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Sep 172012
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I always knew the time would come for my little boy to leave behind the world of diapering and move on to greener pastures. The bright, green pastures of potty training and big boy underwear. These past two and half years have flown by and he is gearing up to get acquainted with that infamous porcelain throne. Since the transition from official diapers to undies can be a bumpy road, many parents look to trainers, a.k.a. training pants, to help ease them through this process. Now, until the last few years, the only training pants I knew of were those little white Gerber underwear that were about five times thicker than standard underwear. They worked fine for a tiny tinkle escaping, but were no match for a true accident. My, how times have changed! We now live in a world with more than simple underwear or cheap trainers. Today, we have Super Undies!

Super Undies are the creation of Laura Wojciechowski, the owner of Star Bunz Diapers. Super Undies have been on the market since 2007 and have branched off into their own brand as a popular trainer in the reusable diaper world. I recently acquired a pair of their new Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants for my boy Lucky in the Moss Monster color.

Honestly, these trainers have been a bit of a life saver for me since Lucky has decided he no longer wishes to wear diapers, but also is not very keen on potty training. Since Super Undies are all one piece and go up and down like regular underwear, he is much more receptive to them than side snapping trainers. The Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants have a polyurethane outer lining  for waterproof protection, fleece edges around the legs and waist for fighting leaks, and three sections of absorbent microfiber within the inner lining.

The absorbent soakers/inserts are actually sewn in on one end inside like a tongue style diaper soaker. You then fold them together with the wick-away mesh side facing up and tuck the soaker set into a little pocket near the front of the pants. This design is great since the soaker tongue pops out in the wash and can get far more clean than if it were all sewn together.

You can place additional absorbent layers under the soakers for heavy wetters, or lay them between the two halves of the soaker.

My toddler still floods his trainers since he is not very fond of his potty chair yet, so we have really put Super Undies to the test. The size medium is a big on his 30 pound frame so these trainers seem to run large, but they have not fallen down yet and they can hold several hours worth of wetting.

I was skeptical they would stay up, but they do! The roomy fit does make them easier to pull up and down, not too mention the extra space is needed for extra inserts. We have used the Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants during nap times and they hold up very well. Lucky sleeps 12 hours at night, sometimes up to 14 hours, so I do have to add a couple inserts from my collection for over night. It looks bulky, but gets the job done. I will admit it is really hard to get some pants (Jeans) on and off without pulling the Super Undies with them, but we usually put him in fleece pants anyway. I like the fabric lining inside the Super Undies. It allows you to feel wetness, but does not cause any friction like cotton can do sometimes. The mesh is like the cloth used in exercise shirts. The fleece on the rims is a nice touch. I am a big fan of fleece pants over our pocket diapers to help keep the sheets dry at night since it is a bit water repellent. It is nice to see a product incorporate this into a product for training as well. From an aesthetic point of view, the Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants seem unattractively bulky in the front, but that is a plus for boys and tummy sleepers! After all, these specific trainers are for nap time and night time, not under fitted clothing.

I wasn’t sure I would like these trainers, but they have actually been a real help for me and my son. He sees them as acceptable as Big Boy Underwear and I see them as acceptably useful for keeping my furniture dry! I would recommend these to anyone looking for a high functioning trainer that does not resemble a diaper.


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  7 Responses to “Super Undies: Nighttime Undies Potty Training Pants {Review}”

  1. I have been looking for a good recommendation on trainers. This is excellent! Thanks!

  2. Great product…..looks and feels like undies, but protects more like a diaper or training pants. Thanks for the review.

  3. I’ll have to keep these in mind when I’m ready to potty train… in a few years!

  4. Thanks for sharing this review. Does his skin stay dry over night too?

  5. I so wanted to try these when we were potty training my son last year. There were hardly any reviews on them at the time so thanks for doing such a thorough one!

  6. Thanks for this review! I think I’m going to try these for my four year old, who is day potty trained but needs pull ups at night.

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