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Oct 092012
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When you are out and about with your baby, an easy and versatile baby carrier is the most convenient way to haul your kids and belongings back and forth. However, different carriers work better for different activities and ages. Wraps are the most versatile, but a more structured carrier is easier to configure when you’re tired and frazzled. Which is why I am pretty stoked about the Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier! It is a wrap, sling, and baby carrier all in one. Your baby gets the security and comfort of a quality wrap, while you avoid the confusion of wrapping.

I am happy to be featuring a Baby K’Tan carrier as part of the Traveling with Baby Event! Baby K’Tan is a soft, sized, cotton carrier that is made like a wrap, so it offers wrap benefits. However, it is sewn into a loop with an adjuster so it is easy to put on without all of the fuss and confusion of standard wraps. The Baby K’Tan is sized, so you don’t need to keep re-tightening and adjusting after you get it secured. And, since it is sewn in one piece with an optional sash,  all of the guess work is gone for what to do with yards of extra fabric.

To date, I have tried six different carriers in wrap, sling, and structured styles and I have never found any to be my ultimate carrier. Slings are really only convenient for one type of carry and both wraps and structured carriers are bulky. I have always wanted a carrier that was easy to use and could slip right into my bag and the K’Tan carrier has fit the bill. This is the best carrier for traveling in my opinion.

When you open the box, the carrier is contained in a drawstring pouch which unravels into a sash with a pocket. It is basically a stuff sack that triples as a security sash and a convenient pocket.

My daughter is 15 pounds, so we went with the hug carry which allows her feet to be out, but keeps her secured between the legs.  The medium size fit my husband and myself perfectly and the one direction stretch cotton is cool and comfortable.


Carrier Size XS S M L XL
Dress Size
0-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-22
Men Suit
Jacket Size
NA Up to 38 39-42 43-46 47-50


I debated between a medium and large, since I still have quite a bit of pregnancy weight to lose, but I am glad we went with the medium. The fabric obviously loosens a little after wearing and I wouldn’t want it any looser for security reasons. If you are debating between sizes, I feel it does run a little big so I would suggest the smaller size. (Baby K’Tan also suggests sizing down when between sizes.)

Baby K’Tan criss crosses across the back and has a loop you can pull up or down to adjust where it crosses to offer the most comfortable position for the wearer. The sash is also long enough to wrap around the back and double back to the front for most wearers. Here is my husband in the size medium. He is around 5’9″ to 5’10” and a size medium in shirts to give your an idea of the sizing.

You can pull the shoulder fabric down over your upper arms for extra support and coverage if needed. I LOVE how it covers just enough in the front. As a fairly chesty woman,  I honestly think this the only baby carrier I could comfortable breastfeed in without risking an embarrassing exposure.

It only takes me about a minute or two to get the Baby K’Tan on and situated, whether on me or my husband. With the ease of use and the stuff sack built into the sash, this is a fantastic carrier for travel. The carrying pouch can tuck right into your carry-on luggage or diaper bag. I have had to grab connecting flights in Chicago so many times with just minutes to run to the next terminal and the thought of carrying babies and bags while doing so is daunting. A carrier is an absolute must to me.

We recently made a trip to our local zoo and our toddler was acting up and needed to go in the umbrella stroller. It was nice to get the Baby K’Tan on in  a snap and slide my infant right into place so her brother could calm down in the stroller. I have tried wraps before and I never did master the steep learning curve for getting all of that fabric where it needed to go. I always ended up frustrated and hot since it felt like I was wearing 20 t-shirts. Baby K’Tan takes out most of the guesswork and vastly cuts down on excess fabric.

The only con I can see is the fact that it is sized. I love that it is sized since it makes it easier with less to adjust, but obviously couples who are very different sizes would have to buy two carriers. Currently the K’Tan retails for around $50 or more, so the cost could add up if you needed to buy multiple carriers. My husband and I close in height and weight so it was not an issue for us.

Overall, I definitely give this carrier an A! It is cooler, easier, more versatile, and a must have in any stroller or diaper bag. I plan on using the Baby K’Tan for shopping trips at the Mall of America so I don’t have to try to push a double stroller through the holiday crowds!


*I received this item free for reviewing purposes. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  53 Responses to “Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier {Review}”

  1. I haven’t tried this carrier yet, but it does look like it fits really well. I have a harder time with wraps, so this might be a good one for those who need something a little more travel friendlier than carriers, but easier than wraps!?

  2. I have looked at these and have a friend who swears by it. No more babies here, but looks like a great recommendation!

  3. I want this carrier! This definitely looks prefect for feeding…and I will definitely keep it in mind for baby #3…whenever that will be 😉

  4. I love that it isn’t bulky and it comes in bigger sizes too!

  5. Havent tried it but looks and sounds very comfy, but i especially like that it packs up so small.

  6. I want to try his carrier! It looks pretty easy and definitely travel friendly!

  7. I like the baby K’Tan because it seems simple and versatile. I’d love to have one!

  8. I like that it’s easily adjusted and that baby fits well with it. It looks a ton easier than traditional wraps.

  9. I love the versatility and the option to wear baby in different positions

  10. this looks really nice and easy to put on and comfortable

  11. I like that it doubles as a structured carrier while feeling like the wraps we normally use.

  12. I haven’t tried this carrier yet, but like that it seems easy to use and functions as a wrap without any wrapping involved.

  13. I like that the k’tan holds the baby like wrap without the hassle of having to tie a wrap

  14. It looks soooo easy to use – hubby would LOVE this one!

  15. I love that the K’Tan can be packed so compactly, and I LOVE that it comes in sizes … I owned a wrap carrier with my second child and it was just SUCH an overwhelming amount of fabric (one size fits all, supposedly) that I couldn’t manage it. At least not gracefully and practically.

  16. This is my number one choice for wrap style carriers! Baby is due in 8 weeks and I am really looking forward to baby wearing 🙂

  17. I haven’t tried any carriers yet, but this one seems like it would work well for baby. 🙂 I am very excited for her to get here!

  18. I love that it is like a structured wrap!

  19. I would love one of these, I love how wraps make my baby feel secure, but I don’t always like fussing with wraps so this is perfect!

  20. i like that it is so small and comes in sizes for bigger girls 🙂

  21. I have the Moby and the KTan seems like it’s WAY easier to put on! I like that it’s not just a long strip of cloth…

  22. I love how much support it offers.

  23. I love that it is easy to put on and take off!

  24. I love how many different carries you can do with it…so versatile! Also, it’s so easy to get on and off…no complicated wrapping, buckles, snaps, etc.

  25. everything the many different ways you can wear it the way it holds the baby

  26. I love that it is soft and that it offers so much support.

  27. Great feature if it cuts down on (hot) layers of fabric.

  28. I love that you can wear baby in different positions with this carrier

  29. I love that it doesn’t hang on the floor when you put it on.

  30. I do babywear and have tried the K’tan! I had a medium and could have gone with a small but other than that it worked great and was so easy to use!

  31. love that it wont drag on the ground when wrapping

  32. I like how easy it seems like to use it! It looks so comfy too!

  33. baby looks so comfy in it.

  34. What I like about the baby ktan carrier is that it is “a wrap, sling, and baby carrier all in one”, which needs I only need to pack it to travel, and it will do everything. How great!

  35. i love the versatility and that it has a high weight limit

  36. I would love to try the K’tan! It looks so much easier than other wraps.

  37. I kinda like that it’s sized – I don’t like have so much excess material on other wraps.

  38. I love that there aren’t any buckles or snaps to deal with, and that you can nurse in them!

  39. I like that it is not one strip of fabric.

  40. I love how easy it is to use!

  41. I like that there are no long straps or fabric to drag.

  42. Easier off and on and seems easy to get baby in and out.

  43. it looks pretty versatile

  44. I like that this carrier seems easy to use. There’s nothing worse than being out and about with baby and the carrier is too tricky to figure out and actually use!

  45. I like that it comes in various sizes, since adults come in different sizes too!

  46. the thing can be used for daddy which is good

  47. I have one and it is quick and easy for dad to wear. My sis in law is intimidated by wraps, so I would love to win this for her.

  48. seems easy to keep on hand because its small

  49. I have worn my son all his life, off and on, because I had trouble finding the right one.

  50. We love carriers. Anything to keep us from having to lug baby around in her carseat.

  51. I have never tried one on, but I love that it can fit my husband really well too!

  52. I haven’t gotten to try a K’tan yet, but I would love to! My little one and I loved my Moby when he was tiny but now that he’s a little bigger, it’s too stretchy. The K’tan looks like it has what we love about wrap but with a bit more structure.

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