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Sep 182012
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As a laundry nut job, I feel a compulsive need to continually test out every eco-minded detergent I can get my hands on. It is no secret I love Biokleen powder laundry detergent so I ordered up a case of the liquid detergent on Amazon to see if I could become a liquid convert. While I like the smell and the short ingredient list, it turns out the is a reason powder works better in hard water.

Biokleen liquid Ingredients: Surfactants and Conditioners From Coconut and/or Corn, Orange Peel Extract, Grapefruit Seed and Pulp Extract, Linear Sulfonate, Filtered Water. No phosphates or chlorine!

I used the recommended amount in my large top loader. At only around $10 for 64 loads, (more for HE) this is a pretty good deal. The detergent is thick and concentrated so you need less than you think!

It creates a ton of suds. I have hard water, which does not bubble much with any detergent, but this detergent bubbled a ton. If you like suds, this one is for you. One good thing about bubbles is they can tell you if your detergent has all rinsed out. So at least when I was rinsing cloth diapers, I always knew when it was time for another rinse.

The problem with hard water and liquid detergent is the softening agents in powder are activated when they hit water. Sodium bicarbonate, sodium borate, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate and the like all soften your hard water when they chemically react with it. The reaction reduces the surface tension of the water which in turn make the water wetter. This wetter water can permeate the fabric fibers and loosen dirt and impurities. This action is not really needed if you already have a water softener adding sodiums to your water for you. I would recommend the HE amount of this detergent in a top loader if you have soft water or use a water softener or you will be rinsing for all eternity.

While I regret to say Biokleen Liquid Detergent did not work on my cloth diapers, it does fine on our regular laundry, especially with a a bit of sodium carbonate added to the machine as a booster. The price is great and the natural scent from the orange peel extract is nice. Since it is cloth diaper friendly and works in soft water, I would say to give it a try. It really does work pretty well as a pre-wash stain treatment if you happen to be out of everyone’s beloved Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator!

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  2 Responses to “Biokleen Liquid Detergent”

  1. I have been using bum genius cloth diaper powder laundry detergent. And i guess it works well. i really have no basis of comparison. I also use the biokleen spray enzyme cleaner on my dirty diapers before i put them in the hamper, but I’m not sure if it does anything either. I guess because it is part of my routine, I’ve just never ventured out to see the difference with or without the spray. Same goes for the detergent.

    I hear a lot of people talking about stripping diapers, but I’m not even sure I would know when mine need stripping.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your site and your reviews.

    • Thanks Jillien! I have not tried Bumgenius detergent. Honestly, I am not sure if Bac Out spray does anything for me either, but I do have some around. I have not used it in a while though. I find most issues are taken care of with a short soak anyway. I don’t really feel a need to strip either.

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