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Aug 162012
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You may have noticed I like gluten free recipes whenever I make the more indulgent foods for my family.  No one in my immediate family has a diagnosed gluten intolerance, but it has cropped up in several extended family members on both sides, so I try to limit it in our diets. Gluten is a fairly controversial protein and provides meager nutrition, so I choose to fill our family’s diet with more nutritious alternatives. We also have corn allergies on each side of the family, so I am really happy to have found a snack food that can accommodate both of these issues! Beanfields Bean & Rice chips!

Beanfields chips are made with beans and rice. The base ingredients for each flavor starts with navy beans, black beans, long grain rice, and cold pressed high oleic safflower or sunflower oil. The various flavors in addition to the plain, unsalted available like sea salt, pico de gallo, nacho, and sea salt & pepper include extra spices and seasonings. Beanfields chips are made with non GMO ingredients. They are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and corn free! Beanfields are higher in protein and fiber than standard corn chips and crackers and are free of many of the most common allergenic ingredients. In a country where most packaged foods contain numerous questionable ingredients, it is nice to find a convenient snack food with an ingredient list that doesn’t read like a Who’s Who black list in an ethical farming documentary.

We received the Unsalted, Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Pepper, Nacho, and Pico de Gallo flavors to try out for ourselves.

My toddler loved them, but he is an eating machine of all things crunchy. I loved the Sea Salt & Pepper flavor. However, all of them were really light and delicious. Beanfields are non-greasy and lightly flavored with less sodium than the most common brands. I don’t like things super salty, so that was a plus. My husband is a salt fiend and he really liked the nacho! Considering Mr.JAC is about as picky as people come, this was a major win.

If your are a health junkie who is particular about your food, I highly suggest Beanfields snacks for that crunchy fix. I know my family is impressed by these products and I am glad to have learned a coupe stores right in my neighborhood carry them! You can also order Beanfields by the case right from their website and have them delivered to your front door!

*I received this product free for reviewing. I was not additionally compensated and all opinions are my own.

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