bs) for my little man.

  10. I would buy some of the waterproof cloth training pants.

  11. Training Pants-Blue Cars

  12. The spider raglan tshirt! Any of my boys would love it!

  13. The spider raglan tshirt! Any of my boys would love it!

  14. I would buy some trainers and some training inserts.

  15. I’d get some training pants. Cute patterns!

  16. Some training pants for my little guy.

  17. The boxers are adorable! But I’d prob look closer at the diapers for our newbie granddaughter. Like the Girl Baby Pirate Pocket Diaper – thanks!

  18. I would definitely buy some trainers and beefed up boxers…these are adorable and I cannot believe the low prices on these items! I will be sure to make my first purchase very soon 😉

  19. bamboo soakers

  20. I already have a few of the cloth trainers but I would get more!

  21. I would get Boy Pirate Pocket Diaper.

  22. I would like to buy a Raspberry Pocket Diaper. Such a nice color. I dont have any red cloth diapers.

  23. I’d get some of the Beefed Up Boxers for my son.

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  25. B.U.B.s (Beefed Up Boxers) For Girls-Peace Daisy Pink

  26. Love the training pants boxers. Never seen such a thing! So cute. Love the owls.

  27. I would get cloth diapers for baby girl on the way – girl pirates, pink cranky clouds and violet 🙂

  28. I would get some cloth training pants… I like the Pink Guitar Training Pants

  29. I would get the spotted waterproof training pants.

  30. I would get a pink and a yellow pocket diaper!

  31. Cloth trainers – I like the Green Gecko, Happy Frogs, Ooga Booga, and Dogs on the Beach prints!

  32. I would get a pair of waterproof training pants and a couple of the cotton knit ones! I love the prints!

  33. Boy Pirate Pocket Diaper. I love it!

  34. I would get some trainers, like the happy frogs training pants. I think they are cute, and would work for a boy or a girl.

  35. I’d get the Brown PUL/Cotton French Terry Fitted Diaper XS

  36. I would get some bamboo soaker pads for diapers.

  37. Some XS diapers! and maybe some soakers as well!

  38. Love the happy frogs and firetrucks training pants!

  39. Yellow/Ladybugs Training Pants in 2T and 3T

  40. Blue Cranky Clouds Pocket Diaper is cute

  41. a pocket diaper and some bamboo soakers

  42. Those trainers are such a great deal! But I’d probably buy the pirate map boxers for my 3-year-old – he’d go crazy over them :).

  43. a few of the fitted diapers

  44. Training underwear for my daughter!

  45. I would buy a light blue and an orange pocket diaper

  46. I like the girl pirate pocket! 🙂

  47. undies for my little dude, OMGoodness these are adorable and I’m always complaining about there not being fun stuf for boys!!

  48. I would get the pirate pocket and the octopus T shirt. then I would see what was left after shipping and pick a hair bow for my daughter to use up the difference.

  49. Rare Editions Birthday Dress in Size 6

  50. I would buy a few pocket diapers for my daughter!

  51. I like the Chicks and Flowers Velour fitted!

  52. I love the Black/White Rose Print Tunic Set in Size 3T

  53. I would buy boxers for my 6 year old who loves soft fabrics and unique clothes.

  54. Pink Guitar Training Pants

  55. I would buy a few pocket diapers!

  56. I would get the purple and black girls holiday dress! Adorable!!

  57. I would buy the Girl Baby Pirate Pocket Diaper and some bamboo doublers.

  58. B.U.B.s (Beefed Up Boxers) Retro Owl in 3T

  59. I’d buy some cloth diapers to begin my stash for my son!

  60. Pocket diapers

  61. I would get beefed up boxers

  62. I think I might buy the Girl Baby Pirate Pocket Diaper! How adorable! And I know I could find so many other things!

  63. I would buy a couple pocket diapers!

  64. Some pockets!

  65. the B.U.Bs or training pants, size 2T! So many cute patterns 🙂

  66. I would get a few different types of trainers. We’re not near that time yet but I would like to be able to try as many options as possible when we are!

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  68. I’d get a Christmas dress for my daughter!

  69. I would get this: Brown/Pink Butterfly Legging Set

  70. Pocket diapers!

  71. Pocket diapers –I like the violet one!

  72. I would get some training pants for my toddler and some diapers for my baby. 🙂

  73. both regular and WP trainers!

  74. I would buy some waterproof training pants for my toddler

  75. I would buy some pocket diapers

  76. a bunch of beefed up boxers & training pants!! very cute!

  77. guitar diaper

  78. Training pants !

  79. Cloth training pants Gymnasts print and pink guitar training pants and beefed up boxers peace daisy ones 🙂 so cute

  80. Training pants, maybe a dress…so many choices for my nearly 2 year old!

  81. I’d get an octopus t-shirt!

  82. I would buy some water proof training pants.

  83. The flaming hot waterproof pants hands down!

  84. I’d choose B.U.B.s (Beefed Up Boxers) for Girls-Pink Wild Things in 3T

  85. I would get the Peace Signs/Daisies Cloth Training Pants and Pink Guitar Training Pants

  86. Bubble print trainers for my dd.

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