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Aug 312012
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Does your baby have a tender tushy? Put some fluff on that bum with Tender Tushies Cloth Diapers! Based in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, this Canadian company was created by Rachelle Christiansen due to her desire to have well fitting diapers while promoting conservation.

The tender Tushies shop not only carries their own house brand of diapers, but also wet bags, pail liners, leg warmers and accessories. If you live in the area, you can even contact them to host a diaper party!

Tender Tushies is a sponsor for the Fall Fluff Event and sent me a pocket diaper for reviewing! I am happy to recommend these affordable cloth diapers to cloth loving parents. Tender Tushies cloth diapers are one size, with snap closures, stay-dry lining, and water proof PUL (polyurethane laminate) for a durable, long lasting diapering option.

With three settings of rise snaps and crossover tabs, these one size cloth diapers fit from birth to potty training. They can be adjusted up and down to fit 9-35 pounds.

The inner lining is a soft micro-fleece which acts as a stay dry barrier leaving baby comfortable. The pocket opening is in the back with a small tuck over flap of micro-fleece to make sure the microfiber insert doesn’t irritate baby’s skin. The pocket is wide and generously sized, which is nice for adding extra absorbancy. The microfiber insert included is trim and contains four layers of absorbent microfiber.

I like that there are three columns for the rise snaps. It feels more secure than only two columns. These diapers also have hips snaps for a snug fit that won’t shift into the dreaded wing droop.


Below is my 2.5 year old son in the Tender Tushies cloth diaper. At almost 30 pounds, he still has a lot of room to grow to reach the largest waist setting.

My seven month old is just over 14 pounds and this diaper fits fantastically. I can get it just snug enough without causing pulling on the snaps. The lowest rise hits just under the navel.

Neither of my kids have very chunky thighs and Tender Tushies fit snugly without being too tight or leaving marks. I do think these diapers would work on a large newborn. My babies are well over eight pounds at birth and Tender Tushies would be a little high in the rise, but still function well.

The verdict?

I like the style and fit of Tender Tushies. They are wide enough for extra stuffing and fit well. They have all of the necessary features for a well functioning diaper and they keep the price low by avoiding unnecessary extras. I have super soaker kids, so I like adding an extra insert to these diapers, but the insert that comes with each Tender Tushies diaper fluffs up nicely and holds more liquid than you might think. I love the hip snaps since my kids like to shimmy around a lot, plus the extra snap makes it more difficult for baby to take off his or her diaper. (And if your kids take their diapers off, you know how messy that can be!) If I were to use them on a new baby, I might prefer an extra rose of rise snaps, but honestly, it would not deter me from using these diapers. Babies are only that tiny for a short time.

Tender Tushies solid pocket diapers are currently available in Rockin’ Red, Bodacious Black, Baby Blue, Groovin’ Green, Purple People Eater, Snow White, Sunshine Yellow, Teddy Bear Brown, and Tickled Pink. Tender Tushies also come in various prints and minky options!  All diapers are just $10 or less! Tender Tushies are a great deal and have affordable shipping as well. This line is a great stash starter for a family on a budget. I highly suggest checking them out.


*I received this item free for reviewing on Just Add Cloth. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  9 Responses to “Tender Tushies Cloth Diaper {Review}”

  1. Nice review! I like that this diaper has a wide front panel. That style seems to work best on my little one

  2. I too like the wide aspect of the diaper! I love double stuffing! Cute model:-)

  3. I love that someone else appreciates extra hip snaps as much as I do! My 11 month old LOVES to try and pull the snaps off as quickly as he can. The extra backup is nice! 🙂

  4. They look very trim!

  5. I haven’t tried a Tender Tushies but I would like to! I love the micro-fleece inner and it looks like the fit is great on both your 2 year old and infant!

  6. I have never tried Tender Tushies, but I have similar diapers with the square tab widefront panel which seems to allow more adjustability to fit a larger baby/toddler.

  7. I love that they have crossover snaps!

  8. The minky and prints are adorable and the prices are great!

  9. I like the hip snaps and cute prints!

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