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Aug 032012
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I am delighted to share another product with you from thincskin.com, BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB! BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB is a baby wash and shampoo made from Taylor House Inc.’s special formula liquid Castile soap. It is made from rich macadamia nut and coconut oils and has added lavender and orange essential oils for added loveliness!

I am personally a lover of Castile soap and make my own batches every so often. Original Castile is made with olive oil and can be rather drying. However, BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB has luxurious macadamia nut oil which makes it moisturizing and nice for sensitive skin. This liquid soap has no perfumes or dyes and comes in a recycled aluminum container. We have a cast iron tub, so an aluminum container is really nice in case it slips!

This soap does not have any thickeners to make it gel-like, so I shake up the container to thicken it a little before squirting some in my hand for washing my kids. It creates a nice, subtle lather.

You can also add some to a foaming hand pump if you like it more sudsy or wish to use it as a hand wash. Just add a couple squirts in to a foam dispenser and fill it with water. This makes a nice wipe solution as well.

I must say I really like BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB liquid soap. Actually, I like it better than my own! The macadamia nut oil must be key. It is very concentrated, so one bottle for $9.95 can go a long way. Now they just need to make a really big bottle formulated for long hair and I will be ecstatic!

All of BALM! Baby products are made in Hawaii by Taylor House Inc. They are created with all natural ingredients and sold in earth friendly containers of glass or aluminum. Thinc also tries to source as many ingredients as possible form local, organic farms.

*I received this product for reviewing and was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own.


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  1. i love this stuff.. glad you got to try it.

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