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Sep 122012
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I love it when I find a cloth diaper that is just a bit different than the rest. It is like finding a hidden treasure. I love all things cloth, but let’s face it, they all start looking alike after a while. There are really only so many diaper designs out there that can simultaneously exist, so it is fun to find one with a new feature! That is why I love the Funky Fluff bamboo cloth diaper!

Funky Fluff is a Canadian cloth diaper brand located in Toronto, ON. It was created by two moms on a mission to provide reliable diapers with less impact on the environment. After many late nights designing the most functional diaper possible, FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC was born.

The cloth diaper industry in Canada has hit a lot of growth in the past three years, making it easier than ever for parents to find a cloth diaper that works for them. Funky Fluff is definitely the most versatile diaper I have seen yet. It not only has every feature I have seen in other brands, but includes a couple more and is also available in a bamboo option. I received the bamboo option to see for myself what a multifaceted diaper this brand provided.

The Funky Fluff bamboo all in two (AI2) is one size and can act as a pocket diaper or as a snap in two.

With four levels of rise adjustments, five columns of waist snaps on each side, and crossover tabs, it can size down to fit an eight pound newborn, or size up to fit a large toddler up to 40 pounds!

The inner lining of the Funky Fluff bamboo AI2 is a bamboo blend so only natural fibers touch baby’s skin. Bamboo is quick growing and low maintenance. It is a sustainable resource and very absorbent. Not many All-in-Twos or pocket diapers have a natural fiber lining AND natural fiber inserts or soakers, so this diaper is great for little ones with a sensitivity to synthetics.

Now on to the inside features! The Funky Fluff bamboo all in two is both an all in two with snap in soakers, and a pocket diaper with the ability to place the soakers in the sleeve. There are two bamboo blend soakers with a snap on each end. There is also a snap on each end of the diaper shell for attaching the soakers. The options are endless! You can choose to use one or both soakers, and snap them on top of the sleeve as an all-in-two or stuff them inside the sleeve as a pocket diaper. You may also snap the soakers to the shell AND stuff them in the sleeve so there is no shifting.

Not only can you choose which size soaker gets snapped to which end, thereby customizing where more absorption lies, you can also leave them in the diaper when you toss it is the wash. The soakers/inserts will agitate out in the wash on their own. (Most of the time.) The front of the shell has a sewn flap that holds the soakers in place and serves as an extra barrier which is great for my tummy sleeper and crawler. The pouch stops frontal poo explosions, and the dual leg gussets on the sides hold in in runny messes preventing blowouts.

Between the options for the inserts and the sizing, there are so many configurations for this diaper, it should be able to accommodate just about any baby. Whether boy, girl, crawler, walker, tummy sleeper, side sleeper, big or small, this diaper will offer the setting needed.

The Funky Fluff Bamboo all-in-two fit my 2.5 year old with room to grow and also my eight month old.  Below is my 15 pound daughter sporting an excellent fit. I definitely think this diaper can fit down to eight pounds since my kids are usually between eight and nine and this diaper is comparable to other diapers they wore at that size.

I give Funky Fluff an A for ingenuity and a feature rich design. It is the most customizable cloth diaper I have come across thus far and I love the fact that the inner is bamboo instead of the typical suede cloth in most dual gusset diapers. You can also get Funky Fluff in a suede cloth option if you prefer a stay-dry inner. I definitely recommend getting funky with Funky Fluff if you are looking for a diaper with these features and the option for natural fibers.


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