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Jul 302012
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I am very happy to introduce the first item in my review series on BALM! Baby products from Taylor House Inc(Thinc)!

BALM! Baby is a line of skin care products produced and sold at thincskin.com. All of their products are made with natural ingredients and sold in recyclable containers of glass or aluminum. They are located in Hawaii where they make all of their brand items. Each one is crafted in small batches and uses natural oils and butters instead of chemicals or mystery ingredients.

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out BALM! Baby Sanitize those Hands!, a hand sanitizer in a spray bottle.

First off, I like that it is a spray pump, which allows me to just use a couple spritzes instead of accidentally squirting way too much sanitizer on myself. I also love that it is in an aluminum bottle. If I happen to drop it, the metal can get dented on the concrete, but it won’t crack or shatter like some brittle plastics might.


Ingredients: 62% ethanol, macadamia nut oil, lavender & orange oil

I am not a germ-a-phobe at all, not even in the loosest sense, but I still encounter certain things in day to day life that ick me out. I take my kids out nearly every day to various parks and trails for long walks and occasional picnics. And despite being a large recreation area, our city seems to have something against public restrooms. As in, we don’t have any! But, we do have the alternative.

Meet my nemesis.



Yes, the portable toilet. Port-a-loo. Port-a-John. Whatever you call it, it is still not the most pleasant of bathroom experiences. On hot summer days with lots of water drinking, we frequent these at least once a day. They also are only serviced once a week, so the inside always looks like someone blew up a 12 pack of toilet paper and sprayed it down with a super-soaker filled with…..something.

Sanitize Those Hands kills 99.9% of germs and does not leave a goopy film on your hands. It is a small spray bottle that is conveniently sized for travel.

I keep our bottle in the jogging stroller, since none of the public “restrooms” on the lake trail have sinks or hand washing stations and they are often filthy. I really do not like the gooey hand sanitizer dispensers in the port-a-potty. It leaves a film on my hands that feels gross and smells overly strong. I am glad to say BALM! Baby Sanitize those Hands! not only does not sting my hands much when I have sores or chapped skin, but it also does not leave a thick layer of scum on the skin. Plus, even though the main ingredient is alcohol, it does not smell overly pungent of alcohol. The macadamia nut oil keeps it from drying out your skin and the orange oil leaves hands smelling fresh.

BALM! Baby  Sanitize those Hands! would be convenient in several situations like camping or traveling. I would have loved to have this sanitizer during my music festival years! I imagine it would be a big hit for teachers working with so many little germy hands during cold an flu season.

I would give it two thumbs up and I am not even a huge hand sanitizer user!


*I received this item for reviewing purposes and was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own

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