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Aug 152012
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Since we use a lot of reusable goods in our home, we also use cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  I did not start out with cloth wipes years ago when I had my first baby, but quickly switched over when I kept wrapping my disposable wipes up in the cloth diapers and washing them! Every cloth diapering parent has a preference for how they use their wipes. Some just use water from the sink, some use a store bought wipe solution, and some make their own! At Just Add Cloth, we do all three. I tend to use whatever homemade soap I have on hand for soap bits and make a solution, but sometimes the bits don’t disintegrate very quickly. They can even take days! A liquid concentrated solution is great for making your wipe solution quickly. I started using BALM! Baby JUICE those WIPES! Wipe Solution a couple weeks ago and really love it! I am a lavender and orange oil junkie so this wipe juice is right up my alley!

BALM! Baby JUICE those WIPES! Ingredients: Chamomille & calendula infused olive oil, poly 20, witch hazel (non-alcohol), Taylor’s Liquid Soap, lavender & orange oil, vitamin e, liquid germal plus.

BALM! Baby “JUICE those WIPES!” is very concentrated so you only need one or two teaspoons mixed with 32 ounces of water for a light scent and extra cleaning power. We pour wipe solution over a bunch of cloth wipes in an old disposable wipe container, and keep the rest in a glass bottle for the next batch. BALM! Baby “JUICE those WIPES!” is nondrying and leaves a very light scent of lavender and orange.

This wipe solution is mild enough for any washcloth needs. In addition to little bums, you can wipe hands, faces, runny noses, and general messes. If you keep disposable wipes around and they dry out, you can rejuvenate them with BALM! Baby  “JUICE those WIPES!”. This solution is also fine to spray directly on the skin and wipe clean with a dry cloth. A small spray bottle of diluted BALM! Baby  “JUICE those WIPES!” would be great for keeping in the stroller or diaper bag, especially for taking messy toddlers out to restaurants. I love using solutions with natural ingredients like this solution. My toddler likes to pull all of the wipes out and wipe the floors with them, and when they moistened with a product like this, I don’t have to worry about it!

BALM! Baby product line was created by Taylor House INC and is made mostly from locally sourced ingredients in Hawaii. All of BALM! Baby products are sold in recycled aluminum or reusable glass containers.

 *I received this item in exchange for reviewing, all opinions are my own and i was not otherwise compensated.

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