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Aug 102012
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Of all the reusable items we love here at Just Add Cloth, cloth diapers are at the top of the list! Cloth is better for baby and for our planet. Wouldn’t you like to save money and create less trash? I love using cloth diapers on my kids. They have the cutest fluffy butts and I never have to run to the store for more diapers.

I am happy to be taking part in the Flufftastic Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop! Hop from blog to blog and enter to win each fun cloth diaper giveaway! This a great way to build up your fluff stash and find new blogs!

Just Add Cloth is giving away a Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 One Size pocket diaper and a Tiny Tush Trim One Size fitted cloth diaper.


The Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 is adjustable, generously sized, and comes in a variety of colors and prints. Read my review of the Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 HERE. The Tiny Tush Trim Fitted is 100% cotton and adjustable to fit 8-36 pounds. These fitteds are soft, durable, and keep messes where they belong. Fitteds do require a diaper cover. All Tiny Tush products are now completely made in the USA! Make sure and enter to win these great diapers! You may also enter to win a big grand prize form our hosts.

The Flufftastic Summer Celebration is hosted by Mama on a Green Mission and Eco Baby Mama Drama. The Grand Prize is sponsored by Lotus Bumz, Rinse Hopper, 7 A.M. Enfant, BabyLegs, Wooly Rounds and Mama on a Green Mission and is valued at over $400.  This grand prize package is a great start for anyone or a great addition to the cloth diapering addict’s stash!

To enter the Just add Cloth giveaway for a Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 and Tiny Tush Trim fitted, fill out the Raffle form below, Must be 18 Years or older. Open to the U.S. and Canada. One entrant per household. Make sure to review the terms and conditions stated at the bottoms of the raffle form before entering. Entering means you agree to the terms of this sweepstakes. Ends at 11:59 PM EST August 24, 2012.

*The review linked in this article was not sponsored. All opinions are my own. The giveaway will be fulfilled from greeniebeaniebottoms.com.

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  128 Responses to “Flufftastic Summer Celebration Giveaway (Closed)”

  1. I love prefolds paired with wool diapers.

  2. Pockets!

  3. Love bg pockets!

  4. I like pockets and AIO. Excited about the giveaway!

  5. I am not sure yet what my favorite type of diaper is, but I’ll let you know once baby gets here 🙂 I think it will be one that I don’t have to unstuff before washing!

  6. I’m thinking that I’m really going to be liking the pocket diapers!

  7. Applecheeks pockets with bamboo inserts

  8. I love several different kinds for different reasons. But right now my favorite is either my fitteds or my aio’s. I just love the ease

  9. I love fitteds and aio

  10. I’m loving my BG pockets!

  11. prefolds with a flip or softbums cover

  12. I love Pockets!

  13. I love pockets and AI2 diapers!

  14. I prefer AI1’s and AI2’s, especially if they are one size!

  15. I love pockets! Mostly Fuzzibunz and Sunbabies!

  16. I’m partial to pockets, with hemp or minky inserts 🙂

  17. I love my pockets! I just got 2 Itti Bitti Tutto to try, and I love those as well! They are so trim on my chunky monkey butt!

  18. I like pockets the best!

  19. I can’t decide on my favorite yet. I keep changing. I love prefolds and flats the most I think though.

  20. Anything with a double gusset.

  21. I like pockets!

  22. I love pocket diapers because they are quick and easy!

  23. I love OS dipes 🙂

  24. I like pockets for quickness, but I enjoy the fitteds and covers as well. I have everything because i switch it up depending on my mood!

  25. I love love love love fitteds!

  26. I love ai2s! 🙂

  27. Flip covers and organic inserts!

  28. I love AI2s!

  29. I love AIO’s. They’re the easiest for my husband to use 🙂

  30. pockets and AI2s

  31. I mostly only use pocket diapers. I just got a few covers and want to start trying fitteds and prefolds, but for now, pocket diapers are my go-to!

  32. My favorites are pockets because they’re just like “regular” dipes and super easy to use and clean!

  33. I like to use pocket with snap closures

  34. I like all different kinds of diapers, but I am finding that natural fibers work best for my baby girl so we use alot of flats and fitted diapers

  35. My favorites are pockets, but I’ve never tried fitteds and I think I’d like them for nighttime!

  36. Pockets!

  37. I like pockets and AI2/AI3s. For overnight though I like a good fitted and wool!

  38. I’m a pocket gal! but like fitteds for night time and prefolds for newborns and laundry day!

  39. I love pockets for my daughters 🙂

  40. Tiny Tush is actually one of our favorites. We love the natural fibers they offer.

  41. I loved Rumparooz but I just bought a couple BG elementals and am falling in love!

  42. my fav type is the all in one!

  43. We love our prefolds, with Thirsties, Flip, or Barrel and a Heap covers. 🙂

  44. We LOVE our pocket diapers with snaps. We’ve tried different brands and have found that each one has their own special advantage. Though I am very excited to try out the fitteds and soakers I’ve got coming in the mail!

  45. I love Prefold and Covers best!

  46. I love my prefolds and covers but at night time we use pocket diapers with inserts =)

  47. Pocket diapers!

  48. So far so good with pockets!

  49. I like prefolds with a snapping cover!

  50. My favorite style of diapers right now are pocket diaper specifically Bumgenius 4.0s.

  51. I like AIOs, pockets, and fitteds.

  52. I like the ones and two’s alot

  53. I really like covers with a fitted or prefold. The hubby likes pockets and AIO’s

  54. I would like to win anything!

  55. Pocket diaper

  56. Well my baby isn’t due until Dec so I haven’t tried any diapers yet, but I can’t wait!

  57. I like pockets and aios

  58. Pockets are my favorite!

  59. I love the tongue style aios.

  60. we love fitteds and OS covers

  61. For nightime my favorite is wool covers. Probably I appreciate my prefolds and covers most, because they are cheap, and such workhorses.

  62. My favorite type is AIO because they are so easy to use.

  63. My favorite so far are prefolds and thirsties covers!

  64. I prefer All In Twos

  65. I really love Flip diapers. It is so much more economically since you reuse the cover, and saves me on a lot of laundry. I do usually use pockets when we are out and about though.

    • I’ve never tried Flip diapers, but a lot of people love them. I do like Tiny Tiny and Thirsties covers with flats.

  66. right now, we are really loving AI2’s

  67. My favourite so far as been flats and prefolds

  68. I like AI2s.

  69. i must like pockets a lot because my son wears them a lot. i also like flats and covers.

  70. I like fitteds best.

  71. I’ve been on a bumgenius freetime kick lately. I love pockets though for my daughter and all in ones.

  72. I love Awesome Blossom diapers!

  73. I don’t have a favorite cloth diaper yet. I am looking forward to trying cloth with my baby. I love the cute designs on the Tiny Tush Elite!

  74. I prefer fitteds with a cover

  75. […] Tiny Tush Diapers from Just Add Cloth (ends 8/24) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC […]

  76. My favorite cloth diapers are one-size pockets.

  77. I love prefolds!

  78. I have mostly used pockets, but now that the baby is here, I love fitteds! He is such a heavy wetter already. Fitteds are my only hope for nighttime.

  79. one size pockets

  80. Love prefolds and covers for under 1 and then pockets are my favorite until potty training 🙂

  81. I love them and that they are one size! We will be CD’ing a boy and girl simultaneously soon!

  82. I go back and forth between flats and prefolds. Today I keep reaching for flats but yesterday it was prefolds…

  83. Pockets are my favorite.

  84. I like AIO diapers because they are the easiest to use.

  85. flats and covers! so easy to keep clean and free of stinks!

  86. I love All-in-Ones!

  87. I love fitteds for around the house, and AI2s or pockets when we go out.

  88. My favorite type of cloth diaper is pockets. They’re easy enough for my family to use, dry fairly quickly, and let me add extra stuffing when needed.

  89. I love AIOs for their ease of use but I love my pockets for their quick drying time!

  90. I love GroVia hybrids and pockets, but I would LOVE to try a fitted!

  91. Currently love pockets, but I really like using the AI3 I have too!

  92. My favorite type are pockets

  93. Pockets

  94. Pockets

  95. I like the Tiny Tush Trim Fitted diapers

  96. bg elementals. they have never leaked on me. esp overnight

  97. i love fitteds with my fav print showing, prefolds inside, no cover

  98. BG Elementals

  99. My favs are the Minky kind. so nice and comfy soft. Also the side snaps are a must for a bigger baby!

  100. I love all in ones, or pocket dipes!

  101. My favorite is kind of diaper is pocket diapers!

  102. I use hand stitched, would love to try these

  103. I like Tots Bots or pockets.

  104. Aio diapers make things easier for me

  105. So far my favorite diaper is the pocket diaper!

  106. Pockets or AIOs

  107. The fuzzibunz seemed to fit well and work OK.

  108. I like pockets but I’d like to try fitteds!

  109. I like AIOs

  110. pockets or AIOs

  111. I like pockets!

  112. […] *Tiny Tush Diapers from Just Add Cloth (ends 8/24) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC […]

  113. I like the covers with the inserts or the all in ones. thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  114. my favorite kind of diapers to use are prefolds + cover. i love the simplicity of them–and LESS laundry! woohoo!

  115. love pocket diapers the best!

  116. I cloth diapered 2.5 years before I ever tried an AIO, and now I’m like.. oh. Now, with baby #2, I’m all about the AIO! Thirsties Duo AIO is great, but bG Freetime dries faster.

  117. I cloth diapered 2.5 years before I ever tried an AIO, and now I’m like.. oh. Now, with baby #2, I’m all about the AIO! Thirsties Duo AIO is great, but bG Freetime dries faster.

  118. Favorite is cover and insert:-) Then AI2.

  119. I love pockets;-)

  120. i have alot of pockets..but i love aio.

  121. I love pocket diapers because you can stuff them with anything…I have used cotton blankets and towels when I am out of clean inserts.

  122. I like bamboo… still trying to decide what style I like best.

  123. My favorite are pocket diapers but I really want to try fitteds for night as pockets are not working well for us!

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